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Nestled in the breathtaking hills of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is a picturesque destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, adventure, and tranquility. Surrounded by towering mountains, lush green valleys, and gushing rivers, this popular hill station has a lot to offer to travelers seeking a memorable experience. In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of Manali and introduce you to some of the must-visit places that should be on your itinerary.

Rohtang Pass:

Situated at an elevation of 3,979 meters, Rohtang Pass is a gateway to adventure and scenic beauty. Offering stunning views of snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and pristine valleys, this mountain pass is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. Enjoy activities like skiing, snowboarding, and sledding during winter, or simply revel in the awe-inspiring vistas and fresh mountain air.

Solang Valley:

If you are an adventure junkie, Solang Valley is the place for you. Located about 14 kilometers northwest of Manali, this picturesque valley is renowned for its thrilling adventure sports. From paragliding and zorbing to skiing and horse riding, Solang Valley offers a wide range of activities that will get your adrenaline pumping. Don't forget to capture the mesmerizing views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks.

Hadimba Temple:

Dedicated to the goddess Hadimba, this ancient temple is a significant religious site in Manali. Built in a unique architectural style, the temple is surrounded by thick deodar forests, adding to its mystical charm. The intricate wooden carvings and the serene atmosphere make it a must-visit for spiritual seekers and history enthusiasts alike.

Beas River:

Flowing through the heart of Manali, the Beas River is a sight to behold. Take a leisurely stroll along its banks, enjoy a picnic, or simply sit back and soak in the tranquil ambiance. Adventure enthusiasts can also indulge in river rafting, which offers an exciting and thrilling experience amidst the scenic beauty of the valley.

Manu Temple:

Perched on a hill overlooking the old town of Manali, the Manu Temple is dedicated to the sage Manu, who is considered the creator of the human race in Hindu mythology. The temple's serene surroundings and intricate architecture make it a must-visit for religious and cultural enthusiasts. The panoramic views of the town and the surrounding mountains from the temple premises are simply breathtaking

Naggar Castle:

Located in the quaint village of Naggar, about 20 kilometers from Manali, Naggar Castle is a historic marvel that showcases traditional Himachali architecture. The castle offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the Beas River. Explore the castle's art gallery, which displays exquisite paintings by the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, and visit the Naggar Castle Museum to learn about the region's rich cultural heritage.

Old Manali:

For a bohemian and laid-back vibe, head to Old Manali located a short distance from Manali town. This charming neighborhood is known for its narrow winding lanes, vibrant cafes, and cozy guesthouses. Spend a leisurely day exploring the local shops, savoring delicious food at quirky eateries, and interacting with fellow travelers from around the world.

Vashisht Hot Springs:

Situated about 3 kilometers from Manali, Vashisht is a serene village famous for its natural hot springs. These sulfurous springs are believed to have medicinal properties and offer a rejuvenating experience. Take a dip in the hot water and let the therapeutic effects relax your body and mind. The village also houses the ancient Vashisht Temple, dedicated to the sage Vashisht, adding a spiritual touch to your visit.

Tibetan Monasteries:

Manali is home to several Tibetan monasteries that reflect the rich Tibetan culture and heritage. The Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa and Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa are two prominent monasteries where you can witness Buddhist rituals, admire the vibrant prayer flags, and find inner peace in the tranquil surroundings. Interact with the friendly monks and gain insights into their way of life.

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People Also Asked

Why Manali is so notorious?

It's a pastoral enclave famed for its cold terrain and snow-limited mountains, furnishing trippers with relief from the blazing heat of the lowlands. Manali's tourism business just began to develop in the early twentieth century, owing primarily to its natural bounty and affable terrain.

Which are the must have to do treks in Manali?

The treks that should one must do in Manali are Hampta Pass Trek, Beas Kund Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, and Kheerganga Trek with Camping.

What are the drinking laws in Manali?

There's no specific law for drinking in Manali but as per the government you must have above the age of 18 times for consuming alcohol

What are the unique conditioning which one should do?

The conditioning that one must do is Mountain biking, Old Manali, Rafting, and Hot Sulfur cataracts.

Is it worthwhile to visit Manali?

Yes, Manali is plainly worthwhile. The place is loaded with tabernacles, denes, falls, monuments, gutters, views, foliage fauna and adventure sports.

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It is a great property. it has a huge lobby. the hotel has a great ambiance. The hotel staff s very courteous specially Vaishnavi and Rashmi from guest relation are very helpful they informed us about the hotel as well

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He helped us with planning our itinerary and also welcomed sudden changes in our plan, whenever required. He is a versatile and well-experienced driver, was never angry, and is always very well-spoken. Being a local, he knows the place really well and suggested us some really nice homestays at places where we didn't organize our stay.

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Spiti Valley is known for its torturous roads and high passes... And it's super smooth with the guidance of our pilot... The totally stress-free journey was... the nice guy with very good knowledge of this area and knows all road conditions and restaurants on the way shortcuts and very calm n peaceful yet on-time arrival as well as amazing driving skills ...

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Our stay in the Resort was an excellent break from winter. The view was splendid! Beyond the relaxing atmosphere of the resort, the next best part was the fantastic food and excellent service at the Restaurant. The menu has a great variety of food choices and the preparation is made for superior tasting. The staff was very attentive, professional, and friendly. ...

Spiti Valley Tour Package From Manali

Isha Bansal

Wonderful Place

Green mountains are looking awesome and the water was also clean and cold. we click lots of pictures for memories and the weather was also nice on that day. Overall it was a memorable trip.

Hampta Pass Circuit Trek

Ramesh Saini

Quality Family Time:

We booked the ride for our family, and it was an unforgettable bonding experience. The views of the mountains from above were spectacular. Thank you very much, BanBanjara!

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Deepak Yadav

Friendly Crew:

The BanBanjara crew was not only professional but also really kind. They gave useful information about the location, making the visit even more delightful.

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Sunil Verma

Safe and Secure:

We prioritized safety, and BanBanjara delivered. We were put at ease by the skilled pilots and well-maintained equipment.

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The staff of resort is very humble

The staff of resort is very humble.Nature near resort is like divine and calm .We can enjoy Nature with piece.

Apple Country Resort Manali


most pathetic experiences

One of the most pathetic experiences I have had! We left within a couple of hours from the resort.

Apple Country Resort Manali

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