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Bellikkal is one of those spots where you can totally unwind, without having to worry about a holiday "to-do" list, but still being surrounded by mountains that will take your breath away. It will take you by its beauty, peacefulness, and tranquillity rather than having a hundred places to offer.

Bellikkal is a tiny hamlet in Tamil Nadu, located in the south of the Sigur Plateau. This little and secretive hill station is as stunning as those found in the Himalayas, yet it has managed to preserve its old world charm. Anyone who has visited Bellikkal will long to return.



PARADISE PERFECT: This lovely family resort in Ooty is located in Fern Hill, Ooty, and prides itself on delivering utmost luxury to its visitors through exquisite meals and attractive, well-furnished accommodations. The hotel is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Nilgiris hills and is placed in a convenient location in the city.


ZOSTEL OOTY:Zostel Ooty offers accommodation with a common lounge, free private parking, and a garden in Ooty, 2.5 kilometres from Ooty Lake. This 3-star hostel has a front desk that is open 24 hours a day, a communal kitchen, and free WiFi.


FORTUNE RESORT SULLIVAN COURT: This upmarket resort in the Nilgiris belongs to the ITC hotel brand, which is known for its hospitality and high-end amenities. The suites include cutting-edge furnishings and facilities like as coffee machines and minibars, allowing visitors to take in the mountain vistas from the privacy of their own rooms. A common lounge, a garden, and spa and sauna facilities are also available. The restaurant provides a great breakfast as well as a range of cuisines.


BEVERLY VILLA:The hotel is located in the centre of the city, near to the Ooty Bus Station and Ooty Railway Station,  as well as many attractions such as the Ooty Lake, 2 km from the Ooty Botanical Gardens, and others, making it a popular choice among visitors. This resort has a good guest rating and is recognised for its outstanding service and well-trained personnel.


ACCORD HIGHLAND HOTEL:Cabin-style accommodations are available at this 5-star luxury resort, which are located on a cliff overlooking misty mountains and tall trees. Some of the apartments have beautiful views of the valleys in front of them. Private balconies and minibars are available in the most expensive rooms. A children's play area, a lounge, a bar, and a pool are also available. Their restaurant offers delectable Indian and continental fare.    



NEELAKURINJI BLOOMS: Neelakurinji The kurinji shrub, which is known for its blossom, is the region's most beautiful characteristic. Nature enthusiasts go from all around to view this flower in full bloom because of its dazzling purple blue hue.


BELLIKKAL LAKE:The little undiscovered hill station of Bellikal, perched at a height of about 5500 feet in the Nilgiri Hills, is noted for its beauty and solitude. The hamlet is a wonderful response to your fatigued attitude because it is near to nature. Everyone who visits the region is captivated by the sparkling clean waters of Bellikal Lake. The lake not only provides beautiful views of the surrounding area, but also keeps tourists entertained with a variety of activities.


KALHATTI FALLS: It is regarded as one of Bellikkal's best tourist attractions. The Kalhatti Falls, also known as Kalahasti Falls, are a beautiful picnic site where you may enjoy a variety of activities. This location is also associated with the great Hindu saint Agasthya.


BISON VALLEY: Bison Valley got its name from the well-known Indian bison that roams the area. It is home to a variety of creatures, including bears, deer, monkeys, leopards, elephants, and a variety of birds, including woodpeckers, bulbuls, and others. A beautiful scenic vista of cardamom woodlands and tea farms can also be seen.


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People Also Asked

How to reach Bellikkal by air?

Traveling to Tamil Nadu by plane is not an issue. Coimbatore International Airport is the closest airport. It is around 100 kilometres from Bellikkal and takes approximately 2 and a half hours due to the rough trip.

The nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport (CJB), which is 63 kilometres away from Bellikkal.

How to reach Bellikkal by road?

If you intend on driving up to Bellikkal on your own, it might be quite a hardship. It is preferable to use the bus or a cab. Coimbatore, the nearest major centre, operates daily buses to Bellikkal. Buses are also available from all of Tamil Nadu's major centres. If there isn't a direct bus available, you may have to travel to Coimbatore first.

What's the weather at Bellikkal?

The greatest time to visit Bellikkal is during the monsoon season (July-September), although it may be visited at any time of year because the weather is always lovely. Bellikkal, according to its name, has wonderful weather for practically the whole year. Summers are hot and humid, but the mountain environment never gets that way. Winters are as stunning, although there is no snowfall. Monsoons are equally joyful, although some people avoid visiting the hills during the monsoons. As a result, it's better to visit during a month when it's not raining.

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