Tosh Valley Trekking and Camping

Tosh Valley Trekking and Camping

Tosh, Himachal Pradesh, India
4.5 (21)

Tosh Valley Trekking and Camping Highlights

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Tosh Valley Trekking and Camping Overview

The Tosh Trek takes you on a splendid journey across the Parvati Valley, deep in the Himalayas. Tosh is located at an altitude of about 2,400m (7,874 ft) in the Parvati Valley, near Kasol in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. The Kasol to Tosh distance of 20 km is easily traversed by a short trek about an hour and a half long. It is becoming an increasingly popular tourist spot, situated along the Tosh River. Tosh, believed to be a land blessed by Lord Shiva, is dwarfed by the intimidating mountains surrounding it and is located at the heart of the Parvati Hydel Project in Himachal Pradesh. This splendid trekking opportunity is marked as an easy-grade trek, which maintains a gentle incline and declines throughout! The Tosh village is considered to be one of the most charming trekking destinations in India.

The sight of the snow-capped mountains, rising in the distance, and the cold air hitting your face are stark reminders of the fact that you are no longer in the city. This peaceful trek takes you through the forests near Tosh, to the roaring Tosh Waterfall, where you can relax by the cool, clear water as you soak your feet. The Tosh weather can vary greatly depending upon the season. Winters in the Tosh village see snowfall from early in the season, while the summers maintain a cool, pleasant temperature. The trek should ideally be avoided during the monsoons as the path can get slippery and dangerous. The temperature of Tosh during the winter can go down to around -8 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in the summer season stays around 25 degrees Celsius. The Tosh Trek is gaining popularity to such an extent in India and the rest of the world, that people have started referring to the Parvati Valley as the Tosh Valley. Though Tosh is a small hamlet it can easily be explored by walking around. Also, try lip-smacking Israeli cuisine and European delicacies. One should not miss a hot cup of tea and maggie at high altitudes with great vistas.  If you are looking for a weekend getaway from your everyday life, nothing gets better than this. From its easy commute from Delhi and awesome approachability, Tosh Trek becomes one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi.

You can stay either in tents and experience nature in its best form, or you can enjoy the warmth of a homestay at a native’s house in one of the best places to stay in Tosh.  Be prepared for campfires and sleeping bags! For your upcoming vacations, make the best of your time with this experience of the best of nature!

This splendid trek through the Parvati Valley starts at Barshaini. You can easily reach Barshaini by taking a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar and from Bhuntar, you can get another bus to Barshaini. The distance between Kasol to Tosh is 20 km (12.5 miles). You can easily reach Kasol to Tosh via Manikaran in 1 hour by taking a taxi which costs you around Rs. 800-900/- depending on the season or by taking a local bus for Rs. 50-100/- The route is via Barshaini road and another picturesque spot Manikaran, located only 5 km away from Kasol

General Travel Tips:

  • Always travel light. Pack according to the season and keep all the essentials needed for the trek.
  • Do not wander alone at night in the Tosh Valley. It is not safe. 
  • Do not get into some illegal activities of Drugs, alcohol, etc.
  • Always carry a water bottle with you and some handy snacks.
  • Pahadi culture is different. Show respect for the culture and norms. 
  • Follow the leave-no-trace policy. Keep the surroundings clean and green. 
  • Be safe and do not harm animals are plants.
  • Though it is an easy trek, it is advisable to take a trek leader with you. 
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Itinerary For Tosh Valley Trekking and Camping


Day 1 - Trek to Tosh Waterfall | Departure for Tosh Trek


Departure for Tosh Trek

  • Meet us at Barshaini for the commence of Tosh Trek! From here on out, we will begin our scenic trek to the base camp which has been set up in the immediate vicinity of Tosh and Barshaini. 
  • From the base camp, the picturesque trek to the Tosh Waterfall begins. The trek is about 2.5 km long and presents to the trekkers one of the most splendid vistas that nature has to offer. The trek is not steep anywhere and follows a steady incline and decline pattern.
  • Upon reaching the waterfall, take in the beauty of the forest. Revel in the silence, broken only by the gushing water, breathe in the clean smell of pine, feel the clean, cold water on your face. After spending some time at the waterfall, you will start your trek back to the base camp.
  • After reaching, enjoy a campfire and swap stories with your fellow trekkers before retiring to your tent/homestay.

Day 2 - Back To Barshaini


Back To Barshaini

  • 7:00 AM - Wake up to the serenity of the mountains and the slight chill in the air that always comes with altitude. 
  • After breakfast, you will start your trek back to Barshaini, in the Parvati Valley. This time, do make sure to explore this charming little town. 
  • On the way back from Kheerganga, you will come across the towns of Nakthan and Rudra Nag. These scenic villages are ideal for pit breaks along the way and grab additional supplies if you so need. 
  • This is the end of this journey. After this, you are free to explore nearby places like Tosh village and go sightseeing and shopping for souvenirs in the town. You can also start for Kasol immediately, or go explore the Tosh river!
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Tosh Valley Trekking and Camping Reviews


Maniender Raghav


We went to Tosh Valley trek in the beginning of June , the weather was perfect only light jacket was needed and faced one day of mild drizzle . It was a moderate level trek for us being it our first trek .




We went on Tosh Valley trek! Our overall experience was great. We didn't had to worry about anything as the guides were always there to help us and provide us whatever we needed. Before the trip also the Banbanjara staff was just a text away for all the queries and they shared all the information needed before the trek.


Tamal Basak


Weather was beautiful only light layers were needed in the evening. Our trek guide who was very experienced and an wonderful cook made our overall experience memorable through The Banbanjara. The trek overall was moderate difficulty if you are a beginner. It was nice trip for me.


Manish Kumar


Tosh valley trek difficulty level is easy. Beginners and experienced ones can undertake the trek. Tosh valley trek is 6-8km long, and it takes 4-5 hours to complete this trek. The Tosh trek is gaining popularity to such an extent in India, that people started referring to the Parvati Valley as the Tosh valley.


Kuber Soni


Tosh village is an amazing place to chill out and rest in Himalayas. It is famous hippy village. A lot of veterans come here. You can find so many Israelis here. Many of them have based here for so long. Air is clean. No motorable roads just the village paths.


Sangeeta Roy


It's almost 45 mins walking (trekking) distance from tosh parking slot. A small waterfall is there. But the beauty of nature on the way is amazing. One of the must visit area of tosh. Few shops are available there. A perfect place to chill out 👍




Tosh is a city as well as valley in Himachal Pradesh. It's very beautiful and we would love to spend some time for sure. Basically people like to stay there and trek for some time. We will get so many cafes for food dance and music. We will love the ice mountains too


Rajat Sabri


Amazing place laden with serenity and peace. You just get an out of the world feeling when you're here... especially if you're by yourself. Strongly recommended.


Rahul Roy


Beauty of nature plus the tosh culture of Cafes. Great stuff. Attractive trekking spot. There is always more.




The whole-tour was nice, during the trek we got to sees and explore the place which was truly breathtaking with spectacular views everywhere. The entire team was nice and accommodating. The place itself attracts many tourists from different countries and in the country itself. We met many people and became friends. Must-try once in life.

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Tosh Valley Trekking and Camping FAQs

What is the best time to go for the Tosh Trek?

The summer months are generally considered the best to go for the Tosh trek. This is the time when the wildflowers grow out in full bloom and the slopes of the Parvati Valley are covered in lush greens. The trip can be a lot of fun around September as well. Generally, monsoon months should be avoided as the path becomes slippery and dangerous.

Is the Tosh trek okay for solo travellers?

If you are looking for a solo backpacking trip in Himachal Pradesh, this trek is ideal for you. The Tosh trek is highly engaging and will keep you entertained throughout! Furthermore, we ensure the safety of all the trekkers. We have had a lot of solo female travellers successfully completing this trek in a safe and guided environment. Furthermore, all our trek leaders are qualified professionals, carefully selected by us after a rigorous process.

Can children go for Tosh trek?

Yes, children can also go for the Tosh Trek. However, some parts of the trek are steep and can get dangerous, so please ensure their safety. If you bring your children, ensure to carry enough water and snacks with you at all times. Furthermore, children below the age of 16 must be accompanied by adult supervision.

What are the nearby places to visit while in the hill station Kasol for Tosh Trekking?

If you have extra time in Kasol then visit Chalal or Malana village. The Kasol to Malana trek will give you one of the most simulating looks at the local culture! Manikaran Gurudwara can be visited on your way back from Barshaini. You can also consider the exciting Chalal trek or the extremely popular Kheerganga Trek while there.

Can we customize our Tosh Trek?

Definitely! You are invited to chalk out an independent plan at your convenient time frame for any number of people. Cost for private trip is fixed on the basis of group size, trek area, duration and trek style.

I am a first-timer. Is the Tosh Trek a good trek for me?

Yes. The Tosh trek strikes an ideal balance between thrilling and easy going. Even children can accompany you on this trek. However, children below 16 must be accompanied by parental supervision.

What is Tosh famous for?

Tosh Valley is famous for, its undiscovered and nature-filled path and trekking trails. It stands to be one of the most famous and best trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh, India. Perfect for first time trekkers, and experienced trekkers too, Tosh offers a plethora of thrill and adventure for adventure seekers out there.

How do I reach Tosh?

Getting to Tosh is relatively quite easy as there are easy commute options available. The best route would be to take a state or private bus to Manali, which has daily departures. Get off at Bhuntar, which comes en route to Manali (48 kilometres before). From Bhuntar, buses and cabs to Barshini are easily available, ranging from ₹75 to ₹1,000. Lastly, you need to trek up to Tosh Valley, which will be the highlight as you relish the magnificent views and as nature surrounds you!

How long is Tosh Trek?

The Tosh trek is of one day if you start either from Barshaini which is a 3km trek or from Kasol which is a 20km easy trek of about an hour.

How to get Tosh from Kasol?

Kasol is at a distance of 21 km from Tosh. A short trek of one hour from Barashaini village will take you the trippy and beautiful village Tosh. Barshaini is a small picturesque hamlet in between Kasol and Tosh.

Is there snow in Tosh?

Yes, you can experience heavy snowfall in the months from November to February. Experience the mesmerizing snowfall and views of snow-covered mountains. Tosh-Kasol turns into a stunning snow destination to travel in winter months. 

Where is Tosh valley?

Tosh is a small village located in the beautiful Parvati valley. It is famous for Marijuana plantations. One can see spot some small eating joints and cafes in Tosh. The local people sell marijuana and apples to earn for their living. Tosh gained popularity in the last few years due to nearby hippie village Kasol. 

Tosh Trek in winters?

Tosh in winters turns into a snowy paradise. The pristine white snow and captivating views of snow-covered mountains, forests, houses will leave you breathless. December to March are the best months to trek in Tosh and experience the freezing cold.

How is Tosh in December?

Tosh in December will be the best option if you are a snow lover. The beautiful Tosh village gets covered in snow and offer great vistas of the Parvati valley.  The temperature drops down in negatives. A lot of backpackers and travelers visit Tosh in December.

How long it takes to complete the Tosh Valley trek?

Tosh Valley is a 3 km trek from Barshaini. It is an easy trek that can be covered in 1-2 days with camping. Tosh is beautifully nestled in the laps of the Parvati valley and offers ravishing views of nature.

What is the temperature in Tosh?

The temperature in Tosh varies from season to season.

In summers, the weather remains pleasant and the temperature goes highest to 30-degree celsius. And on average between 2 degrees to 10-degree celsius. In winters, the temperature drops down in negatives and you can experience heavy snowfall in the months of December to February.

What is Tosh Trek time?

The total Tosh trek distance is 3 km (1.9miles) which can be covered in 40-50 minutes from Barshaini. Hire a cab for Rs.400/- from Barshaini and reach Tosh. The distance from Bhuntar town to Tosh is 68 km (42.3miles) via Manikaran Road. There are a lot of HRTC buses available from Bhuntar to Barshaini.

What is the Tosh Trek distance?

The total distance of Tosh trek is 3 km (1.9miles). The starting point of the trek is Barshaini and the ending point is Kasol. Hire a taxi or do a short trek of 3 km (1.9 miles) from Barshaini to reach Tosh. Tosh is located at a distance of 20 km (12.5 miles) from Kasol. 

What is the distance from Tosh to Kheerganga trek?

Take a bus or cab from Bhuntar and reach Barshaini. From Barshaini take another cab or do a trek of 3 km (1.9 miles) to reach Tosh. The trek distance between Tosh to Kheerganga is 13 km (8.1miles) which is a moderate trek. TheTosh trek ends at the beautiful village of  Kasol.

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  • Carry minimum weight
  • Do not litter
  • Alcohol and smoking are not allowed.
  • The decision of the trek leader will be final and binding.
  • Delays may occur due to weather conditions
  • Any person with health conditions like Asthma etc is advised not to go for this expedition. However, if they so decide, it is at their own risk.
  • Do not wander off on your own. 
  • Please take care of your own baggage.
  • In case you have chosen a homestay, please treat the hosts with respect and speak to them comfortably!
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