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Located in Karnataka. Hampi was the most valuable hidden Gem of India's state Karnataka.  Hampi is a must-visited destination if you are planning to visit Karnataka. Hampi will literally blow your mind with their adventurous sports and activities which are famous all over the world. Hampi is considered a UNESCO world heritage site. 
Hampi is that place which will never disappoint even if you have arrived serval times also.

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People Also Asked About Hampi

How can we reach to Hampi ?

We can reach Hampi by air, bus, and train.

Is there any places of doing trekking is there in Hampi ?

Below is the list of places where you can do the trekking -

  • Vertical Rock Faces
  • Fort at Bali, Parvat
  • Challenging Rock Face
  • Fort Main Gate

Where are the Hampi Ruins situated?

The Indian city of Hampi is regarded as one of its most ancient locations. The name "Ruins of Hampi" is a frequent one for the town, which is now in ruins. The temples that have withstood the test of time and the rocks here offer the Ruins of Hampi an entirely distinct beauty.

Where in Hampi are the greatest spots for rock climbing?

Rock climbing is reported to be very popular in Hampi. The four well-known locations for rock climbing are as follows:

  • Matanga Hill 
  • Tiruvengalantha Temple's grounds

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