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Nestled in the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra, India, Bhandardara stands as a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by avid travelers and nature enthusiasts. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, serene lakes, and lush greenery, this tranquil destination offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you seek solitude, adventure, or a chance to connect with nature, Bhandardara has something to offer for everyone. In this article, we'll delve into the must-visit places and exciting activities that await you in this picturesque paradise.


Places to Visit in Bhandardara

Arthur Lake:

Bhandardara is renowned for its beautiful Arthur Lake, a serene reservoir surrounded by verdant hills. The lake offers boating opportunities, allowing visitors to explore its pristine waters while soaking in the tranquility and scenic beauty. Enhancing the allure, the nearby Wilson Dam offers a mesmerizing spectacle as the water gracefully cascades down its expanse.


Randha Falls:

Nature lovers will find solace at Randha Falls, a majestic waterfall formed by the Pravara River. The sight of water gushing down from a height amidst the lush backdrop is truly awe-inspiring. The area is also ideal for trekkers, with several trails leading to the falls.


Kalsubai Peak:

For adventure enthusiasts, a trek to Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra, is a must. The trail takes you through picturesque landscapes and dense forests before rewarding you with panoramic views from the summit. The sunrise and sunset views from Kalsubai are particularly mesmerizing.


Ratangad Fort:

History buffs will find delight in exploring Ratangad Fort, a historically significant site that offers a glimpse into the region's past. The fort's architecture and surrounding natural beauty make it a favorite among both history enthusiasts and trekkers.


Amruteshwar Temple:

An architectural marvel, the Amruteshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and boasts intricate carvings that showcase the artistic brilliance of the bygone era. The temple's tranquil surroundings and spiritual aura make it a serene spot for introspection.


Agastya Rishi Ashram:

Located near Arthur Lake, this ashram holds mythological significance as the place where Sage Agastya meditated. The peaceful ambiance and lush greenery make it an ideal spot for meditation and rejuvenation.


Activities to Engage In

Camping under the Stars:

Bhandardara offers excellent opportunities for camping amidst nature's embrace. Spend a night under the stars, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the wilderness. Several camping sites provide both basic and luxurious options, catering to different preferences.


Night Photography:

The absence of urban light pollution makes Bhandardara an excellent destination for night photographers. Capture stunning shots of the Milky Way and starry skies that are seldom visible in cities.


Boating and Fishing:

Arthur Lake invites you to embark on a boating adventure, allowing you to absorb the serenity while navigating its clear waters. Fishing is also a popular activity, with the lake being home to various species of fish.


Trekking and Hiking:

Trekking trails crisscross the Bhandardara region, catering to both beginners and experienced trekkers. Each trail offers a unique perspective of the landscape, ensuring a memorable experience for adventure seekers.


Relaxation and Reflection:

Sometimes, the best activity is simply to unwind and reflect. Bhandardara's tranquil environment is perfect for those seeking a break from the chaos of daily life. Find a quiet spot by the lake or on a hilltop and enjoy moments of peace and serenity.

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People Also Asked

What is the best time to visit Bhandardara?

The period from June to August, during the monsoon season, is especially captivating as the landscape comes alive with lush greenery and waterfalls. However, September to February is also popular for its pleasant weather.

How can I reach Bhandardara?

 Bhandardara can be accessed by road from major cities like Mumbai and Pune. The nearest railway station is Igatpuri, which is well-connected to several major cities. Buses and private vehicles are the primary modes of transportation.

Are there accommodation options available?

 Yes, Bhandardara offers a range of accommodation options, including resorts, hotels, cottages, and campsites. Advance bookings are recommended, particularly when visiting during peak tourist seasons.

Are there any restrictions on trekking?

 While trekking is a popular activity, certain trails might require permission from local authorities. It's recommended to check with local guides or authorities before embarking on a trek.

Can I enjoy water activities in Arthur Lake?

Yes, boating is a popular activity on Arthur Lake. You can rent row boats or paddle boats to explore the lake's pristine waters. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby in specially designated zones.

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Bhandardara Tours Reviews




It was the best experience so far in lakeside camping. The staff of Banbanjara allowed our tents. Tents were clean and bedsheets and woolen blankets were provided. After check-in, we had our evening snacks which were Tea and Maggi. We went back to our tents. up a bonfire around 7 We sat around and after an hour he brought kebab sticks for BBQ. The weather was very good. 🙃🙃

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside



Bhandardara Lake has such scenic beauty..anyone who seeks peace for a moment should definitely give it a shot...right from hospitality to our basic needs everything was perfectly managed . Absolutely worth each and every penny we paid..highly recommended it for a pocket-friendly trip..will surely visit again!!😊😊

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside

Pritesh Sharma


It was our first camping experience. The camping location was cool and awesome. The weather was good. The food was ok. The washroom facility was a bit distant from the campsite. Camp organizer was very supportive. But going to such remote village place as a traveler we should be aware of some possible threats about the surrounding.😊😊

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside



The Bhandardara camping experience was awesome, campsite was a very beautiful location with a direct view of the lake. The place was very clean and maintained properly. The host Shubham was very helpful with everything there, the environment was very friendly. all trip is well.

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside



It was my first experience of lakeside camping. Nice and relaxing. Thanks for such lovely memories. Just a few Suggestions: 1. Washrooms should be nearby for the sake of convenience for older people and ladies with kids. 2. Food quality can be improved 😊😊

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside



It was an unusually pleasant surprise for all three of us. Awesome view, beautiful atmosphere.and team made it a memorable camping experience. We would surely like to visit this place again.😊😊

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside



Very beautiful place near the lake, the view we get at night and in the early morning is lovely and unforgettable. The location was perfect and the staff was well-behaved. We enjoyed our time here. Recommend this place from my side. 😊😊

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside



It was a great experience...the service provided..the food the ppl everything was good....very supportive ppl....u should visit for a chilling holiday😊😊

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside



camping near the lake was amazing. it was so beautiful at night. the bonfire and music were good. we danced a lot till late at night. The food was yummy.. if I were to say it was one of the best nights of my life. thanks, everyone.😊😊

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside



"As usual the place is good, bhandardara is full of heaven, lake view n open sky, and plenty of stars sparkling all over.\nmanaging team hospitality was fantastic but need to work on professionalism. The team is now at work but the guys are too good, had wonderful camping at bhandardara."

Bhandardara Camping at Lakeside

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