Meghalaya Bike Trip

Meghalaya Bike Trip

Shillong, Meghalaya, India
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Meghalaya is known to be one of the most serene places in India. On this Guwahati to Meghalaya road trip, you will have the ultimate experience. Here are a few highlights of the Meghalaya road trip:
Ride in Mawlynnong, Asia’s cleanest village and it also has the oldest root bridge. 
Get a spectacular view of the green valley from Shillong Peak at an elevation of 6449 ft. 
The best part about the entire Meghalaya Bike trip is that you will get to see a lot of waterfalls and places where you can go and take a dip. 

About Meghalaya Bike Trip

Meghalaya road trip is worth visiting at least once, in your life. Meghalaya is known for being home to the most diverse ecosystems in the world and is known as the abode of the clouds. Meghalaya is famous for several things, like its terrains, monsoons, and traditional festivals. It is a place where you can find everything, no matter what you’re looking for. On a bike trip to Meghalaya, You can find thrilling activities. Here you can also find activities that would provide you with inner peace. Riding a bike here provides you with the ultimate feeling of euphoria and elation with beautiful views and experiences with steamy jungles and enticing cliffs, delicious cuisines, and lush valleys. 
Meghalaya Bike Trip Routes
The route of the Meghalaya Bike trip is lengthy yet fun, as it is a 6 days long trip. So, to simplify the route of the bike trip, These are the locations you will be covering in your Guwahati to Meghalaya Road Trip.

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Itinerary For Meghalaya Bike Trip


Day 1 - Arriving at Guwahati, drive to Shillong


  • Welcome to this wonderful Meghalaya bike trip where you will be exploring the best of Meghalaya on your bike.  
  • Upon arriving in Guwahati, BanBanjara’s representative will be driving you to Shillong which is an approximately 3-hour drive from Guwahati. 
  • Upon reaching Shillong you will be checking into a hotel with the help of our team. 
  • You will be spending the rest of your night in Shillong. 

Day 2 - Shillong to Cherrapunji via Laitlum


  • On the Second day of your Meghalaya Bike trip, Wake up to a beautiful view in Shillong and prepare for the long drive ahead. 
  • You will be driving to Cherrapunji through Laitlum. 
  • While driving through the beautiful roads of Shillong, you will be passing through the beautiful Laitlum Canyon. It is a picturesque place for children as well as adults. 
  • Upon arriving at Cherrapunjee you can sit back and relax after a very long day. 
  • You will be spending the rest of the night in Cherrapunjee. 

Day 3 - Trek to Double Decker Bridge


  • Start the third day of your bike trip to Meghalaya, with a filling breakfast and prepare yourself for a long day ahead. 
  • You will be trekking to the double-decker bridge. 
  • The trek to the double-decker bridge can’t be concluded as an easy trek. It can be a tough one for people who are inactive and have knee problems. 
  • However in the end all the trouble will be worth it.
  • Return and relax. Sign out for the day. 

Day 4 - Chapunjerri sightseeing, drive to Mawlynnong and Stay at Dawki


  • On this day of your road trip to Meghalaya, you will be going sightseeing in Cherrapunjee. 
  • Cherrapunjee is a place with a lot of natural wonders like NohKaLikai falls, Mawsmai caves, Kynrem falls, and many more. Make sure you charge your camera before leaving so that you can capture everything that you see. 
  • After the long day, you will be driving to Mawlynnong and explore this beautiful village and experience the ultimate rural experience. 
  • After that, you have to drive to Dawki, which would take you almost 1 and a half hours. 
  • You will be staying the night in Dawki. This is how the Fourth day of your Meghalaya road trip will End.

Day 5 - Dawki to Shillong


  • Wake up to the sound of chirping birds, the rooster, and the fresh environment. 
  • You will be heading back to Shillong on day 5th of your Road trip to Meghalaya. 
  • The drive will be almost 3 hours long. 
  • Upon reaching Shillong, relax and unwind from the long journey. Explore the area a little bit more. 
  • You will be spending the rest of the night here. 

Day 6 - Shillong to Guwahati


  • Wake up and have your breakfast and start preparing for heading back to Guwahati. 
  • You will be heading back to Guwahati on this day. So, pack up all your stuff and memories of this trip, and bid goodbye to the ultimate experience of this Amazing Meghalaya bike Trip.

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Meghalaya Bike Trip Reviews


Nirav Kumar


It is one of the most beautiful places to visit by bike and the viewpoints are also nice, we enjoyed the trip a lot. Thank you Banbanjara team for your support.


Raj Sekhar

Wonderful Experience

The mountains looked very beautiful and the weather was also nice on that day, a beautiful place, we took lots of pictures also. Highly recommended.


Amitabh Singh

Good experience

Lifetime memorable experience and the valleys are also nice, with lush greenery all around, the guide was also nice. Highly recommended.

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Meghalaya Bike Trip FAQs

When is the best time to do the Meghalaya Bike Trip?

The best time to do the Meghalaya Bike trip is from October to April, as during this time the weather remains chilly and pleasant. There are chances of rainfall. 

How to reach Guwahati?

Guwahati is the starting and ending point of this Guwahati to Meghalaya bike trip. There are three main ways of reaching Guwahati:
By air: there is only one main airport located in Guwahati which is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. Also known as the Guwahati Airport, it is connected to all the major cities. 
By bus: Guwahati is linked with major cities and metropolitan cities by many private and government buses. 
By train: this city is connected with other major cities through railways with the major railway station being Kamakhya station, which is the largest station in the city.

Is Shillong safe?

Yes, Shillong can be considered a safe place for solo backpackers and bikers. People here are quite hospitable and respectful towards their guests. 

Is Guwahati to Meghalaya bike trip worth it?

Yes, This Meghalaya bike trip is worth all the pain and tiredness, as you will get to see the best of Meghalaya in this Meghalaya bike trip. The best thing about this trip is that you will get to see a lot of natural wonders like caves and waterfalls. 

What is the duration of the Guwahati to Meghalaya Bike trip?

The duration of the Guwahati to Meghalaya bike trip is 6 days and 5 nights long. 

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  • Any cancellation made 60 days prior to the date of departure, would levy 20% of the total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation made 30 days prior to the date of departure, would levy 30% of the total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation made 15-30 days prior to the date of departure, would levy 50% of the total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation made 0-15 days prior to the date of departure, would levy 100% of the total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Due to any restrictions such as sudden government policies or regulations, or unprecedented weather conditions, activities and tours may be nonoperational and be canceled.
  • In cases such as these, operators will attempt to cater to the traveler with an alternative that is feasible in nature. However, any refund would not be catered to.
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Bike Rental and Maintenance: If you are renting a bike for the trip, choose a reputable rental service that provides well-maintained motorcycles suitable for various terrains. Inspect the bike thoroughly before starting your journey, checking the brakes, tires, lights, and fluid levels. Familiarize yourself with the bike's controls and features for a smooth riding experience.

  • Route Planning and Navigation: Plan your route in advance, considering the distance, terrain, and points of interest along the way. Obtain a detailed map or use reliable navigation tools or GPS devices to guide you throughout the trip. Research the road conditions, potential detours, and any necessary permits for specific areas or attractions.

  • Weather and Seasonal Considerations: Meghalaya experiences a diverse climate with heavy rainfall, especially during the monsoon season (June to September). Check the weather forecast and plan your trip accordingly. Pack suitable rain gear, waterproof clothing, and protective covers for your belongings. It's advisable to visit during the drier months (October to May) for a more comfortable riding experience.

  • Safety Gear and Essentials: Prioritize your safety by wearing appropriate safety gear. Always wear a well-fitting helmet, protective clothing, including gloves, sturdy boots, and suitable riding gear. Carry a basic toolkit, spare parts, and a tire repair kit for any unforeseen circumstances. Stay hydrated by carrying an adequate supply of water and snacks.

  • Traveling in a Group and Communication: Consider traveling with a group or at least one partner for added safety and enjoyment. Establish clear communication channels among the riders, such as walkie-talkies or mobile apps, to stay connected and address any emergencies or contingencies. Regularly check on each other's well-being and maintain a safe distance while riding.

  • Road Etiquette and Traffic Regulations: Observe all traffic rules and regulations during your journey. Respect the speed limits, road signs, and local traffic customs. Exercise caution while overtaking or navigating turns. Be mindful of other vehicles, pedestrians, and wildlife that may share the road. Give way to larger vehicles on narrow and winding roads.

  • Accommodation and Camping Options: Research and book accommodations or camping sites along your route in advance. Meghalaya offers a range of lodging options, including hotels, guesthouses, and homestays. If you plan to camp, ensure you have the necessary camping equipment, including a sturdy tent, sleeping bags, and cooking utensils. Follow eco-friendly camping practices and leave no trace behind.

  • Respecting Local Culture and Environment: Meghalaya is known for its vibrant cultural heritage and unique traditions. Respect the local customs, traditions, and privacy of the residents. Seek permission before photographing individuals or their property. Preserve the natural beauty of the region by disposing of waste responsibly and respecting the environment.

  • Medical Assistance and Emergencies: Carry a first aid kit with essential medications, bandages, and insect repellent. Identify nearby medical facilities or clinics along your route in case of emergencies. Have emergency contact numbers readily available, including local authorities and your travel insurance provider.

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