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Nestled in the western part of India, Pune is a city that beautifully combines its historical heritage with modernity. Known as the "Oxford of the East" due to its many educational institutions, Pune is a vibrant and dynamic destination with numerous attractions and activities to enjoy. From its historical landmarks to its cultural treasures, natural beauty, and emerging culinary scene, Pune has a lot to offer. In this exploration of the top places to visit in Pune, we delve deep into the city's unique charm and appeal.


Aga Khan Palace: A Glimpse into the Past

Aga Khan Palace, a historic gem, served as a place of imprisonment for political activists, including Mahatma Gandhi, during the Indian independence movement. Today, it stands as a monument to Gandhi's life and legacy, housing a museum with his personal belongings, photographs, and an exhibition on the Quit India Movement.


Shani war Wada: The Marvel of Maratha Architecture

Nearby lies Shani War Wada, a historic fortress that once served as the capital of the Maratha Empire. Built-in the 18th century, this architectural marvel is a testament to Pune's rich heritage. It boasts exquisite design features and lush gardens. Visitors can step back in time through a captivating light and sound performance that narrates the fort's fascinating history.


Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple: A Spiritual and Cultural Icon

To truly experience Pune's essence, a visit to the Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple is a must. This iconic temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is both a place of worship and a symbol of Pune's vibrant cultural history. It is renowned for its grand celebrations during Ganesh Chaturthi, which fill the city with colors, music, and devotion.


Sinha gad Fort: A Trek Through History

For those who enjoy the outdoors and history, Sinha Gad Fort is a perfect destination. This fort, located on a hill, offers breathtaking panoramic views of Pune and its surroundings. Trekking to the top is a memorable experience, particularly during the lush green monsoon season. The fort also holds historical significance, having witnessed significant battles during the Maratha period.


Pataleshwar Cave Temple: A Marvel of Ancient Architecture

Carved out of a single rock, the Pataleshwar Cave Temple is a remarkable example of ancient rock-cut architecture. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this tranquil temple is a hidden gem in the heart of Pune. It provides a glimpse into the city's historical roots with its beautiful artwork and mysterious chambers.


Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum: A Treasury of Art and History

Our journey takes us to the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum after exploring Pune's cultural tapestry. The museum houses a vast collection of Indian artifacts, including sculptures, paintings, musical instruments, and decorative arts. It offers a historical and artistic journey through India's rich cultural heritage.


Alandi: A Pilgrimage of Faith

From Pune, we go only a short distance to Alandi, a sacred location well-known for its Saint Dnyaneshwar temple. This revered saint had a profound impact on the Maharashtrian Bhakti movement. Both the town and the temple are quite spiritual and provide an insight into the long religious heritage of the region.

 Pune has something to offer everyone. Whether you appreciate its rich culture, explore its numerous forts and palaces, revel in its gardens and parks, or seek solace in its ashrams and temples, Pune welcomes you to discover its unique charm.

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People Also Asked

Where is Pune located in India?

Pune is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which lies in the west. It is located around 118 kilometres (73 miles) southeast of Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, and the financial centre of India.

What is Pune's weather like throughout the year?

Pune has a moderate climate with distinct seasons. Summers (March to June) are warm, monsoons (June to September) bring heavy rainfall, and winters (November to February) are cool and pleasant. The best time to visit for pleasant weather is during the winter and early spring months.

Are there any nearby places Pune residents might visit for a day trip?

Yes, Pune is a great starting point for day travel because of its close proximity to beautiful places like Lonavala, Khandala, and Mahabaleshwar. These hill towns provide waterfalls, verdant scenery, and comfortable temperatures.

Can I stay in Pune in a Western-style hotel?

Pune offers a variety of lodging options, including Western-style hotels, upscale resorts, and quaint guesthouses. Pune features accommodations to fit a variety of interests and budgets, whether you're seeking luxurious stays or affordable ones.

What outdoor enthusiasts may do in Pune to entertain themselves?

Pune provides a variety of outdoor pursuits, including hiking in the adjacent Sahyadri Mountains, bicycling along attractive roads, boating in Bund Garden, and exploring the Western Ghats' luxuriant vegetation. For adrenaline enthusiasts, there are also adventure sports possibilities like paragliding and rappelling.

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Neha Sharma

Well-Guided Adventure:

BanBanjara's trek to Kalu Waterfall was not just a trek; it was a well-guided adventure. The Trek Leader's expertise and the comprehensive briefing made the journey safe and enjoyable. A perfect blend of excitement and caution that left us with beautiful memories.

Old Malshej Ghat with Kalu Waterfall Trek from Pune

Priya Kapoor

Family-Friendly Trek:

We booked the trek as a family, and it was an excellent choice. BanBanjara ensured that the trek was family-friendly, making it accessible for all age groups. The team's attention to detail, especially regarding safety and comfort, made this a memorable outing for us.

Old Malshej Ghat with Kalu Waterfall Trek from Pune

Arjun Singh

Efficient Logistics:

Kudos to BanBanjara for seamless logistics! From the bus ride to the trek and back to Pune, everything was well-organized. It allowed us to focus solely on enjoying the trek and the stunning Kalu Waterfall without any worries about transportation.

Old Malshej Ghat with Kalu Waterfall Trek from Pune

Ananya Reddy

Photography Paradise:

If you love photography, this trek is a paradise, and BanBanjara made it even more enjoyable. The Trek Leader provided ample time to capture the mesmerizing Kalu Waterfall against the backdrop of Malshej Ghat's greenery. The frames we took home are now cherished memories.

Old Malshej Ghat with Kalu Waterfall Trek from Pune

Rohit Mehta

Moderate Challenge:

As someone relatively new to trekking, I appreciated BanBanjara's choice of a moderately challenging trek. It offered a sense of accomplishment without overwhelming us. The Trek Leader's encouragement was instrumental in boosting our confidence throughout the journey.

Old Malshej Ghat with Kalu Waterfall Trek from Pune

Anika Kapoor

Memorable Moments Captured

Go Crazy Adventures Park offered endless photo opportunities, and BanBanjara's thoughtful planning allowed us to capture every moment. From action shots during activities to candid moments in the children's park, our photo album tells the story of an unforgettable day.

Day Outing at Go Crazy Adventures Park

Nisha Khanna

Safe and Enjoyable for Kids

Taking our kids to Go Crazy Adventures Park was a worry-free experience, thanks to BanBanjara. The children's park was a hit, and the bouncing baby pool was a favorite. Safety measures were visible, giving us peace of mind.

Day Outing at Go Crazy Adventures Park

Kabir Malik

Beyond Just a Concert - It's an Experience

THIKANA MIDNIGHT MADNESS, booked through Banbanjara was not just a concert. The heady mix of music and laughter as the world counted down to midnight made memories that will last for years.

Thikana Midnight Madness Pune Nye 2023

Harsh Joshi

Effortless Entry, VIP Treatment

Banbanjara had an easy way in to THIKANA MIDNIGHTMADNESS. The VIP treatments, from private entrances with dedicated doormen through special seating arrangements, lent a little class and style to the whole event. So highly recommended!

Thikana Midnight Madness Pune Nye 2023

Anjali Thakkar

Banbanjara - Your Go-To for Premium Events

Banbanjara has become my choice for high-quality events. The Thikana midnight madness experience was amazing, so the VIP touches make a difference and set it above everything else.

Thikana Midnight Madness Pune Nye 2023

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