Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

Our travel stories and guides are protected by copyright. © 2019 BanBanjara.

Copyright Policy

Last updated: February 9th, 2019

BanBanjara is an online booking platform where majorly there is an advent of suppliers and vendors, who list and upload their packages/tours/hotels/services. In order to curate a well being partnership between the two parties, in house pre-registered and confirmed agreements and rules have been established in order to prevent any conflict of interest. Additionally, maintaining decorum on the website in terms of its context and packages to ensure that there is no material which is contradicting and detrimental to the branding of BanBanjara on the website or in any physical manner.

The data on the website, in any material whatsoever, may not be reproduced, republished, uploaded or used for derivative working in any manner without the prior written and confirmed consent of BanBanjara. Downloading of displayed items on the website or personal and non-commercial use is allowed, keeping in mind that the copyright and other notices are being adhered to.

Herein, any mention of BanBanjara, us or the company is a reference to the company BanBanjara Adventure LLP. Additionally, mention of the term ‘content’ refers to any form of material, whether 1. media based, such as images, videos, Presentation Slides, 2. Content-based, 3. Graphic Based.

BanBanjara Agents/Partners/Vendors/On Ground Operators/Suppliers/Local Support Team:

  1. Content that is uploaded or shared with BanBanjara should be 100% unique. The content should not be copied from other websites, digital or physical sources of information. In special cases of having the same content as on your own website or platform of any manner, the partner should present a reasonable case of being the owner of the content and would be suggested to rewrite the content to order, to restructure the order keeping in mind the meaning which is intended. If such a case arrives BanBanjara content team may be able to assist you in carrying this forward.
  2. The tour or any experience that is being uploaded on the website should be directly carried out by the tour operator. The partner cannot outsource the tour to a third party and cannot list a tour/experience conducted by a third party. Therefore, implying that the tour/experience needs to be carried out by the partner in its entirety. In the case of prior written, acknowledged and confirmed notice by BanBanjara’s officials of tours being conducted by third-party operators, the same will be allowed for special leniencies in certain special considered conditions.
  3. The partner enlisting their products needs to ensure that they have all the rights of uploading the certain pictures and information in regards to the product. Post sharing the content with BanBanjara, we hold the right to use the content without the requirement for attribution of credits. In addition, any material or content that is uploaded by the partner should have complete ownership of the material that is being used. The use of the Creative Commons license is strictly prohibited to be used on BanBanjara’s platform. Hereby, if there is a violation indicated to the company’s officials by a third party, content owner, general public or company’s officials will lead to the following actions; a. Immediate removal of tours and packages supplied by the vendor/partner, b. Held responsible for any infringement for any content, c. Permanent ban from listing or being a supplier of BanBanjara.
  4. If the content, be it images/video/data that is uploaded by the supplier does not match the actual experience of the tour would lead to an immediate ban as per rule 3. If the content is seen to be misleading, depicting incorrect information to misinform the viewer, it would lead to; a. Immediate removal of tours and packages supplied by the vendor/partner, b. Held responsible for any infringement for any content, c. Permanent ban from listing or being a supplier of BanBanjara.
  5. In the event of a scenario of a true claim by a copyright claimer, BanBanjara will pass on the details to the owner of the copyright. This is subjected to BanBanjara’s decision on the matter, post analysis and investigation on the same.
  6. If any copyright violation is reported by a registered supplier, the appropriate action will be taken within 5 business days, post analysis and investigation on the same.
  7. Content uploaded or taken by the supplier can be used for promotional purposed by BanBanjara, and can be listed on any position on the website and/or other company websites.
  8. BanBanjara does not restrict its suppliers, to not use any other marketplace or website to sell its services, however the content uploaded on BanBanjara by the particular supplier on a particular product should not be used or copied elsewhere on any other website, whether it be the partner’s website or any other online portal or in any physical form whatsoever.
  9. Random checks are carried out by BanBanjara from time to time, regarding the copyright issues and originality. However, any copyright infringement or issue pertaining to a tour/experience by a particular vendor will be the responsibility of the vendor entirely.

Copyright Claimants:

  1. If there is an advent of any copyright infringement, the following is the procedure. Kindly, provide us with an email in regard to the tour page which is in violation of copyright and in specific what content violates the copyright. Additionally, a proof of claim of the copyright is required in order to portray the infringement as credible.
  2. In the advent of a received email of copyright infringement, all the and the claim would be sent to the vendor by the officials of BanBanjara. The officials will do a look into the response of the vendor, within 15 business days. In the case of no response, the claimant’s claim would be considered as valid. In case of an inconclusive reply by the vendor, where a clear and definite proof is not provided by the vendor, the claimant’s claim would be considered as valid. Post this on the 16th day, all the tours by the particular vendor will be removed by BanBanjara and the claimant will be connected to the vendor for further legal action.
  3. For a proper and timely address to your concern, kindly provide the following details: 1. For every alleged infringed image or content that you wish to be removed from BanBanjara’s website, the exact URL of the page where the content is displayed. 2. Details regarding the exact piece of content on a particular page. 3. A valid email address and phone number for contacting purposes. 4. Proof of ownership of the copyright in the alleged infringed material, with a. Proof of copyright in the image or text concerned, b. namely proof of registration of the image under the DMCA or absent such registration, c. A detailed description of where the photograph was taken, d. The name by whom the content was originated from, e. who or what the subject of the image is, f. Evidence to support your claim that you own the copyright in the image.
  4. If proper proof is not provided by the complainant, the request to remove the content will not be adhered to.
  5. BanBanjara takes all the claims with grave concern and action. In case of false claims or misrepresentation of facts in a particular claim will result in legal action taken against the claimant, with all liability for all damages, inclusive of all costs and attorney’s fee.

The terms of Images Use:

The following images are authorized to be used on BanBanjara’s platform:

  1. Images that are created by the vendor/supplier/author
  2. Images that are purchased or acquired by the vendor/Supplier/official with regards to an appropriate and considerable license that enables to use the content for commercial purposes.

The following images are not authorized to be used on BanBanjara’s platform:

  1. Images that are acquired from free or purchased platforms, whether online or physical unless there is a certified license to do so.
  2. Images that use in whole or part the military or any government.
  3. Images that include a private location, unless there is a certified license to do so, which can be produced and presented on demand.
  4. Images that include an individual or represent an individual in any manner, unless there is a certified license to do so, which can be produced and presented on demand.

The following is notified:

  1. BanBanjara is an online marketplace acting as a booking platform for experiential tours and travels where vendors upload and list their services to be sold and viewed by customers. Therefore, BanBanjara does not take any responsibility for any content that is uploaded on its website, in regard to experiences, destinations, tours, and activities section. Additionally, any comment or guest post in any manner on the website, does not hold BanBanjara responsible for its originality or legal construction in any consideration. The vendor or uploader is solely responsible for the content that has been uploaded on BanBanjara.experiential
  2. BanBanjara, in most cases, ensures that precautions and safety checkpoints are carried out in order to keep decorum in regards to the content that is uploaded on the website and that the content is original.
  3. The company holds the right to remove any content of any manner, at any time and without the prior consent of the uploader. Additionally, the decision made by the company will be the final.
  4. The location being Jaipur, Rajasthan, all legal issues, including ones pertaining to copyright will be subject to the jurisdiction of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
  5. The appropriate amount of proof needed for proper copyright claimants will be decided solely by BanBanjara officials.