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Nashik (Nashik), named after a Ramayana relic, is a town on the bank of the Godavar river in Maharashtra. Nashik often plays host to the famous Kumbh Mela. In Hindu folklore, Ravana's Sister, surpanakha, has tried to attract Lord Ram and has gotten off her nose because of brother Lakshman, and the city has a lot of beautiful sanctuaries. There's no end to its stringent importance. In addition, Shirdi and Trimbakeshwar are the venues of the many holiday-makers. Nashi features fortifications, cascades and wine gardens to give special attention to besides its sanctuaries. The wine business in this part of Maharashtra is mushrooming with various grape plants in Nashik, Sula being the most renowned. Nashik offers a chance to meet a stunning combination of drinking limitations - this place offers a lot to see from shrines to grape fields, slopes to waterfalls.


Nashik weather

The colder period of the year is the finest season to visit Nashik. After summer, the Nashik weather is quite wonderful. The temperature is pleasant and good for tours. October, November, December, February and March are the most important months to visit. In the lengthy stretches of June Nashik receives moderate rainfall and lasts through September. Through these downpours, novelty and vegetation are restored. The Nashik summers are sultry and humid and are kept away from the visitors. The lengthy stretch of March marks the start of the summer season, and continues through to May. During these months, temperatures range from 32°C to 41°C. In the extended lengths from December through February, Nashik meets winters. Over these months, the temperature remains pleasant at 12°C - 32°C. These are Nashik's biggest months.


Nashik tourist places

Nashik city is a great place to travel, youll find many Nashik tourist places. It is a significant travel destination and has many Nashik tourist places to visit. Positioned in the lower areas of the western Ghats and on the banks of the Godavari river. There are various Nashik tourist spots and here you can have a great vacation. These four areas afterwards became the four altars to commend Kumbh Mela. Nashik is one such altar and the travel business in Nashik therefore has a strong, rigid foundation. In addition, the Nashik tourist places tour contains sights that will be important for strict society as well as for people who like history, apart from the Kumbh Mela. Panchavati, which Rama remained with his significant others, is famous for the travel sector, in Nashik. The city was the capital city of India's "Wine." Nashik has just 22 vineyards and one of the most popular holiday locations in the town is Sula. Other locations of seeing in Nashik include the Coin Museo, the Bird sanctuary of Nandur Madhmeshwar, the Fort of Ramshej, the Trinity of Trent, the Fort of Harihar, Fort of Anjaneri, waterfalls of the Dugarwadi, Tringalwadi Lake, caverns of Chambharlena and the Aerospace Museum of Pragati are among the best Nashik tourist places.

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People Also Asked

Where is Nasik?

Nashik is located in the Northwest Maharashtra State at between 18.33 and 20.53 degrees North, and at 565 metres above the Middle ocean level between 73.16 and 75.16 degrees East Longitude. The district's fantastic foundation is exceptional. During his lifetime, Ruler Rama resided in Panchvati. Agasti Rishi also stayed for Tapasya at Nashik. From Trimbakeshwar in Nashik the Godavari stream begins. Similarly in Trimbakeshwar one of 12 Jyotirlinga. Nashik surprisingly contains several prominent characters such as Veer Sawarkar, Anant Kanhere, Rev.Not many of them are simply named Tilak, Dadasaheb Potnis, Babubhai Rathi, V.V. Shirwadkar, and Vasant Kanetkar. Nashik is alternatively named Mini Maharashtra since Surgana, Peth and Igatpuri follow with Konkan in their environment and soil. The blocks Niphad, Sinnar, Dindori, Baglan look similar to Western Maharashtra, Yeola and Nandgaon. Nashik, Malegaon, Manmad and Igatpuri are part of Nashik District's huge urban regions.

How far is Nashik from Mumbai?

Nashik is about 149 kilometres from Mumbai to Nashik. It's 172.2 miles from the street. It takes around 4 hours 10 metres, including movements, to reach from Mumbai to Nashik. It takes about 4h10m and costs 2000 to 4000 rs to plan the most suitable solution to get from Mumbai to Nashik without a vehicle. The train from Mumbai to Nashik is the least costly approach. It takes about 2 hours 20 metres. It takes 2h20m to train to Mumbai to get to Nashik the fastest way. Nashik lies almost 190 kilometres north of Mumbai state capital. The city is known as the "Wine Capital of India" as half of India's grape plantations and wineries are situated here. The best way to do Mumbai-Nashik is through the road if you love to drive, the highway between the cities is really great

How to reach Nashik?

You can reach Nashik by vehicle or rail from any Maharashtra piece. As Nashik's closest air terminal, Mumbai International Airport fills in. The airport in Mumbai is world class and has been recognised as one of the prominent airports of the world. Mumbai is associated with the rest of the world by several home and worldwide flights. In this way one can go without too much of a journey to Mumbai and subsequently board a transport, car or train to all parts of the remaining distance for Nashik. You can go to Nashik by car. As these transports run daily, passengers can certainly take a transport to Nashik every day from sunrise to night. Nashik has its own railway station and several trains usually run in constantly between Nashik and Mumbai. Via proper preparation and expanding plans, travellers can benefit from these trains. The duration of the train from Mumbai to Nashik is 5 hours maximum. Nashik is also served consistently by a small number of trains from various urban regions. Outside the station transport and carts can be used.

What to see in Nashik?

You can see many things in Nashik. In winter, the grape fields at Nashik are particularly beautiful, where you may stroll under the beautiful climate and test new wines. Saptashrungi: This is not only an important travel destination but it offers a fantastic view from which you can observe the dazzling scene scattered beneath you. Pandavleni Caves: This is an invigorating site for historical and cultural enthusiasts and in winter it is particularly enjoyable when you may research the 24 caverns with gravel and drawings of their splits. Anjaneri Hills: It is a great place to travel in winter because of the lovely road with different prospects on the way.

What is there in Nashik?

Nashik is remarkable for being one of the Kumbh Mela's Hindu travel venues that is held like a clockwork. Nashik lies almost 190 kilometres north of Mumbai state capital. As the majority of Indians grape farms and wineries are located here, the City is recognised as "The Wine Capital of India." Nashik is noted for its retail streets and is a shopkeeping lottery. One can learn about a whole range of items starting with craftsmanship, silver, drinks, old copper remains and metal sculptures. This wine town is also famous for its young grapes and wine. Due to the obvious sky, the light is outstanding and the extreme temperature of mercury goes up to 30 or 31 degrees till night. Although people from Nashik don't feel cold all day long as the sun goes down.

Where to stay in Nashik?

Nashik has plenty of possibilities to stay. In Balaji Inn, Marriott Nashik's Courtyard and Treebo Trend Sapphire Studio are a part of Nashik's popular hostels. In addition to the Source in Sula, and Grape County Ecological Resorts, these retratings in Nashik are especially assessed by couples. The Source in Sula and the Grape County Eco Resorts in Nashik, past Sula, are mostly famous hotels for visitors. Nashik's mainstream superb holiday homes include Beyond Sula, Sula's The Source and Ambad Nashik's Gateway Hotel. You can also explore many B&B options that are available in this city. It will be a good and a cheap option to stay.

What is the difference between the temperature of Pune and Nashik?

By prudence of the distance 200 km north of the last mentioned, Nashik usually remains colder than Pune. The temperatures are generally recorded in twice as many digits on the milder side of Pune and Nashik. In Nashik on December 29, the minimum was 5 degrees Celsius. Website for private weather forecast Skymet said the reduction was due to changes in the wind pattern from hot and humid east to chilly and dry northwest west.

How is life in Nashik?

It is like living in a wine country at the heart of Nashik. It is known that Nashik is the biggest supporter in India in terms of creation of grapes and wine, and is situated on the banks of the river Godavari with moving grape plantings towards each trail. The people are friendly as compared to the other metropolitan cities and the culture is also not that fast paced.

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Wonderful Experience

I visited Shirdi with my friends last week and the temple was ancient. It is a very beautiful place to see. The guide was also a nice person and he tells us the story of that place. Nice trip.

Shirdi To Trimbakeshwar Tour Package


Good experience

Last weekend I went with my family. It was a very beautiful place and lots of people came to visit different places. Cool environment and the destination was very easy to find. Nice trip .

Shirdi To Trimbakeshwar Tour Package

Jigar Gondalia


Love it!! The view was amazing and the temple was very beautiful to see. Cool-weather and over guide was also a helpful person. Thank you for the perfect guidance.

Shirdi To Trimbakeshwar Tour Package

Rishav Sharma

Wonderful Place

An ancient Shirdi temple was theirs. It was a very beautiful place. It's very easy to reach the destination. the management was nice. love it!!

Shirdi To Trimbakeshwar Tour Package



Nice place.........................the temple was very beautiful........................location was also good........................the stay was perfect...............and the food was also amazing.......Great recommendation.

Shirdi To Trimbakeshwar Tour Package

Anand saini

Absolutely love the place,

Have stayed at The Savana Lake Resort Raigadnagar many times over. Absolutely love the place, the staff, and the view. Always managed to bag the first tent in the row, making it the perfect viewing point

Savana Lake Resort Raigadnagar

nayasa sain

amazing stay I’ve ever been till date

I promise it is the amazing stay I’ve ever been till date. The staff, hospitality, location, room, cleanliness, service, food every point of the stay was exemplary.

Savana Lake Resort Raigadnagar

kritika jain

extremely helpful

we were a large group of 14 and had a blast! The staff was simply amazing, extremely helpful and very nice! The food was super tasty, they had good variety.

Savana Lake Resort Raigadnagar

Riyan shalwar


Loved the place! Much relaxing environment. Beautiful view. The staff who came with us was very enthusiastic ,

Savana Lake Resort Raigadnagar

Baldev pandit

Most exotic, beautiful

Most exotic, beautiful, extraordinary place which we chose for a bit expensive price. The experience was great. Especially the staff were extremely well behaved and helping.

Savana Lake Resort Raigadnagar

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