Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves: The ideal weekend getaway!

Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves: The ideal weekend getaway!

Lonavala, Maharashtra, India
4.8 (20)

Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves: The ideal weekend getaway! Highlights

  • Trek through lush green forests and take a dip in streams and waterfalls!
  • Enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the Sahyadris!
  • Ideal for beginners and avid trekkers!

Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves: The ideal weekend getaway! Overview

Rajmachi Trek is a perfect trek that promises the most scenic views of Sahyadri Hills and its flora-fauna. It is the full nature package where you will experience lush green mountains, waterfalls, green valleys, beautiful forts, the most amazing thrilling trails & many more attractions. Another wonder you will experience on this trek is watching fireflies at night from the campsite. This trek is also known as the Rajmachi Fireflies trek. Here the environment in the Sahyadri Hills region is very easy for fireflies to live and flourish. These belong to the bug family and exhibit bioluminescence which makes them special. During the night from the campsite, you can easily spot them which will make you spellbound. It will be a wonderful experience for you throughout life.

The Rajmachi Fort is near Lonavala which is the famous hill station near Mumbai, Pune settled in the Western Ghats at Sahyadri Hills. The Western Ghats is a world biodiversity heritage site. It is perched at the elevation of 2710 m above sea level. Throughout the route on the Rajmachi trek, you will have the chance to see the flora & fauna of the Western Ghats. The specialty of this area is it remains evergreen and in the monsoon season, it becomes green heaven. 

It is the best getaway near Mumbai, Pune to rejuvenate your selves from routine work stress. Here you will enjoy being kind in the lap of mother nature. If you have time available then you can also visit one of the wonders near Rajmachi Fort which is Kataldhar Waterfall.    While trekking to the fort you will find 3 mango trees from there is the only way to reach Kataldhar Fall. There you will find a cave that 100 people occupy at the same time. From there enjoying the views of Rajmachi -Shrivardhan Fort Balekilla is the most amazing thing. During monsoon, you will experience many small waterfalls throughout the route which makes it wonderful.

Rajmachi Fort Trek is the full package for the person that has an interest in archeology and history as well as for nature lovers also.  The surroundings make it so beautiful as from there, you can capture the natural beauty of the Sahyadri range’s lush green hills and forest. It is the perfect spot for shutterbugs for quenching their thirst for photography. 

The difficulty level of the trek is easy to moderate. It is advised that if you are a beginner-level trekker then start trekking from the base village Udhevadi and if you are an experienced trekker then the trek route from Kondane caves will be the most amazing option for you. During monsoons, the trek becomes a little slippery so be careful about that and trek carefully.  

About Location

Rajmachi Fort is one of the best examples of Maratha architecture. It is settled in the Sahyadri Hills of Western Ghats. It comprises two forts Manaranjan and Shrivardhan near Udhewadi Village. Shrivardhan Fort is named based on Shrivardhan Ganpatrao Patwardhan who was one of the Maratha officials. The structure of this fort looks like a watch tower. It has two water tanks and one water tank has an iron pole in between the tank. It is considered that it was used as a watch tower.

Manaranjan Fort is low in height as compared to Shrivardhan Fort. It is a neighboring fort and has large rampant and three gates. From Manaranjan Fort you can enjoy the views of Karnala Fort.

 The base village is Udhewadi from where the trek route starts. It is situated in Mawal Taluka of Pune district, Maharashtra. The exact location of Udhewadi is the southern foot of Rajmachi Fort.

As a brief history, Satvahans established this fort under their rule, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort from the Bijapur Sultan in the year 1657, After as time passed Mughals ruled over this fort and stayed the year 1704 to 1705. In the year 1818 British took over this fort as the Maratha powers became weak. 

The Architecture of Rajmachi Fort is impressive and shows glimpses of past ruling times. This fort has secret gates, water reservoirs, vast ramparts, strong walls, broad and high gateways, residential units, and many more attractions. All these specialties are enough to make you in awe.  Apart from these attractions, there are several temple complexes there in the Kal Bhairava temple between Shriwardhan and Manaranjana Fort is main. It is the central religious spot for the nearby peoples, and also visitors can seek blessings from there. Another point of attraction is that ancient caves belonging to Buddhism are considered to be built-in 200 BC. 

Activities to Do
The main activity on this trek is trekking. Other activities are camping, bird watching, firefly watching at night, photography, vlogging, etc. The Rajmachi Trek is one of the heavenly treks in the western ghats. You can capture all the amazing scenes in your camera for a lifelong memory. Trekking and Camping in the lush green surroundings cast a spell on you. You will be mesmerized by the views. Vlogging will also be the most interesting activity there. There you can make the most wonderful blog which will be a gift to your subscribers from your side. 

About Stay
There are two kinds of stay options available there one is Camping and another one is a homestay. The Kalbhairav Temple complex is suitable for camping and is nearby the base of Rajmachi Fort. Another good option is homestay offered by locals. You can stay there and enjoy their hospitality. It is the best way to know about the area with the help of locals. 

How to Get in There

The Rajmachi Fort lies in between the Mumbai - Pune route. So either from Mumbai or Pune, you can reach from both sides for the Rajmachi Trek. The direct train is not available for Rajmachi as there it does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station is Lonavala which is 84 km away from Mumbai. After reaching there you can hire a private tourist cab or through sharing taxi services to reach the start of the trek. 
The Udhevadi is the base village to ascend Rajmachi Trek. There are two ways to reach Udhevadi, one is from Kunhe Village, and another route goes to Udhevadi from Lonavala via Tungarli, Nandgaon. 

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Itinerary For Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves: The ideal weekend getaway!


Day 1 - Pune Itenary

  • Gather at Pune Railway Station at 4:00 pm and issue your local tickets to Lonavala from the ticket counter.
  • Board the local train and arrive in Lonavala by 5:30 pm.
  • 6:00 pm: Board the Sumo vehicles from Lonavala to Rajmachi.
  • 7:30 pm: The vehicles will drop us at the trekking starting point, allowing us to enjoy the mesmerizing sight of fireflies along the way.
  • 9:45 pm: Reach the base village, savor a delectable dinner, and set up camp.
  • 11:00 pm: Spend the night with friends beneath a star-studded sky, accompanied by the soothing melodies of guitar music (on Saturdays).
  • 6:00 am: Wake up and trek to Shrivardhan Fort to witness the breathtaking sunrise.
  • 8:00 am: Capture stunning photographs from the summit and return to the base.
  • 9:00 am: Enjoy a hearty breakfast and board your SUMO vehicle to Lonavala.
  • 12:00 pm: Arrive at Lonavala station and catch the next available train, reaching Pune as per the train schedule.

Day 1 - Mumbai Itinerary

  • 3:00 pm: Depart from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CSTM) on the HYD Express train bound for Lonavala.
  • 5:30 pm: Arrive at Lonavala station.
  • 6:00 pm: Board the Sumo vehicles from Lonavala to Rajmachi.
  • 7:30 pm: The vehicles will transport us to the trekking starting point, where we can enjoy the enchanting sight of fireflies during our journey.
  • 9:45 pm: Reach the base village and indulge in a delightful dinner, followed by setting up our camp.
  • 11:00 pm: Spend a memorable night with friends, gazing at the starry sky and listening to guitar music (on Saturdays).
  • 6:00 am: Wake up early and commence our trek to Shrivardhan Fort to witness the captivating sunrise.
  • 8:00 am: Capture stunning photographs from the summit and return to the base.
  • 9:00 am: Enjoy a satisfying breakfast and board the SUMO vehicle back to Lonavala.
  • 12:00 pm: Arrive at Lonavala station and catch the next available train, returning to Mumbai according to the train schedule.
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Location Details about Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves: The ideal weekend getaway!

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Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves: The ideal weekend getaway! Reviews


Sahil Nagpal

Amazing trekking experience

One of the best fort and peak for trekking and the views from the top were just amazing . you will enjoy the beauty .


Ravi Gajanand

Nice trek

Very nice trek , enjoy there with friends a lot .


Abhishek Sharma

Amazing Experience

One of the best trekking i have ever done . It was so beautiful and the waterfalls views were amazing . and food provided at the base camp was Good .


Bhusan Patil

rajmachi trek

Awesome place, the view on the way is breathtaking. The road is not good during monsoon. The way is filled with water, so plan accordingly. There are many beautiful waterfalls on the way.



Trekking Experience

Rajmachi trek is one of the awesome during rainy season . The difficulty level of this trek is easy and you can easily reach at top in 3-4 hrs .


Shivam Patil

Amazing trek Experience

Best trek that I ever had Done. Best Time to visit is from August to march. Views are so mesmerising .😍😍😍


Amrutanshu Deshmukh

Amazing Experience

Such a beautiful place...


Abhinav Pandey

Beautiful views

Amazing Fort and very clean. It is easy trek and enjoy the beautiful view.


Amayra Khan

Trek to Rajmachi

One of the major forts in Maharashtra. The trek was very good and views were Adorable .


Aditi Sen

Amazing Trek

Tranquility, scenic, and beautiful nature .

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Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves: The ideal weekend getaway! FAQs

How to reach Rajmachi Trek?

To reach for the Rajmachi trek, Lonavala is the nearest railway station. From Mumbai and Pune, you can easily reach there. The distance between Lonavala and Mumbai is 83 Km, and from Pune, it is 66.3 Km.

What is Rajmachi known for?

The Rajmachi is known for the fort and its serene surroundings. This fort is located near the Udhewadi Village of Raigad district Maharashtra. The trek route to the fort passes through lush green jungle trek, and it becomes more incredible during the monsoon because of extreme greenery. 

At which height, Rajmachi Fort is situated?

The Rajmachi fort is perched at the elevation of 2710 feet above sea level. It is one of the most famous forts in and around Lonavala, Maharashtra.

How to reach Rajmachi trek from Mumbai?

The best option is to reach Rajmachi trek from Mumbai by train. Lonavala is the nearest railway station. On regular interval trains are there where you can board them.

How to reach Rajmachi trek from Pune?

To reach Rajmachi Trek from Pune is very easy. You can board the train from Pune and as you reach there,  meet our company representative. He will transfer you to the point where your trekking will start. You can also take a bus to reach Lonavala from Pune.

What is the maximum no in a batch for trekking?

Generally, the batch size will be 10-12 people. The batch will be comprised of women, men, and children(9 yrs old or more than this.). The number of trekkers in a batch is fixed so there are no chances of mismanagement because each customer is important. 

Is PickUp and Drop facility available from Pune or Mumbai?

No, PickUp and drop facility is not available from Pune or Mumbai. This facility is available only from the base village to Lonavala and vice versa.

Is this trek safe for Solo travelers?

Yes, Rajmachi Fort trek is safe for solo travelers. There has not been any such incident reported until now. Most of the time in our batch there are solo females or males going on the trekking. 

What is the total trek distance of Rajmachi Trek?

The total distance of the Rajmachi trek is 15 km. An average fit person can easily attempt this route. 

What is the best time to visit Rajmachi Trek?

The best time to visit Rajmachi trek is Monsoon season. At that time you will experience lush green valleys and surroundings, many small waterfalls throughout the route and walking on the cloudy routes is a different kind of feeling that is offered by only the Rajmachi Trek route. During monsoons, the weather remains pleasant.

Is camping safe at Rajmachi Trek?

Yes, Camping is safe at Rajmachi trek. Our company representative will take care of you. The only thing is that please do not carry valuable jewellery, expensive gadgets and other valuable items. If you are carrying them then taking care of those items will not be our responsibility. 

Is the washroom facility available on the trek ?

No, there is not any kind of washroom/toilet facility available. If it is urgent then you have to attend nature's call in open space. Toilets are available only at base village Udhewadi.

Is connectivity good at Rajmachi Trek?

As the trek route exists on the forest trail so the connectivity is not good. So it is advised that before the commencement of trekking from the base village. Inform your relatives that you are going for trekking so they will not worry about you.

Is smoking and drinking allowed during trekking?

No, Drinking alcohol and smoking during the trek is strictly prohibited. If anybody finds indulgence in these kinds of activities he/ she will be debarred from the batch and ask to leave the trip immediately. In this case there is no refund will be provided.

What kind of footwear should I carry for trekking?

As the Rajmachi Trek route goes through jungle trails and there will be long walk so good quality trekking shoes are a must. Simple shoes are just for normal walking. They will be not suitable for trekking in terms of stability and comfort. Trekking shoes provide you stability and grip on the rugged and rough terrains.  

How difficult is Rajmachi Trek?

The difficulty level of the Rajmachi trek is easy to moderate. There are two routes of trekking, one is from Udhewadi and another one is from Kondane Caves. The village Udhewadi is the base village and settled at the foot of Rajmachi Fort. This route is suitable for beginners. The route that exists from Kondane Caves is a little bit tricky so it is for experienced trekkers.   

Is Rajmachi Trek suitable in winters?

Yes, The Rajmachi trek is suitable for winters. At that time the weather remains pleasant and the view remains clear. However, at that time landscapes will not be much green as they remain in monsoons but the enjoyment is promised.

Is Rajmachi Fort Trek suitable for beginners?

Yes, Rajmachi Fort Trek is suitable for beginners. They can easily trek on this route. It is advised that the Udhewadi trek route is the most suitable route for beginners.


How to reach base village Rajmachi Fort?

To reach Udhewadi base village, Rajmachi Fort, you can hire a private jeep or sharing basis jeep. It will take hardly 20-30 minutes to reach the base village. 

Is Rajmachi Trek suitable for the weekend?

Yes, it is the most suitable weekend trek near Lonavala. You can attempt this trek in one day and if you want to experience the wonder of nature then one night two days are required. During the night watching fireflies in nearby forest trails from the campsite will be the most memorable experience of life. 

How much time is required to do Rajmachi Trek?

There are two options required to do Rajmachi Trek. If you want to do only day trekking then one day is required and if you want to experience trekking and camping then package is of one night two days. For booking call +919001504000.

What will be the temperature at Rajmachi Trek in summers?

During summertime, the weather remains hot and humid. The Rajmachi Fort is situated in the Sahyadri Hills region and has natural enriched surroundings with flora & fauna. So it will also be a nice experience to have trekking at Rajmachi Trek in summer.

What is the distance between Rajmachi Trek and Udhewadi Village?

The distance between Rajmachi Trek and Udhewadi Village is 2.5 km and it will require 45 minutes to one hour to complete the trek.

Why is Rajmachi Trek also known as fireflies trek?

Yes, indeed, it is also known as fireflies trek. Fireflies belong to the bug category of insect families. They manifest bioluminescence which makes the observer or visitor in awe. There are certain environmental conditions required for the flourishing and survival of fireflies. The surroundings of Rajmachi fort fulfill these conditions so during the night you can experience this kind of natural wonder. 

What is the Rajmachi Fort Trek distance from Kondane Side?

The Rajmachi fort trek distance from the Kondane side is 3.5 km. It will take almost 2 hrs to reach the fort. 

What is the height of Rajmachi Fort?

The Rajmachi Fort is seated at the elevation of 2710 m above the sea level and surrounded by lush green valleys of the Sahyadri region in the Western Ghats.

I want to do the Rajmachi Trek in one day. Is it possible?

yes, if you have only one day available from your schedule then you can easily attempt this trek in just a day.

Rajmachi Trek is situated in which district of Maharashtra?

The Rajmachi trek is situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra. It is nearby Lonavala which is again a popular tourist destination.

What are the other nearby visiting places of Rajmachi Fort?

Several visiting places exist nearby Rajmachi Fort. These places are following
  • Kune Falls
  • Bhushi Lake
  • Tiger’s Leap
  • Tungarli Lake
  • Ryewood Maharashtra
  • Amrutanjan Point
  • Valvan Dam
  • Lonavala Lake
  • Duke’s Nose
  • Shiv Sagar Lake
  • Karla Cave
  • Kondane Caves
& many more 
All these places are so good for hanging out with friends and family surrounded by lush greenery and here also you can enjoy flora and fauna of Western Ghats.

Is photography allowed at Rajmachi Fort ?

Yes, Photography is allowed at Rajmachi Fort. From any area of the fort, you can see the beauty of surrounding valleys in a 360-degree view. Here you can capture the scenic views in your camera and also you can shoot the videos of blogs or share with your family, friends and loved ones. Her photography will be a lifetime experience.

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  • Carry a hard copy of the Trip Vouchers provided by BanBanjara Travels. 
  • Wear suitable clothes for trekking
  • Carry minimum weight with necessary items it will help you in the trekking
  • Do not carry valuable items, i.e., a laptop, an expensive watch, jewelry, etc. 
  • Do not wear valuable accessories like jewelry, chain, bracelets, ring, or watch during trekking, and other adventure activities.
  • Carrying any kind of weapon is against the law, so it is strictly prohibited
  • Do not use any kind of drugs or toxic chemicals during the trek. If something happens to you, then you will be solely responsible.
  • Take care of your luggage for any loss; we are not responsible.
  •  The washroom facility is standard for all.
  • Do not litter
  • Avoid plastic as much as possible. In any case, if you have used it, then properly dispose of it.
  • Do not harm the ecosystem by any means.
  • If you are facing any issues, then report immediately to the Team Leader.
  • Follow the instructions of the Group/Team Leader carefully as you will be trekking on the jungle route, so It may lead you to significant difficulty. 
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