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A gorgeous coastal town in the Raigad District of Maharashtra, Alibaug is located roughly 96 kilometers from Mumbai. It includes magnificent temples, endless greenery, gorgeous beaches, and ancient shrines, making it a must-see traveling destination for leisure travelers. A number of the favorite Attractions comprise Nagaon Beach, Alibaug Beach, Akshi Beach, Mandwa Beach, Kolaba Fort, along Kanakeshwar Forest. Alibaug is well-connected to some other major Indian cities by air, rail, and road regarding connectivity.

Alibaug is the king of those shores in Maharashtra with fresh air, clean waters, and sand. The area is blessed with lots of beaches, islands, and temples. Located on India's western coast, Alibaug is a manicured city also referred to as the Konkan region. A few of the major attractions of Alibaug include Khanderi Fort, Kolaba Fort, Alibaug Beach, Nagaon Beach, Versoli Beach, etc. Inarguably one of many famed traveling destinations in Maharashtra, Alibaug is blessed with a frequented peaceful beach that's adorned with black-tinged sand granules and twisting tides. The calmness and scenic views bring many tourists from Mumbai, rendering it a very favorite weekend escape. Alibaug can also be crowned with an array of sightseeing places with places of worship and historical websites.

This town's name means "The Gardens of Ali" and pertains to the fruit orchards implanted by Ali, an Israelite who was able to dwell from town throughout its first days. Due to the ocean's convenient location, the town was considered an important strategic port during India's reign. Being a coastal town, the attractiveness of Alibaug derives mainly from the variety of beaches. Having its shimmering gold dark sands and clear azure waves, both the sparkling and clean beaches of this town are a sight to behold. These shores' brilliance can be complemented with the ancient fort ruins and ancient temples, which may frequently be found scattered throughout the region.

Whether you are a lover of the ocean or perhaps a history enthusiast looking for an insightful vacation, Alibaug is just the place for you. The beaches here, such as the Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Beach, or Nagaon Beach, among others, give you a day outside for your family. Apart from the standard swimming pool and tranquility, some beaches provide a significant number of watersports. Those using a penchant for the past may spend a day touring all the historical attractions, such as the Brahma Kund, Kolaba Fort. Indeed, one of the most significant ways to commit your time while in Alibaug is always to use your hand at the water sports provided by the shore here.

Sports such as parasailing, jet skiing, and banana fishing can be accomplished by beginners and pros and claim an enjoyable adventure for everybody. In Alibaug, it is also possible to try your hands in swimming, with all the several beachside campsites here that provide perfect locations for your own experience. Summers at Alibaug are often hot and humid, and winter tends to be warmer and agreeable. Cold temperatures here continue between November and February, and it is generally regarded as the ideal time to see. Rainfall at Alibaug generally centers involving the weeks of July and September, while the wintertime stays dry.

How to reach Alibaug

The nearest airport to Alibaug is Mumbai's airport, located at a distance of roughly 140 kilometers. Once you hit Mumbai airport, then you can retain a personal taxi or bus at Alibaug. The closest railroad station to Alibaug are in Pen, a tiny town of Mumbai. Through Dec, Alibaug is linked with Panvel Railway Station and to Mumbai and other towns around the Indian Railways network. You can find approximately 35-40 State transport buses between Mumbai and Alibaug. Additionally, These buses join Alibaug into other destinations such as Thane, Pune, Nasik, Borivali, Kolhapur, Miraj, Sholapur, Jalgaon, etc.


Things to do in Alibaug

Camel rides:

It is possible to enjoy camel rides and horse rides on most of the shores of Alibaug, including Alibaug beach, Akshi beach, Varsoli shore, Nagaon beach, Murud shore, and much more. They will take you across the shore using a stunning view of the ocean and the temples and mountains in the environmental surroundings.


Bird watching:

Kihim beach is famous for attracting a variety of kinds of exotic migratory birds season. Taking a wander down the beach in the day, you can unwind from the shoreline, enjoy the coconut water and see the exquisite birds passing by. Alibaug can be a popular tourist choice for many wildlife photographers and bird enthusiasts.



The famous shores of Alibaug that sponsor various adventure sporting tasks are Alibaug shore, Nagaon beach, and Mandwa beach. Parasailing is one of the most famous adventure sports in Alibaug. The cost for parasailing begins at Rs 1000.



Mandwa shore is famed for enthralling diving adventure in Alibaug since the beaches house many exotic sea animals, including clownfish, angler fish, and sometimes even scorpionfish. You're given thorough training before your dip session. The dive lasts for about 60 to 90 minutes, depending upon your capacity. You will get an instructor and divemaster with you constantly who'll assist you with any inconvenience underwater. The underwater treasure of Mandwa Janjira can give you a life experience of azure waters, coral reefs, and other marine living.



You can find many camping tours and camping spots on several shores of Alibaug. It's possible to either camp by the shore or increases and discovers a beautiful spot in the hills to get a stunning view of the ocean. The secluded part of the coastline is likely to be soon a perfect location for stargazing while you enjoy the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and seeing the sunset. Many tours offer the whole equipment, for example, tents, beds, cushions, blankets, campfires, and more.



Among other popular sports activities famous one of the tourists in Alibaug is Kayaking. There is something about paddling your Kayak in the ocean by yourself and floating on the fresh seawater enjoying each tropical sun. Nagaon shore and Mandwa beach are famous because of their ideal place of caked water and scenic beauty.

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People Also Asked

What are the most desirable places to tour in Alibaug?

Some of the most desirable places to tour in Alibaug are 

  • Alibaug Beach
  • Kolaba Fort
  • Brahma Kund
  • Awas Beach
  • Murud Beach
  • Murud Janjira Fort
  • Vrindavan Farm
  • Nagaon Beach
  • Alibaug Magnetic Observatory
  • Kanakeshwar Forest

Which are some of the best resorts in Alibaug?

Dewdrop Retreat Resort:

It is probably one of the very scenic and lovely hotels of Alibaug that'll exude the soothing vibe, ambiance, considerate staff, and lush green unique surroundings.

Paradise Resort:

Renowned among the top properties in Alibaug, Paradise hotel is like a tropical paradise. With big spacious rooms, a separate play area for kids, a swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, indoor games, as well as other recreational facilities, your stay in this magnificent Paradise resort will soon be both relaxed and entertained.

U Tropicana Resort:

U Tropicana Resort at Alibaug can be a lavish deluxe hotel near Kihim shore, offering amazing escapades around. The hotel beholds lavish suites, suites, and villas along with facilities such as restaurants, gymnasium, lounge bar, spa, library, and much more.

Big Splash Resort:

Situated Close to the bus depot of All Alibaug, Big Splash Hotel is a Really comfortable and centrally located Hotel.

What is the best time to visit Alibaug?

The best time to stop by Alibaug is during the winter season, between November and February. At this time, the elements remain calm and agreeable, offering various holiday opportunities. The weather remains dry during this period, making it a perfect time to research the shores.

How to reach Alibaug?

The nearest airport to Alibaug is Mumbai's airport, located at a distance of roughly 140 kilometers. Once you reach Mumbai airport, then you can retain a personal taxi or bus at Alibaug. The closest railroad station to Alibaug are in Pen, a tiny town of Mumbai.

How many days are needed for visiting Alibaug?

A minimum of three days are needed for visiting Alibaug. Alibaug has many attractions such as 

  • Alibaug Beach
  • Kolaba Fort
  • Brahma Kund
  • Awas Beach
  • Murud Beach

What is Alibaug best known for?

Alibaug is famous because of its beaches. Being a coastal town, Alibaug is also home to many of the very best beaches in Maharashtra, such as Alibaug Beach, Nagaon Beach, Awas Beach, and more.

How much time will it take to reach Alibaug from Mumbai by ferry?

It takes approximately an hour to reach Alibaug time Mumbai by ferry.The ferry may make an end at the Mandwa Beach, in where you has to either have a bus or a taxi for the remainder of the travel to Alibaug.

How much budget will it take to visit Alibaug?

A three-day visit to Alibaug needs to take approximately Rs 5000-Rs 7000 for one individual. Nevertheless, your allowance considerations for that trip need to be based mainly on the type of lodging elected for, the whole period of one's stay, and the entire time of your trip.

Which are some of the famous beaches in Alibaug?

Some of the famous beaches in Alibaug are:

  • Alibaug Beach
  • Kihim Beach
  • Nagaon Beach
  • Varsoli Beach

Which are the most suitable camping places in Alibaug?

Some of the most suitable camping places in Alibaug are:

  • Alibaug Beach
  • Revdanda Beach
  • Varsoli Beach
  • Kanakeshwar Forest

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Alibaug Tours Reviews




these 2 days was so amazing and incredible best part is every morning i saw pleasant sunrise that's make the mind fresher and make you active. facilities provide by them was so good

Alibaug Beach Camping


Fun in this camping

The beach is easily accessible, and the drive to Alibaug is scenic and enjoyable. The water sports are a great way to spend the day with friends and family. The beach is clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Alibaug Beach Camping


Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach is a great place to learn and experience water sports. The instructors are friendly and patient, and the equipment is well-maintained. The beach is clean and has a great atmosphere. the meal they provide is so delicious veg and non vey both are available so there is no problem.

Alibaug Beach Camping



Overall great experience

Alibaug Beach Camping


Beautiful sunset View

Beautiful place to see sunset view

Alibaug Beach Camping


Great way to spend the day

The beach is easily accessible, and the drive to Alibaug is scenic and enjoyable. The water sports are a great way to spend the day with friends and family. The beach is clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Alibaug Beach Camping


interesting tour. Had a great time

My Revdanda Beach Camping experience was so interesting. I enjoyed the open-air movie screening with my partner and the bonfire session was very interesting. We also added BBQ with the bonfire in our package. I am so impressed with the facilities provided by banbanjara.

Revdanda Beach Camping

Aryan Mehta

Relaxation concept, seamless booking

Booking parasailing at Alibaug Beach and BanBanjara was effortless and the views from the top were spectacular. From the time of booking to the actual activities, the entire experience was seamless and enjoyable.

Parasailing in Alibaug Beach

Virat Gupta

Adrenaline-pumping thrill

Parasailing booked over BanBanjara made for an adrenaline-pumping experience at Alibaug Beach! The feeling of flying through the air was amazing and the memories will last a lifetime.

Parasailing in Alibaug Beach

Kabir Rawat

Safe and fun adventure

BanBanjara made parasailing at Alibaugh beach a safe but enjoyable adventure. The equipment was well maintained and the expertise of the staff ensured confidence throughout the operation.

Parasailing in Alibaug Beach

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