10 Places to Visit Near Pune

10 Places to Visit Near Pune

Best 10 Places to Visit Near Pune
10 Places to Visit Near Pune

10 Places to Visit Near Pune Overview

At a distance of less than 200 kilometers around Pune is an array of breath taking destinations that if only one had the time and knack would be easy to find. A nature lover can gaze in awe at the dense green of Lonavala and Khandala that are well renowned for their exquisite waterfalls and wide hillscapes.

If it is adventure that excites you then Kamshet would be the best place to satisfy your urge, engaging in paragliding over this breathtaking, panoramic landscapes.

For those who love the past, the ancient caves of Karla and Bhaja magnificently demonstrate intricate rock-cut architecture that existed since the second century before the current era.

If they are looking for a serene retreat, the picturesque tranquil town of Lavasa on the shores of a lake will provide a perfect escape and relaxation with its calm reflection of nature.

Not only this, there are also Jejuri and Panchgani, both a short drive from the city centre and whose very spiritual aura (of Jejuri is famous for its much-revered Khandoba Temple) and soothing ambience (of Panchgani offers lovely viewpoints which are equally capivatiing) make for great day trips.

With the thought of either revisiting historical treasures, being thrilled by adventurous activities, or just relaxing by Mother Nature, these destinations at most 200kms radius around Pune will satisfy the needs of every traveler with rejuvenating and insightful experiences.

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Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake

Located 64 kilometers from Pune, this place is a large lake between the mountain range and the lake. This place has the beautiful scenery of the Sahyadri mountains. The sublime Pawna Lake appeared even more scenic and majestic as the Pawna Water Reservoir tripped more than one fancy of every single tourist that visited.

Nature lovers typically feel a calmness when the lake is filled with the cool, green grasses, making it a perfect setting for camping, picnicking and lazing around for a cruise. Adventure aficionados may find Pawna Lake a track of their delight as it provides countless water sports activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, and swimming with thirst for action amid the backdrop of surreal scenery.

More so, the outdoors camping experience at the lakeside in the midst of the beautiful night with the stars shining is amazing and gave guidance to unwind and rejuvenate. In fact, thanks to its proximity to Pune city, the provincially Pawna Lake becomes the perfect place for visitors, who want to escape from a city hell-bent on working, and prefer getaways with an encompassing atmosphere of nature and its serenity.

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An easily accessible hill station of Pune only from 67 kilometers, Lonavala is tailor-made divinely with the background of Sahyadri mountain range. The town of Lonavala is famously known for its breathtaking natural beauty and it is sacred by the adventurous travelers who can’t take their eyes off the green valleys, the cascading waterfalls, the waves of mist drifting around.

From Pune to Lonavala is beautiful drive with the curve roads for offering superb panoramic view of the hills and valleys that surround. Once you land into the city, you instantly start getting the feel of the cool air that is quite pronounces by the pungent aroma of chai that comes from roadside stalls everywhere.

The most noted tourist hub in Lannavala is none other than the fearless Tiger's Point, which is a viewing terrace on a cliff from where one can see the valley beneath and the old fashioned Bhushi Dam where visitors are enchanted by the cool flow of the dam waters.

Along with that, the town is a favorite destination as far as chikkis tasting is concerned and this honey-like sweet made of jaggery, nuts and ghee can be consumed during the stay for a reasonable price.

The solace that nature provides can be best understood by walking amidst the lush green hills, crawling in those ancient caves, or relaxing by the twelve, all from the hustle and bustle of the city to travelers in search of a refreshing retreat.

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Situated in close proximity to Pune, i.e. 58 kms away, Lavasa is an ideal modern hill station, where vacationers can enjoy the luxury and comfort of the city living while soaking in the splendor of fascinating natural sceneries.

As one approaches Lavasa, the imposing mountains of Sahyadri, and glowing waters of Warasgaon Lake are amazing for people who reach htere by bring the thrilling of the experience. It creates the necessary setting.

The grounds of Lavasa, which are crafted by its well-planned architecture, take after the Italian town of Portofino and its flamboyant boulevards with the quaint cafes and boutique shops. The atmosphere of serene nature that Lake that Lake creates provides an opportunity for the water sports, for instance, jet skiing, boat and water kayak, as well as for the people who are eager for the adventurers.

Moreover, the scenic green area nearby this town goes on to offer beautiful sites for hiking, biking, and nature walks which give way for the perfect tranquility befitting such a scenery. Lavasa is ready to provide an amazing dining experience at one of its elite restaurants for the foodies or the adrenaline seekers may indulge themselves in different water sport activities such as kayaking and speed boating for the fun lovers.

it is a perfect place for couples as it also offers various cozy resorts facing the lake and view from these beautiful resorts here, visitors feel as if they are very away from Pune.

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Approximately 171 kilometers away from Pune, Rajmachi tucked into the heart of the beautiful Sahyadri Mountains, presents green background, with river views and lush landscape for nature lovers and adventure seekers also. This forest which is covered with perennial greenery can be accessed by a scenic road with merrymaking mountains and flocks of landscape.

The unaffected beauty of Rajmachi and its peaceful atmosphere captivate the hearts of countless tourists. The trip to Rajmachi per se is an experience, which has a backdrop of fascinating sights of lush green valleys, waterfalls and forests that are so rich with the natural life of different species.

Stepping into the region, here, we find the imposing fortresses of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan towering over us, stony and grim, as if hardening their moods to stay untouched, as if serving as the mute witnesses for the region's lifespan.

A trekking enthusiast’s dream come true, Rajmachi draws in countless tourists to traverse these thrilling trails that climb the forts and allow them to enjoy unparalleled views of the mountain ranges and valleys toward the horizon. What could be more enthralling then trekking during the monsoon season, where the whole natural scene seem to have come alive with vibrant different shades of green and glistening waterfalls.

Besides, camping under the star lit atmosphere of Rajmachi, doing it in the serene ambience is mighty pleasing and it creates an environment for campers to get rid of their stress and get to be one with nature.

Be it a journey to the past by visiting the glorious ruins, a thrilling hike or just a simple leisurely walk on the pristine mountain tracks, the Rajmachi Fort is one of those places that truly gives us a much-needed escape from life in the city.

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At 49km away, Kamshet is just for adventure lovers and nature lovers who would relish the habitat of wilderness. In the heart of Sahyadri range of mountains, Kamshet represents an incredible mirror of beautiful green valleys, dazzling lakes, and vast hills which make it a home to people who are desperately in need of a break from an urban lifestyle.

Kamshet is well known as a paragliding hotspot where avid thrill-seekers flock from distant parts, drawn to a kind of weather that is ideal for flying and provides the opportunity to taste the mystery of flight that gives the immense elation of flying. Amateurs and more experienced gliders agree that this area provides them with an unforgettable experience during this flight.

Instructors of this area are always ready to help and to make this adventure safe. Alongside gliding, Kamshet also hold a broad range of outdoor activities like trekking, camping and boating, which contribute to making the atmosphere adventurous for visitors and letting them experience all the natural beauty in the peaceful environment.

The peaceful surround and the picturesque scene of Kamshet that offers deafening harmony to stress, tension and pressure are the reasons why Kamshet is an incredible weekend spots for Pune residents as well as tourists.

Either one is looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure or just plain peace of the the world, everyone is guaranteed to have a memorable time in this beautiful nature-created backdrop.

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Immersed in beauty of the Sahyadri mountain range, 89 kilometers from Pune, Wai is yet another creative way of escaping in nature. One will find in Wai a green landscape with many historic landmarks. Known for its rich cultural heritage and outstanding natural beauty, the City of Temples (known as Wai) is called the Daksh Sis which means the city near Kantti Mandir (Dakshin Kashi, the Second Birth Place of Lord Shankara).

The city of temples grew due to the many temples and ghats that line the banks of the holy River. The town's picturesque landscape and serenity make it well sortfter by Bollywood industry, hence earned name "Waiwood".

Traveler to Wai can get closer to its rich history by visiting the intricately carved temples, such as the Dholya Ganapati Temple, the Kashi Vishweshwar Temple, and the Wadeshwar Temple. All of which reveal the unique architect Further adventure-seekers can also go kayaking, canoeing, or just sit by the Krishna River as the agile dolphins show their athleticism around them.

Equally, those who prefer to heed the call of serenity can line up for leisurely boat rides on the river or scenic drives around lush vegetation, where they will be treated to sights of waterfalls casc The paired Dhom Dam not only provides chances for water recreations, but also appetizing picnics thus, Anambas is extra converge for weekend break holiday.

Invariably, Wai is the place to go for people looking forward to having their senses alleviated from the bustle and hustle of city life. By visiting places such as ancient temples, nature or simply cozying up to the town's rustic appeal, travelers get to explore and witness marvellous things that surely leave them awestruck.

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Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort

Only 30 kilometers in the southwest from Pune is this fort. It is situated on a prominent hill of Sahyadri mountain range and is called Sinhagad Fort. The fame of Sinhagad Fort comes from its long and beautiful storyline and the view which it offers.

The place has had many fights and victories in its history which makes it honorable for the people of Maharashtra The ride to Sinhagad Fort is as mystical as the finishing point and offers beautiful glimpses of green valleys, scenic landscapes along the way as we drive. Lastly, visitors get to see these intimidating gates and bastions that once used to be fortified defense which portrayed a commanding barrier against enemies.

This would bring awe and realization of the sheer sanctity of the gifted nature of the Western Ghats that could make you hold your breath with its natural magnificence. Fans of archaeology are able to explore the original buildings of the fort's temples, gates, and walls, each distinct in its presumed role in the fort's grand narrative.

Alongside that, Sinhagad Fort serves as a great place for hiking and outdoor activities which in turn attract thrill seekers and outdoors lovers to its tall citadel. Regardless of the spiritual importance, the breath-taking scenes, or even the demanding hike, a Sinhagad fort expedition is a memory to last a lifetime for each traveler who stands the test and made home on its storied heights.

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Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh Fort

Situated approximately 65 kilometers from Pune, Lohagarh Fort stands as a testament to Maharashtra's rich history and architectural grandeur. Perched atop a lofty hill in the Sahyadri mountain range, this formidable fortress has witnessed centuries of conquests and battles, earning its name, which translates to "Iron Fort."

The journey to Lohagarh Fort offers scenic vistas of the surrounding countryside, with winding roads leading travelers through verdant valleys and lush forests. As visitors approach the fort, they are greeted by its imposing walls and bastions, which once served as impregnable defenses against invaders.

Upon reaching the summit, panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountains and the surrounding landscape unfold, offering a mesmerizing backdrop for exploration. History enthusiasts can delve into the fort's storied past by exploring its ancient structures, including gates, temples, and reservoirs, each bearing testimony to its illustrious history.

Additionally, Lohagarh Fort provides opportunities for trekking and adventure activities, attracting outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Whether it's immersing oneself in history, marveling at the architectural marvels, or simply soaking in the breathtaking views, Lohagarh Fort promises an enriching and memorable experience for visitors seeking a glimpse into Maharashtra's glorious past.

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Bedse Caves

Bedse Caves

Located 58 km from Pune city, these numbah of Pune (Maharashtra) allow tourists to conduct an interesting journey into the old Buddhist culture of Maharashtra. The caves are made in the sloping rocks of satyakaci range. But first thousand years it has become a silent witness of the regional history and architectural greatness.

As mesmerizing and spellbinding as the way is the destination itself, Bedse Caves, with breathtaking landscapes, curving roads interwoven with a panoramic view of the countryside and glance of human interaction in the rural areas. Only after stepping into these caves, one can feel a peaceful atmosphere around. He then notices groups of green plants and wide valleys stretching before his eyes.

Nevertheless, these caves were less famous, though they were superior in many respects compared to other existing caves in the region. Some architectural features of these caves were so beautiful that we cannot find them in carvings of other sites. These caves are so magnificent in every sense and always attract the attention of both history students and devotees.

Additionally, abundant tranquility of Bedse Caves offers visitors a serene atmosphere and even a chance to meditate and figure things out for themselves. Whichever aspect of history Bedse Caves may capture or how amazing its dome-shaped capitals are, or the appealing serenity its offers, visiting the site is definitely a highly rewarding and unforgettable experience to happen.

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A natural heaven just 71 kilometers from Pune stands proudly there—Khandala, a serene and picturesque hill station amidst green carpet of Sahyadri mountain ranges. With outstanding natural environment and tranquil weather, Khandala is a frequent goto place for the travelers who want to forget the urban noise and commotion.

The route to Khandala is quite as picturesque as the site in itself; with the inclines pathways giving far-reaching views of verdant canyons, cascades of waterfalls and on occassion, the mist.

Having caught the first glimpse of the hospitable nature of the city, tourists are pleasantly welcomed by the fresh breeze and the scent of the roadside chai touting shops. People from various places go to Khandala for the breathtaking views such as that at Tiger's Leap or Duke's Nose, permitting one to stand and watch the hills and valleys spread before one’s feet.

Tourists looking for a rush of adrenaline take up the challenging yet fascinating trails of Khandala that run through the wild forests and rough terrains, whereas the nature lovers find a striking balance of the lush greenery with the calmness of the Bhushi Dam.

They can just relax and take a dip especially during the hot season. Lastly, the town showcases its delicious food culture in the form of piping hot vada pav and spicy misal pav and different chains of eateries scattered all over the small town.

This unlike but coexisting option could be gazing the scenic outlook, undertaking adventurous miles, or even just relaxing at a very tranquil atmosphere – this perfect tourism attraction guarantees entertainment for people of all kinds of walking interests and range of ages.

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People Also Asked

What are some popular hill stations near Pune within a 200-kilometer radius?

Some popular hill stations near Pune within 200 kilometers include Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, and Panchgani.

Are there any historical sites or forts worth visiting near Pune within a 200-kilometer radius?

Yes, there are several historical sites and forts near Pune within 200 kilometers, including Sinhagad Fort, Lohagarh Fort, Rajgad Fort, and Raigad Fort.

What outdoor activities can one enjoy near Pune within a 200-kilometer radius?

Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in activities such as trekking, camping, paragliding (in Kamshet), boating (at Pawna Lake or Bhushi Dam), and nature walks in destinations like Rajmachi, Kamshet, Pawna Lake, and Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Which are the best places near Pune for a weekend getaway within a 200-kilometer radius?

Some of the best places for a weekend getaway near Pune within 200 kilometers include Lavasa, Wai, Bedse Caves, and Matheran, each offering a blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and recreational activities suitable for a short escape from the city.

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