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Mount Abu is an ideal destination for spending time in beautiful landscapes. Mount Abu is located in the beautiful Aravalli range of Rajasthan. Mount Abu is the only hill station that offers a peaceful winter vibe in the Rajasthan desert heat. The peaceful climate, picturesque surroundings, and rich culture attract tourists from all over the world. Let's discuss in detail the attraction of this hill station - 

Wonders of Nature - 

Mount Abu is blessed with natural beauty. It's the only hill station covering lush greenery, waterfalls, and pristine lakes. Nakki Lake is one of the most famous attractions, which attracts thousands of visitors annually and is surrounded by hills and legends. You can enjoy boating in the lake or relax on the shores. You will be amazed by viewing the sunset point, and Honeymoon Point offers perfect views of the surroundings and landscapes and is an ideal spot for a romantic evening.  

Spiritual -

Lots of ancient temples and spiritual retreats surround Mount Abu. You can visit one of the most famous Dilwara Jain Temples, known for its marble carvings, and it is a must-visit for its architecture and religious importance. You can visit the Guru Shikhar, one of the highest peaks. It is home to the Dattatreya Temple, made exclusively for the Lord Vishnu. The pleasant atmosphere and spiritual vibes make Mount Abu an ideal visitor destination.

Wildlife - 

For those who love nature, Mount Abu offers the opportunity to explore the wildlife and nature reserves. Mount Abu is a perfect wildlife sanctuary and a haven for those who want to explore the diverse flora and fauna. You can also get the chance to glimpse the Indian Leopard, sambar deer, wild boar, and various bird species. This sanctuary covers numerous features, which include trekking for adventure enthusiasts and various thrilling expeditions.

Architecture - 

Mount Abu covers the architectural marvels representing its rich history and beauty of cultural heritage. Take the chance to explore the Achalgarh Fort, built in the 14 century, and it is a magnificent structure with ancient temples and amazing views of the surrounding. You can also visit Adhar Devi Temple, which belongs to Goddess Durga; it is located at the top of the hill and offers beautiful stunning vistas. Explore the Brahma Kumari Peace Hall and Museum, which teaches you about spiritual learning and meditation practices.

Culture Delights -

Mount Abu works as a melting pot for different cultures and traditions. This town brings to life various festivals, including Summer Festival and the Gangaur Festival, which represent traditional dance forms, music, and various handicrafts. You can also explore the beautiful bazaars of Mount Abu, which offer a variety of handicrafts and textiles, and bring souvenirs for your loved ones.

Outdoor activities -

Varying from trekking, rock climbing, and rappelling, Mount Abu offers various outdoor and adventure activities. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you will find great activities in Mount Abu. You can also go camping, nature walks, and horseback riding to explore the natural beauty.

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People Also Asked

Where is Mount Abu situated?

Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station in the Aravalli Range of Rajasthan, India.

Which time is considered best to visit Mount Abu?

The best times to visit Mount Abu are from February to June and September to December.

Which are the most attractions in Mount Abu?

The must-visit attractions in Mount Abu are Dilwara Jain Temples, Nakki Lake, Guru Shikhar, Achalgarh Fort, and Sunset Point.

What are the ways to go to Mount Abu?


Mount Abu is very well connected to all the major cities. You can reach mount abu to the nearby Udaipur, Ahmedabad, and Jodhpur.

What are the accommodation options available in Mount Abu?


Mount Abu offers various accommodations options in Mount Abu, varying from different budgets and preferences. You can take luxury hotels, resorts, and guesthouses, and budget accommodation, which is available around the hill station.


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