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About Bheemeshwari 

Bheemeshwari is a town discovered in Karnataka. An excellent spot for your vacation. Although it is analyzed as a small town it has amazing and thrilling activities to do. Let's shortly have a look at it. Fishing at Cauvery camp, Nature camping on Doddamakali, boating, and trekking in Bheemeshwari also melts the heart of the visitor. Don't worry about shopping, there even exist Shops where you can purchase your stuff. Bheemeshwari is a completely delightful place to visit. No doubt! Bheemeshwari is a complete collection of adventure and enticing places.  

So, do not miss it! 


Bheemeshwari Adventure and nature camp

Bheemeshwari Adventure and nature camp is situated in Halagur Hobli. We all want our holiday to be adventurous and exciting. An outing that explodes our stress away. Then, Why not try trekking? Trekking is eternally challenging Aren't they? Well, Bheemeshwari is such a place where you can enjoy trekking thoroughly. Observing its charming clouds, dramatic hills, and comforting atmospheric gaze. Ain't blast, action-packed? Then why delay! Amidst nature, a lot of adventure and leisure activities. Bheemeshwari Adventure and nature camp is also an ideal place to loosen and unwind in the lap of climate. 


Bheemeshwari resort

Bheemeshwari resort is Georgia Sunshine Village Resort, Tippulu resorts and Chukki Mane etc are the Bheemeshwari resort.  one great Bheemeshwari Resort is Georgia Sunshine Village Resort, which is situated in Sivasamudram.  One ideal resort with a pool and various basic facilities. A well-maintained place, comfy rooms, and a perfect weekend destination.  In addition to this comes Tippulu Resorts. Thappulu resort, a resort with adorable exterior and interior, a perfect star gazing surrounding, beautifully designed to grab the heart of tourists. It also accommodates various adventurous activities to explore and appreciate Bheemeshwari. Hanging around this resort, you may also get an opportunity to try their flavorful food. These are the few resorts in Bheemeshwari, for long continual memories. Thirdly comes Chukki Mane, which is situated in Balakwadi. It's an eco-friendly resort. It's an incredible village resort, which also has bullock cart rides for the visitors. These are the few Bheemeshwari Resorts where you can stop in. 


Things to do in Bheemeshwari

Cycling,  Sightseeing and Photography, etc are the few things to do in Bheemeshwari.  Cycling is one of the prominent things to do here. You can take your bicycle or if possible you can even rent a bicycle and go for a long ride on Kanakapura Road. Which has a suitable roadway for cycling and you may also spot many wildlife creatures on the way. In addition to this comes Sightseeing. Sightseeing is an extremely overwhelming thing to do in Bheemeshwari. Since, this village is known for their natural wealth. It would also be a favourable place for sightseeing. In amidst nature, keep all your ordinary lifestyles away and drown in peace. Thirdly comes Photography, which is the most admired thing to do in Bheemeshwari. Although, it is a minor village in the state of Karnataka. It has a major tourist attraction. It's ideal place and pleasant climate also gives a picturesque view. Many tourists across the globe attend this place for their photoshoots. These are the few activities to do Bheemeshwari.


The places to visit in Bheemeshwari

The places to visit in Bheemeshwari are Kokrebellur, Sangam, and Cauvery Fishing Camp, etc are the few places to visit in Bheemeshwari. Kokrebellur is a nature Paradise land. It is a dwelling place for various pelicans and numerous species of fish. Kokrebellur is a prominent place to visit in bheemeshwari. In addition to this comes Sangam, which is located in Bheemeshwari, is an outstanding place for tourists to visit and spend their time with the vibrant flora and fauna. It's an immediate gateway for your holidays. Thirdly comes Cauvery Fishing Camp, an mesmerizing place to stay and admire the sunsets. These are the few places to visit in Bheemeshwari


Best time to visit Bheemeshwari

The best time to visit bheemeshwari is from June to August because as we all know bheemeshwari is known for river rafting, trekking, boating, forest, hill, etc. When the water droplets give a charming look to the lush forest and lake.  The monsoon season is analyzed as the best time to visit Bheemeshwari. 

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People Also Asked

How to reach bheemeshwari from Bangalore?

To reach bheemeshwari from Bangalore 

By Road route: The length between Bangalore and Bheemeshwari is 104.1 kilometers. You can either catch a bus or taxi according to your convenience. If you're traveling by bus it would take approximately 45 minutes to reach and for a car and taxi, it would just take 14 minutes approximately(if the road is decent and traffic-free). This is how you can reach bheemeshwari from Bangalore by roadway.

How to reach bheemeshwari from Bangalore by bus?

To reach bheemeshwari from Bangalore by bus route takes approximately 45 minutes to reach bheemeshwari from Bangalore. The bus fare is nearly 20 Rs. to reach Bheemeshwari from Bangalore. There are various buses you can take according to your schedule. 

What to do in bheemeshwari?

things to see and try in bheemeshwari are mentioned below: 


Bheemeshwari is a euthanized place for adventurers. River rafting in Bheemeshwari is a comprehensive collection of entertainment. River rafting is one such activity that doesn't show inequality. Whether you are a pro in swimming or poor in swimming. There's no excuse and experience for this. You can just get in and celebrate the moment. River rafting in Bheemeshwari is a wonderful activity to try. The Cauvery River has a spectacular configuration of nature and gorgeous grasslands glare. 


There stands so many different routes to be loosened up and have pleasure. But nothing can win the way nature does! Factual? Doddamakali nature camp is one of the purest forms of understanding peace and love. You can escape your stress by taking treks and exploring the hills. 


Away from land, chore, clumsiness, and stress. Sailing and discovering inner peace is necessary. So, Boat conveyances can never run out of crazes, right? I agree, boat rides are mesmerized and adored especially by couples. Boat rides in Bheemeshwari are a major tourist attraction. Apart from all activities, boat rides are special! Why don't you give it a try? 

These are the few things which you can do in Bheemeshwari, Karnataka, India. 

What to see in bheemeshwari?

Places to see in bheemeshwari are mentioned below:

Bheemeshwari temple:

Bheemeshwari temple is analyzed as the ancient temple in the state of Karnataka, India. This temple is situated in between Sagara and Bhatkal border in the vast wilderness. Many of the tourists have no clue about this temple. The temple is erected on the mountain. It had an aged custom glimpse. Besides these temples also have a heart-snatching waterfall impression. Which look finest in the monsoon season. Anyhow, according to an outcome in 2019 claiming it has been re-formulated and has a more aesthetic view than before. 

Bheemeahwari temple is one of the places to visit in Bheemeshwari, Karnataka, India.

What is famous in bheemeshwari?

Famous places/things are mentioned below:


Although, Bheemeshwari is assumed to be a small town. It has numerous famous places to visit and various activities to try. One such exciting tale is trekking. Trekking is extensively demanding as surmised. Trekking in  Bheemeshwari is a more intense activity for tourists.

  • CAMPING: Camping is one of the outstanding activities to do in bheemeshwari. Bheemeshwari is excellent and rich in its flora and fauna. Camping here is like floating amid heaven. People who love nature should try this place. 
  • FISHING: Bheemeahwari is also known for its fishing. Fishing is also contemplated here as an outstanding activity to do. 


If you are planning to abide in jungle lodges and resorts.  They offer a lump of activities. One of such is rope activity. A wonderful sport to try is bheemeshwari.

These are the few famous things which you can try at Bheemeshwari, Karnataka, India.

What are the major tourist attractions in bheemeshwari?

The major tourist attractions in bheemeshwari are mentioned below:

Jungle lodge resort:

jungle lodge resort is situated in bheemeshwari Karnataka, India. They have indulgences of various trips and activities like Wonderful Wildlife Safari, extraordinary Elephant Rides, marvelous Mountain Biking,  incredible Water Rafting, great Coracle Ride, contesting Trekking and remarkable Kayaking

Jungle lodge is one of the major tourist attractions in Bheemeshwari, Karnataka, India. 

What are the resorts near bheemeshwari?

The resorts near bheemeshwari are mentioned below: 

  • WILDERNESS JUNGLE CAMP: The tents in the wilderness jungle camp are excellent and affluent. They also have bonfires and barbecues for the visitors. They serve a delicious meal. Even though it is situated amidst the fields it has well-maintained surroundings. It's a relaxing gateway. 
  • GALIBORE NATURE CAMP: Galibore nature camp is a 3 stars hotel. It is placed in the deep deciduous forest on the bank of the river Cauvery. The popular extravagance is free parking and free breakfast. They also consist of a Coracle ride in the evening. You can also invest your evening by the Riverside around the bonfires, glaring at the sunset. 
  • ANANDADHAMA RETREAT: Anandadhama retreat has super comfy rooms for the visitors they also provide breakfast, parking, and if you are traveling with your pet then no issue they also accommodate pets. It's a lovely and peaceful place to visit near bheemeshwari. They also got excellent food. This place is refreshing and loosens up your anxiety. 
  • GREENPEACE BHEEMESHWARI: Greenpeace bheemeshwari located in halagus, Karnataka. The facilities here are free parking, air conditioning, breakfast, and a restaurant. It's an excellent place to hang around with pomegranate plantations and farms. Yeah, this resort is enclosed with numerous greenery. This place can be attended by friends, family and also couples. There are lots of marvelous butterfly guests to welcome you. A well-maintained and decent resort to visit near Bheemeshwari, Karnataka, India. 

These are the few resorts located near the Bheemeshwari town, Karnataka, India.


What famous waterfalls are there in bheemeshwari?

The famous waterfalls in Bheemeshwari are mentioned below

  • Shivanasamudra waterfalls- Bheemeshwari: Shivanasamudra is one of the renowned tourist places in Karnataka, India. Also, one of the promising waterfalls in Karnataka. This Shivanasamudra island divides river Kaveri into two different portions and they are named Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. These two represent Shivanasamudra waterfall. This has spectacular notions and astonishing cheeks. Since the water is quite scary, swimming is disallowed. 

 Shivanasamudra is one of the waterfalls in bheemeshwari.  

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