Rann of Kutch Bike Trip

Rann of Kutch Bike Trip

Kutch, Gujarat, India
4.4 (5)

Rann of Kutch Bike Trip Highlights

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Rann of Kutch Bike Trip Overview

Rann of Kutch bike tour package Information

The cost of the Rann of Kutch bike trip Package is approximately INR 12,499+5% GST. Have the beautiful experience of exploring the Rann of Kutch with a bike.

  • On this bike trip to Rann of Kutch, You will get to know about the culture and traditions of the local community. 
  • take a midnight stroll and stargaze the beautiful sky adorned with several stars. 
  • Ride peacefully through the less populous village roads.
  • Get a chance to stay in Kutchi Bungas. 
  • Tickle your taste buds with local Kutchi cuisine which is Kathiyawadi. 
  • Witness the spectacular sunrises and sunsets of Rann. 
  • Get a chance to visit different towns and villages which are famous for their handicraft work. 

About Rann of Kutch bike tour Package

Rann of Kutch can be the perfect place for you if you're searching for a place to explore in Gujarat. Rann of Kutch is a very enticing place as you will get to witness the diverse culture, beautiful architecture, and delicious kathiawadi cuisine. 
Kutch is situated on the Indo-Pak border, and there is a chance that you might be able to see parts of Pakistan on your Rann of Kutch bike tour.. 

Rann of Kutch Bike trip Route

The route of the Rann Of Kutch bike trip is short but fun, as it is a 5 days 4-night long trip. These are the locations you will be covering in your Ahmedabad to rann of the kutch bike trip. 

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Itinerary For Rann of Kutch Bike Trip


Day 1 - Arriving at Ahmedabad


  • You will be picked up by the Banbanjara's representative upon reaching Ahmedabad. 
  • You will be taken to a hotel for checking in and other formalities. 
  • Relax and unwind for the tiring journey. Or you can explore the city for its food and architectural wonders. 
  • You will be spending the rest of the night there. And will be preparing for start your Ahmedabad to Rann of kutch bike trip.

Day 2 - Driving from Ahmedabad to Bhuj


  • On the second day of your Bike trip to Rann of Kutch, Wake up early in the morning and prepare yourself for the long journey ahead. 
  • You will be having a briefing session and checking out from the hotel. 
  • You will be starting your journey from the highways. 
  • Upon reaching Bhuj, you will be checking in at the hotel in Bhuj. 
  • You can explore the Bhuj if you have time left. 
  • You will be staying overnight in Bhuj. 

Day 3 - Driving from Bhuj to Dhordo via Hodka


  • Wake up and have a scrumptious breakfast. And prepare for your drive to Hodka. 
  • On the third day of your Bike trip to Rann of Kutch, Dive into the traditional Kathiyawadi culture. 
  • You will get to see various birds flying across the Sanctuary. 
  • And you can also participate in the Rann Of Kutch festival; where you will get to witness the vibrant Gujarati culture with a twist of modernity. 
  • Enjoy Gujarati Cuisine, and traditional handicrafts, buy some stuff for your loved ones from the stalls, and indulge in activities like camel safari. 
  • Witness the beautiful sunset and stay overnight there. 

Day 4 - From Dhordo to Ahmedabad


  • After exploring the white sands of Dhordo, you will be heading back to Ahemdabad on the 4th day. 
  • Wake up early in the morning to witness the beautiful sunrise. And prepare yourself for the way back. 
  • Relax and unwind from the long journey. Stay overnight at the hotel 

Day 5 - Depart from Ahmedabad


  • It is the last day of your Ahmedabad to Tawang bike trip.
  • Wake up and have breakfast with everyone in the group. 
  • Bid goodbye to this amazing journey with a bag full of Gujarati goodness and a head full of memories from the Rann of kutch bike trip.

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Rann of Kutch Bike Trip


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Hand gloves
Dry Fruits and Chocolates
Casual clothes
UV Protected Sunglasses (Advisable)
Quick Drying Towel
Personal medications (if any)
Essential toiletries

Location Details about Rann of Kutch Bike Trip

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Rann of Kutch Bike Trip Reviews


Garud Desai


Wonderful tour of Rann of Kutch and the viewpoints are also nice, the staff was helpful, and memorable trip.


Deb Joshi

Wonderful Experience

Had a group of 7 friends and decided to visit Rann of Kutch by bike trust me it was a perfect design, and the guide was also nice. Cool-weather...


Nilesh Kumar

Good experience

The perfect location for the nature lover and the sightseeing is also mind-blowing, the food was also nice and highly recommended.


Chetan Dwivedi


Everything was perfect during the trip, the viewpoints, the stay, and the most important thing was the food, it was too tasty. Thank you Banbanjara for making the trip awesome.


Kannan Dubashi

Wonderful Place

Excellent trip, the place was more beautiful than I expected and we enjoyed the whole trip a lot. highly recommended.

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Rann of Kutch Bike Trip FAQs

When is the best time to do the Rann of Kutch bike trip?

The best time for the Rann of Kutch bike trip is during winter. The temperature remains 25-12 degrees Celsius, which is great for sightseeing. And this is the time when the famous Rann of Kutch festival takes place. 

How to reach Ahmedabad to Join the Rann of Kutch bike tour?

By air: the main airport connecting the city with other major cities to Ahmedabad. It is considered to be one of the busiest airports in Gujarat. Travellers can easily hire a cab or a taxi to reach any part of the city. 

By road: Ahmedabad is connected to the major cities by many National Highways, so reaching Ahmedabad from any corner of the country won’t be that hard. There are also a lot of private and government buses available, you can take one of them to reach Ahmedabad. 

Is Bike trip to Rann of Kutch safe?

Rann of Kutch can be considered a safe place for Bikers. The remote parts of this place are safe as the people there are pretty helpful. They can help you out if you ask them for help. Also, the crime rate is very low here. 

Is the Rann of Kutch bike trip worth it?

Yes, the Rann of Kutch bike trip is worth it, as you will get to witness the best of Gujarat in this Bike trip to Rann of Kutch. You will get to see the salt desert here, and get a chance to visit various temples. 

What is the duration of the bike trip to Rann of Kutch?

The duration of this bike trip to Rann of Kutch is 5 days and 4 nights long. 

Confirmation Policy

  • Upon booking, the traveller will receive a confirmation voucher via email, within 24 hours.
  • In the special cases of slots not being available, feasible alternatives will be provided to the customer, in regards to the customer’s preference. In such cases, a new voucher would be sent via email, consisting of the new travel details.
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Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation made 60 days prior to the date of departure, would levy 20% of the total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation made 30 days prior to the date of departure, would levy 30% of the total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation made 15-30 days prior to the date of departure, would levy 50% of the total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation made 0-15 days prior to the date of departure, would levy 100% of the total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Due to any restrictions such as sudden government policies or regulations, or unprecedented weather conditions, activities and tours may be nonoperational and be canceled.
  • In cases such as these, operators will attempt to cater to the traveler with an alternative that is feasible in nature. However, any refund would not be catered to.
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Refund Policy

  • Any refund applicable will be processed within 7 business days.
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  • Bike Rental and Maintenance: If you are renting a bike for the trip, make sure to choose a reputable rental service that provides well-maintained motorcycles suitable for off-road terrains. Check the bike's condition thoroughly before starting your journey, including brakes, tires, lights, and fluid levels. Familiarize yourself with the bike's controls and features for a smooth riding experience.

  • Route Planning and Navigation: Plan your route in advance, considering the distance, terrain, and available accommodations along the way. Obtain a detailed map or use reliable navigation tools or GPS devices to guide you throughout the trip. Be aware of the road conditions and any potential road closures or detours.

  • Weather and Seasonal Considerations: The Rann of Kutch experiences extreme temperatures, especially during summer and winter. Check the weather forecast for the specific time of your visit and pack appropriate clothing and accessories. Carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight. It's advisable to travel during the cooler months (November to February) for a more comfortable experience.

  • Safety Gear and Essentials: Wearing appropriate safety gear is crucial during your bike trip. Always wear a well-fitting helmet and protective clothing, including gloves, sturdy boots, and suitable riding gear. Carry a basic toolkit, spare parts, and a tire repair kit for any unforeseen circumstances. Stay hydrated by carrying an adequate supply of water and snacks.

  • Traveling in a Group and Communication: If possible, consider traveling in a group or with a partner for added safety and enjoyment. Establish clear communication channels among the riders, such as using walkie-talkies or mobile apps, to stay connected and address any emergencies or contingencies. Regularly check on each other's well-being and maintain a safe distance while riding.

  • Road Etiquette and Traffic Regulations: Observe all traffic rules and regulations throughout your journey. Respect the speed limits, road signs, and local traffic customs. Exercise caution while overtaking or navigating turns. Be mindful of other vehicles, pedestrians, and wildlife that may be sharing the road.

  • Accommodation and Camping Options: Research and book accommodations or camping sites along your route in advance. The Rann of Kutch offers various lodging options, ranging from hotels and guesthouses to campsites. If you plan to camp, ensure you have the necessary camping equipment, including a sturdy tent, sleeping bags, and cooking utensils. Follow eco-friendly camping practices and leave no trace behind.

  • Respecting Local Culture and Environment: The Rann of Kutch is rich in cultural heritage and home to diverse communities. Respect the local traditions, customs, and privacy of the residents. Seek permission before photographing individuals or their property. Preserve the natural beauty of the area by disposing of waste responsibly and refraining from damaging the fragile ecosystem.

  • Medical Assistance and Emergencies: Carry a first aid kit with essential medications and bandages for minor injuries. Identify nearby medical facilities or clinics along your route in case of emergencies. Have emergency contact numbers readily available, including local authorities and your travel insurance provider.

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