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Privacy policy

Last updated: February 9th, 2019

Ban Banjara governs the privacy of its users and whoever comes on website www.banbanjara.com. The privacy policy describes our policy in details and how this website protects and store user information. We collect user data after the confirmation given by the user and they state that they have read our privacy policy. The user data are therefore used to give a customer a user-friendly experience.

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This website abides by all the Indian Laws and is judiciary system for user privacy. The proactive approach is taken by the owners of this company to protect the rights and information of the user. The necessary measures are taken to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of data. BanBanjara protects the customer information efficiently but the transmission of information is not 100% secure on the internet.


Cookies are small files stored up in your hard drive which help us to give a user a better experience in terms of their search, preference and the requirements while visiting the website. Once a user visit to the website the automatic notification asks to save cookies as per the user convenience or not.

The customer can anytime on and off this cookie storage option as per their own convenience. The user can go to its web browser settings and can follow the necessary steps to manage the cookies. There can be both permanent and temporary cookies which we will store up in your hard drive but it can get deleted from the user system by following the certain necessary steps.

The third party app Google can use these cookies to show you ads depends on the user searches done on the website but the cookies from the website do not have any information related to customer personal data it records only the search data to give a user a better experience.

The tracking software is used on this website to understand and monitor its visitors. The software is only used to keep the track of visitor on its website and not to pass and share any personal information to any other third party.

Promotional Email

We can use your personal information to send you promotional emails, offers and to subscribe you for our newsletter. Once the user login to our website gets automatically subscribe to our newsletter but the user can also contact us to unsubscribe it from the same.

External Links

On this website, we only integrate with safe and trusted third party tools to provide a user-friendly experience but we advise user to take precautions before clicking any external web links, or and redirected links from our website to another portals. (External links are clickable text / banner / image links to other websites.)

We at BanBanjara can not verify any external links or any content on external link. We advice user to click such types of links at their own risk as we are not liable to any user data breaching and personal data sharing while clicking any external links.

Advertisement on website

Banbanjara can showcase their partner or their sponsor advertising link on the website. These links are served by our authorised partners and sponsors with whom we have proper policy according to the advertisement they are serving.

These sponsored link can take you to our partner website for promotional service and offers provided with our partners from time to time and to conduct any referral program. For which the website can store up the cookies on your system hard drives. BanBanjara therefore advise user to click these kinds of sponsored links and advertisement at your own risk as its owners are not liable for any kind of damage or implications caused by visiting any kind of these links.

Social Media

At BanBanjara we advice our customers to use social platforms wisely and care as we do not ask for any personal and sensitive information from our customers. We use social media platform as a promotional and marketing purpose for our brand not to hurt our customer sentiments by messaging them or spamming them.

We use social media sharing buttons to directly post and share content from our website by the users on their social media platform. But users are advice to use them at their own risk as the platform they are using might be accessing their personal information.

We never ask our user to share personal information on social media platform and we treat them as for our marketing purposes and to provide customer a user friendly environment. BanBnajara will not be liable for any breaching of information on social media of its customer through any social media platform.

Truncated Links in Social Media

This website can share external links on social media platform for its promotional activities however such platform by default can shorten these links to easy share on the website.

Users are advised to click on such shorten links at their own risk after ensuring the reliability of the shorten links as comparison to the longer links. As these links are prone to information breaching and can be used by hackers to cause damage to information for which BanBanjara will not be liable.


You further acknowledge that we may provide you certain information (apart from information available on the Website) which is under confidential by us. You agree that you will not disclose it without any prior written consent. Further, your information shall be regarded as confidential and will not be transferred to any third party, unless if required legally to do so as permitted in the terms of this Policy or to the appropriate authorities.


As a user you have agreed that you are responsible to use this Website on internet. As the use of this website is subject to our privacy policy. If you disagree to accept this policy we advise you to not to use this portal or necessary actions can be taken against the users for violation of our policies.