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Nagpur, often referred to as the "Orange City" due to its abundant orange orchards, is a city that lies in the heart of India. While it might not be as famous as some of the more prominent tourist destinations in the country, Nagpur has a unique charm and a lot to offer to travelers. From historical landmarks to natural beauty, Nagpur has something for everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the top places to visit in Nagpur.



Our journey through Nagpur begins at Deekshabhoomi, a monument of great historical and religious significance. This stupa is renowned as the place where Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Indian Constitution, converted to Buddhism in 1956. Deekshabhoomi stands as a symbol of social justice and equality and draws visitors from all over the world. The tranquil atmosphere and beautiful architecture make it a peaceful place for reflection and meditation.


Futala Lake:- 

Futala Lake is a tranquil oasis in the heart of Nagpur, offering respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. This man-made lake is famous for its picturesque beauty, especially during the evening when the colorful fountains light up the surroundings. Visitors can enjoy boating on the lake, savor local street food, or simply take a leisurely stroll along the promenade. Futala Lake is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.


Ramtek Temple:- 

For those interested in religious and historical sites, Ramtek Temple is a must-visit. Situated atop a hill, this temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and is believed to be the place where he rested during his exile. The panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from the temple are breathtaking, especially during sunset.


Maharaj Bagh and Zoo:- 

Maharaj Bagh, a historical garden established by Bhonsle rulers, is a delightful place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. The garden features well-maintained lawns, ancient trees, and colorful flowers. Adjacent to the garden is the Nagpur Zoo, which is home to a wide variety of animals, birds, and reptiles. It's a great place for a family outing, and kids will especially enjoy observing the diverse wildlife.


Dragon Palace Temple:- 

Nagpur surprises visitors with its diverse spiritual heritage, and the Dragon Palace Temple is a testament to this. This Buddhist temple, shaped like a dragon, is a visual marvel and a center for meditation and tranquility. The temple complex is adorned with intricate architecture, lush gardens, and serene surroundings. It's not only a place of worship but also a cultural and architectural gem.


Sitabuldi Fort:- 

Sitabuldi Fort stands as a historic relic in Nagpur and offers a glimpse into the city's past. Built by the British in the 19th century, it played a significant role in various battles and is now a symbol of Nagpur's rich heritage. While the fort itself is not extensive, the panoramic views of Nagpur from the top are truly breathtaking. It's a place where history and scenic beauty converge.

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People Also Asked

What is Nagpur known for?

Nagpur is known for its juicy oranges, rich cultural heritage, and a blend of historical and modern attractions.

How can I reach Nagpur?

Nagpur is well-connected by air, rail, and road. You can reach Nagpur by taking a flight, train, or bus, depending on your location.

What is the best time to visit Nagpur?

The best time to visit Nagpur is during the winter months, from October to February, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.

Are there any wildlife sanctuaries near Nagpur?

Yes, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular option for wildlife enthusiasts. It's located about 130 km from Nagpur and is home to various wildlife species.

What are the top historical sites in Nagpur?

Some of the top historical sites in Nagpur include Deekshabhoomi, Ramtek Temple, Sitabuldi Fort, and the Zero Mile Stone.

Are there any family-friendly attractions in Nagpur?

Yes, Nagpur offers family-friendly attractions like Ambazari Lake and Garden, Maharajbagh Zoo, and the Raman Science Centre.

What can I buy as souvenirs in Nagpur?

Nagpur is famous for its oranges, so you can buy locally grown oranges or orange-flavored products as souvenirs. Handicrafts and traditional Maharashtrian clothing are also popular choices.

Is Nagpur a safe city for tourists?

Nagpur is generally considered a safe city for tourists. However, like any other place, it's advisable to take standard safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

Can I explore Nagpur in a day or two?

While it's possible to see some of Nagpur's highlights in a day or two, a longer stay will allow you to explore the city more thoroughly and enjoy a more relaxed experience.

What is the local cuisine in Nagpur that I must try?

Don't miss trying "Saoji cuisine," known for its spicy and flavorful dishes. Tarri Poha, a popular breakfast item, and orange-based sweets are also must-tries.

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