Helicopter tourism open up Everest base camp for everyone

June 03, 2023
Helicopter tourism open up Everest base camp for everyone

Everest Base Camp is considered to be a crucial spot for climbers to conquer Mount Everest. It's situated at around 5,380 meters (17,600 feet) in the stunning Himalayas of Nepal. This place is known for its tough terrain, tough weather conditions, and limited facilities.

Helicopter tours to Everest Base Camp have been there for some time, but initially, they were used for mountaineering expeditions, rescue missions, and other necessary operations. However, Nepal has recently opened up a wide range of helicopter tours into the Khumbu, otherwise known as the Everest Region.

After the opening of the helicopter tours, people will now have options to do treks beyond the classic 12 days Everest Base Camp trek. The helicopter tour will decrease the period of hiking as it will save time and will be able to visit many unexplored exciting parts.
This will provide a great opportunity for those who want to experience the essence of Everest without doing a lengthy trekking adventure.

If you are still not willing to go on a long trek, then there's an ultimate option available which will eliminate the need for hiking. You can opt for a helicopter tour that takes you from Kathmandu to Everest and back on the same day. Hence the trekking part is eliminated. The best part about this tour is that it is designed for everyone, regardless of age and physical ability. It truly offers an opportunity for everyone to witness the majestic Everest. So let's know more about this amazing tour.

This tour is open throughout the year as helicopters are less affected by weather conditions as compared to planes. Though, the best time to do this tour is typically from March to May and late September to December. During these times, the weather is more favorable, offering pleasant flying conditions.

If you're thinking of traveling during the "off-season," which is the monsoon and winter seasons, then you can get some discounts as well. 

As far as the tour schedule is concerned, the tour starts with an early morning departure from your accommodation in Kathmandu. The tour usually begins at 6 am and lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours, ensuring that you get an opportunity to soak in the amazing views and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring environment. 

Though, the helicopter does not land at the Everest base camp because the land in that area is constantly shifting and unstable, which makes regular landings unsafe. However, the tour includes two incredible landing spots that offer amazing views of Everest.

The first landing is on top of Kalapattar, located at an elevation of 5,600 meters. It is positioned to provide incredible views of Mount Everest. Therefore, trekkers who decide to climb the ridge of Kalapattar often consider it a must-do experience due to the incredible views.

The second landing is at Everest View Hotel. This hotel is located within a relatively short trek from Namche Bazaar, wherein the helicopter lands directly at the hotel. Here, travelers can enjoy some refreshments while enjoying the amazing views.