Best Places for Scuba Diving Near Pune

Best Places for Scuba Diving Near Pune

Discover Underwater Wonders: Top Scuba Diving Spots Near Pune
Best Places for Scuba Diving Near Pune

Best Places for Scuba Diving Near Pune Overview

Pune is home to more than 3.8 million people. In addition, it goes by the name "Queen of the Deccan." Pune is well-known for its monuments, cuisine, and other things since it is the second-biggest city. Pune is well-known for its Maratha beauty and culture. Pune was ruled by the renowned Rashtrakutas and Shivaji in the past. 

Marathi, Hindi, and English are the three most commonly spoken languages ​​in Pune. On the other hand, mainly Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, Sikhs, and Sindhis live in this city. The average temperature in Pune is 15-35 degrees. Therefore, October to March is considered the most pleasant season to visit Pune.

Pune generally has a fairly good climate. The combination of hot and semi-arid climate makes living in the city more comfortable for its inhabitants. This city has three distinct seasons: winter, monsoon, and summer.

The highest temperature recorded in Pune is 42 degrees. Despite the higher temperature, it is still lower than Delhi. The monsoon season in Pune lasts from June to October. It is said to be one of the most pleasant and beautiful times of the year. Indian culture dominates this city.

Although many different cultures and religions are represented here. Consisting mostly of Marathas, Ganesh Chaturthi is an event that is observed grandly across the city. The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is often a time of love, joy, and excitement. 

During this time, Pune is completely covered in brilliant lights. You must be aware of Pune's contribution to the success of the tourism industry. Millions of other things also affect the possibility of this.

Diving in Pune is one of the most important and rare adventure sports, but the thrills and adventures it offers are remarkable and unparalleled. This list will give you a comprehensive overview of all the places that can be chosen for diving near Pune.

Enjoy maximum satisfaction swimming with the magnificent aquatic species and feel unique and appreciated. Pune is the perfect place to make your day unforgettable as it is a unique opportunity to enjoy a rich underwater experience.

Pune, like any other dive site on the planet, is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and safety measures to ensure that visitors have the most amazing and safe experience while diving and seeing the unique sea state at once.

The most exciting activity on Earth is always open to families, parties, and couples at these nearby Pune locations: Vengurla Rocks, Malvan, Dandeshwar, Devbaug, Tarkarli, etc. All of the scuba diving facilities in Pune have international-standard equipment, the greatest education and training programs, and the chance to provide their clients with an unforgettable underwater experience.

We bring to you the best places for Scuba diving near Pune that you should visit with your family and friends! 

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Scuba Diving, Malvan

Scuba Diving, Malvan

Located in Maharashtra's Sindhudurg district, Malvan is a significant town both historically and culturally. Because of the Sindhudurg Fort of Chatrapati Shivajiraje, it is well known historically. It is well-known throughout the culture for its delectable Malvani seafood and pastries.

Malvan is renowned for its uncrowded, clean, and pleasant beaches. People can enjoy expansive views of the sunset. For entertainment, water activities are also offered. The primary industry in the area, which is close to the sea and typically experiences hot, muggy weather, is fishing. Malvan's low level of human encroachment draws a lot of tourists. 

Visitors also love taking boat trips through the Karli backwaters. Explore the nearby temples, the Rock Garden, and Sindhudurg Fort. Sample the well-known Malvani rice, seafood, and coconut meals as well as Malvani sweets and kadi, a kokum fruit beverage. Malvan is the ideal location for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Malvan's breathtaking scenery is everything you need to have a fantastic vacation. The thrilling experience of scuba diving can be added, and you'll have the ideal vacation package! For those who want to experience the ocean, Malvan's extensive coastline and well-known Tarkarli beach provide a variety of scuba diving experiences! Scuba diving is a popular adventure sport among visitors to Pune among the many options available.

The scuba diving excursion is located close to the stunning and imposing Sindhudurg fort, which will enthrall you with its breathtaking splendor! After your trip, you may take in the stunning coastline cuisine and tour the surrounding sights in Malvan!

  • Take a breath-taking 10-minute underwater dive in the Arabian Sea, reaching a depth of up to 25 feet.
  • Savor exciting water activities such as parasailing, boat rides, banana rides, jet ski rides, and bumper rides.
  • A trained PADI instructor should go with you to guarantee a safe and enjoyable scuba diving experience.
  • Savor several delectable dishes during this experience to please your palate.
  • Get hassle-free pick-up and drop-off service from Candolim, Baga, and Calangute. 

Price: 1199/- onwards

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Tarkarli Scuba Diving

Tarkarli Scuba Diving

Take advantage of this thrilling activity—Tarkali scuba diving—for a fun-filled day out if you enjoy thrills and adventures. It will undoubtedly make you feel immensely satisfied. Take part in this fantastic activity and explore the deep blue body of water to see underwater life for yourself! You will undoubtedly feel more energized and motivated after participating in Tarkarli Scuba Diving.

Savor the most delightful half-hour of your existence as you submerge yourself and take in the aquatic fauna surrounding you. To make your underwater experience even more special and something you will always treasure, you will be able to obtain an HD film of it.

  • Savor the thrilling sport of scuba diving in Tarkali's unspoiled waters.
  • Dive down to a depth of 5 to 15 feet (about) to see the fascinating undersea life.
  • Obtain a 1.5-minute film of your encounter to preserve the amazing moments forever.
  • Dive safely with all the necessary equipment under the guidance of a qualified instructor. 

Price: 699/- onwards

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Scuba Diving, Vengurla Rocks

Scuba Diving, Vengurla Rocks

For many years, the mysterious Vengurla Rocks have been a breathtaking sight. A Dutch explorer, writing 300 years ago, described the enigma as "there is an archipelago consisting of large black rocks near the coast of Mingrelia (Vengurla) about 9 miles west, the water there is deep and treacherous.

This suggests how old the mystery is. Because scarcely visible rocks are located beneath the water. The ones above, on the other hand, resembled prehistoric beasts that squatted on their backs since they are big and have an excrescence on their trunks. They wait over the millennia, seemingly restless as if their spirits were trapped within, waiting for the curse to be broken. Skiffs belonging to a local pirate tribe lurk among them prepared to pillage the unsuspecting. 

There are twenty huge rocks and a few minor ones in the Vengurla Rocks archipelago. The Mumbai to Goa cruise is the only boat that passes over the Vengurla Rocks at such a short distance, so you may enjoy the captivating landmarks from a slightly different perspective while on the incredible Angriya trip! Complete the Angriya cruise reservation form and be ready to take in the breathtaking scenery! 

The Vengurla Lighthouse, perched atop a hill above the jetty and commanded by a majestic tower, is difficult to miss. There is a lengthy, winding trail through lush vegetation leading to the lighthouse. Right at the top of the hill are the staff quarters and the Lighthouse. 

Vengurla is a popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts near Pune. It boasts PADI-certified instructors who can guide you through both basic and intermediate dives. In addition to taking scuba diving lessons here, you may explore the beautiful temples nearby. Your vacation will be even more appealing because of how peaceful and calm the beaches are!

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Scuba Diving, Dandeshwar

Scuba Diving, Dandeshwar

Nestled amidst verdant foliage and gently undulating hills, Dandeshwar epitomizes the quintessential rustic Maharashtra. The village's close-knit community, traditional way of life, and simplicity define it.

The maturity of the residers in Dandeshwar work as growers, and husbandry is the center of vill life. Maharashtra grows a multitude of products, including rice, wheat, sugarcane, and fruits like oranges and mangoes, thanks to its good soil and affable terrain. The original frugality is grounded substantially on husbandry, which provides jobs and a strong sense of connection to the land. Dandeshwar is a pastoral place, but it isn't vulnerable to technology.

With the slow preface of introductory amenities like electricity,  seminaries, and medical installations, the villa's occupants now enjoy an advanced standard of living. The community has,  nonetheless, been suitable to maintain its customs and artistic heritage, as shown by its carnivals, folk art, and food. Dandeshwar's serene surroundings and stirring decor draw callers looking to get down from the bustle of the big metropolises.

Explore the girding country, go on scenic journeys, or just decompress and take in the peace of pastoral Maharashtra are all options available to callers. Dandeshwar is the epitome of the dateless charm of pastoral Maharashtra, fusing ancient values with contemporary pretensions and furnishing a window into the heart of pastoral India.  

Dandeshwar, a burgeoning deepwater megacity in Malvan, is home to tabernacles with stunning armature that would leave any caller in admiration. There's a well-liked array of scuba diving openings along the oceanfront, including a unique dark ocean diving experience for the further audacious. 

While you're here, treat your cat to some activities like jet skiing, banana rides, bumper rides, backwater rides, and much more. Scuba diving experts with P.A.D.I. certification are available to assist you with every step needed to ensure that your underwater vacation is an unforgettable experience. 

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Scuba Diving, Devbaug

Scuba Diving, Devbaug

With the Devbag sangam at one end and the Karli backwaters on the other, this little peninsula extends from the mainland of Devbaug. Devbaug is a place of natural beauty, surrounded by lush foliage and coconut trees.

Once a fishing village, Devbaug is now transforming into a popular tourist destination, with a significant portion of young people choosing the travel and tourism sector overfishing.

With grottos and crosses sporadically decorating the charming hamlet, Devbaug has a special charm akin to that of south Goa. A private beach, the Devbaug beach stretches from the Devbag Sangam to Tarkarli and beyond. The majority of the beach has immaculate white sand, which is complemented by the sea's turquoise blue color. 

Imagine having the opportunity to go scuba diving in "God's Garden," a location close to Pune! If you adore the sea, Devbaug is a very delightful destination to visit in Pune. This dive site's crystal-clear waters, glistening waves, and dolphins will enhance your scuba diving adventure!

The stunning Karli backwaters meet the sea here, creating a visually stunning scene. If you go scuba diving, you may also witness the splendor that lies beneath the waves! Why not just enjoy the long weekend now? Take a unique scuba diving excursion in Pune to discover the wonders of the ocean beneath you!

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People Also Asked

When is the best time to go scuba diving near Pune?

The best months to go scuba diving in Goa and the Konkan are from October to May, which are not monsoon months. Because the sea is calmer and there is more visibility underneath, now is the ideal time to dive.

Should there be prior experience in diving before?

There is no experience needed for recreational scuba diving. Most dive shops provide guided dives and introductory courses for beginners, ensuring a safe and enjoyable underwater experience.

What kinds of marine species can I expect to see Scuba Diving near Pune?

Divers in Goa and Konkan usually come across a huge range of marine life, such as moray eels. Colorful reef fish and sea turtles.

Where can I go for Scuba Diving Near Pune?

The closest places for Scuba Diving near Pune are usually on the Western Coast, mostly in the Goa and Konkan regions.

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