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River Tirthan, Serolsar Lake, Chhoie Waterfall, Jalori Pass, Jibhi, Budhi Nagin Temple, Raghupur Fort, Gaidhar Waterfall, and Shringa Rishi Temple are all part of the Great Himalayan National Park.

The multitude of interesting and alluring spots to see in Tirthan Valley depict the enigmatic beauty of Himachal Pradesh's fantasy. With its pristine lakes, medieval castles and tabernacles, and slinging falls, the Himalayan Paradise has gained elevation as an unusual flightHiking through the amazing mountain routes and nature's different splendor rejuvenates comers and pedestrians.

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People Also Asked About Tirthan Valley

Why Tirthan valley is popular among the trippers ?

The newness of the Himalayan air, the pouring sound of the swashhidden fallslush pine, and cedar timbers enchant callersTraditional gravestones and rustic structures truly soothe the eyes against the gorgeous snow-sheathe Himalayas.

Why Tirthan valley is notorious?

The beauty of Tirthan Valley is externalized by its beautiful meadows, distinctive wild foliage, and natural springs, which are located inside the insulation of the Himalayas. The stirring falls are a shooter's dreamfurnishing multitudinous openings to capture beautiful images of the lush green environs.

In which megacity is Tirthan Valley located?

TIrthan Valley, located in the Himachal Pradesh quarter of Kullu, is a fantastic vacation destination for all adventure campaigners.

Which village in Tirthan Valley is the stylish?

Gushaini is an agreement on the banks of the beautiful Tirthan River. It is, meetly, the morning point for the maturity of journeys in Tirthan Valley. Gushaini is a lovely community with a friendly and joyous population.

How numerous days does Tirthan need?

Three days are aplenty to travel to Tirthan Valley's notorious sightseeing places and share in audacious conditioning.
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Tirthan valley Tours Reviews


Tara Marar

Wonderful Experience

Viewpoints are really amazing to see and the campsite was also nice, the guide was also friendly with us. You should visit that beautiful place.

Tirthan Valley Trek

Bhagwati Marar

Good experience

Perfect place for nature lovers and the best time to visit is in Moonson. lush greenery over their. we clicked lots of pictures for over memory. Great recommendation.

Tirthan Valley Trek

Aneesh Bansal

Awesome trip

On top of that, the view of the sunrise was awesome to see, the camp was also nice, and the food was also nice. perfect pace for nature lovers and feel free. nice place.

Tirthan Valley Trek

Sriparna Biswas

Wonderful Experience

Awesome experience with Banbanjara. they give the best price to us as compared to others and the facilities are also amazing. beautiful place you must visit once.

Tirthan Valley Trek


Wonderful Place

Tirthan Valley Trek is very easy and perfect for beginners. they can enjoy a whole day and the guide was also nice. Wonderful trip.

Tirthan Valley Trek

Vaishnavi Shah


Tirthan Valley is the most beautiful place in the whole of Himachal Pradesh and lots of people came to visit that place. Great recommendation.

Tirthan Valley Trek

Bhima Khanna


The location was mind-blowing, and the way of trekking was also nice. the stay was good and the food was also nice. thank you Banbanjara for making the trip memorable.

Tirthan Valley Trek

Lakshmi Dubashi

Wonderful Place

Tirthan Valley is a beautiful place, and the view was mind-blowing at the top of that. Such a wonderful place. You should visit it once.

Tirthan Valley Trek

Kunal Daulani


The best time to visit Tirthan Valley is rainy season. lots of people came for trekking the beautiful place. Thank you Banbanjara for making over day memorable.

Tirthan Valley Trek


Wonderful Place

Everything was perfect during the trek and the weather was also nice, the food was amazing, and the guide was also friendly with us. Thank you Banbanjara for making over trip memorable.

Tirthan Valley Trek

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