Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun

Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun

Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
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Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun Highlights

  • Himalayan Challenge: Pangarchulla Peak Trek is a thrilling high-altitude trek starting from Dehradun. It's an opportunity to conquer a majestic Himalayan summit standing at 14,700 feet.
  • Scenic Beauty: The trek unveils stunning natural beauty, from dense forests and lush meadows to serene villages. It's a visual treat for nature enthusiasts.
  • Cultural Exploration: The trail also offers a chance to interact with local communities, providing insights into their traditions and way of life.
  • Adventurous Journey: The trek is a mix of adventure and exploration, with challenges like steep ascents and descents that will test your hiking skills.
  • Unforgettable Views: The panoramic vistas from the summit of Pangarchulla are truly unforgettable, with sweeping views of the Garhwal Himalayas and surrounding landscapes.

Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun Overview

The Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun is an exciting mountain adventure set in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand, India. Starting from the vibrant city of Dehradun, this trek takes you to the enchanting Garhwal Himalayas. Pangarchulla Peak, standing tall at 14,700 feet, offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for trekkers. Along the way, you'll traverse through dense forests, serene meadows, and quaint villages, immersing yourself in the natural beauty and local culture. The trek is a blend of breathtaking landscapes and a chance to conquer a Himalayan summit, making it a must-do for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


Quick Facts 

➔ Start Point: Dhak Village

➔ End Point: Dhak Village 

➔ Altitude: 4,600 m/ 15,100 ft.

➔ Trek Distance: 14 km 

➔ Duration: 7 Days 



  • Transportation: The package includes transportation to and from Dehradun to the trek starting point and back.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation options may include tents for camping during the trek and basic lodges or guesthouses in the base camp area.
  • Meals: Our packages include meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the trek. These meals are often simple and cater to trekkers' dietary needs.
  • Trekking Guide: A local experienced guide is usually included to lead the trek and provide valuable insights about the trail, local culture, and safety.
  • Trekking Permits: Necessary permits and entry fees for the trekking route may be included in the package.


How to reach 

By Air

➔ To reach Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun by air, you can fly to the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. It's the nearest airport to the trek's starting point. 

From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach the trek's base camp, which is usually in Joshimath or Auli.

By Road

➔ To reach Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun by road, you can drive or hire a taxi to Joshimath, which serves as the base camp for the trek. 

➔ The journey takes about 9-10 hours and involves traveling through picturesque roads in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.

By Train

➔ To reach Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun by train, you can take a train to Dehradun Railway Station, the nearest major railway station. 

➔ From there, you'll need to continue your journey by road, either by hiring a taxi or taking a bus, to reach the trek's base camp in Joshimath or Auli.

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Itinerary For Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun


Day 1 - Dehradun to Joshimath


  • Start your journey from Dehradun.
  • Arrive in Joshimath, the base camp for the trek.
  • Check into your accommodation and relax.

Day 2 - Joshimath to Dhak Village (Drive)

Dhak village

  • Drive from Joshimath to Dhak Village.
  • Start trekking from Dhak Village to Tugasi, a picturesque campsite.
  • Set up camp, enjoy dinner, and rest.

Day 3 - Tugasi to Khullara (Trek)


  • Trek to Khullara, a beautiful meadow with stunning views.
  • Set up camp, and spend the evening taking in the scenery.

Day 4 - Acclimatization Day (Khullara)


  • Spend a day acclimatizing at Khullara.
  • Explore the surroundings and take short walks to adapt to the altitude.

Day 5 - Khullara to Pangarchulla Base Camp (Trek)


  • Trek to the Pangarchulla Base Camp, a challenging climb.
  • Set up camp at the base camp, rest, and prepare for the summit push

Day 6 - Summit Pangarchulla Peak and Descend (Trek)


  • Start early in the morning to summit Pangarchulla Peak.
  • Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the top.
  • Descend back to the base camp and further down to Tugasi for the night.

Day 7 - Return to Joshimath and Departure


  • Trek back to Dhak Village and drive to Joshimath.
  • Explore Joshimath if time allows.
  • Depart from Joshimath and return to Dehradun, concluding your trek.
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Location Details about Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun

Starting Point

Dhak village

End Point

Dhak village

Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun Reviews



"A Dream Realized"

Trekking Pangarchulla with BanBanjara turned my Himalayan dream into a reality. From the well-organized itinerary to the breathtaking summit, it was an unforgettable journey.



"Beyond Expectations"

BanBanjara's team exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail, safety measures, and the incredible views of Pangarchulla made this trek a highlight of my life.



"Cultural Immersion"

Besides the stunning landscapes, I was immersed in local culture, thanks to BanBanjara's well-planned interactions with the Garhwali people. It added a unique touch to the trek.



"Professionals in Adventure"

BanBanjara's professionalism and care for trekkers' safety made this adventure not only thrilling but also secure. I felt confident every step of the way.



"A Tranquil Acclimatization Day"

The acclimatization day at Khullara, a part of BanBanjara's itinerary, allowed me to adapt peacefully to the altitude and soak in the stunning meadow.



"Pangarchulla's Majesty"

The views from the summit were nothing short of majestic. BanBanjara's guides ensured we made the ascent safely and reveled in the breathtaking panoramas.



"Well-Equipped and Well-Fed"

BanBanjara provided essential gear and hearty meals, allowing us to focus on the trek. The food was simple but delicious after a day of hiking.



"Spectacular Night Skies"

Camping under the starry skies at high altitudes, facilitated by BanBanjara, was an unforgettable experience. The clarity and brilliance of the stars left me in awe.



"An Unforgettable Journey"

I'm grateful to BanBanjara for curating an unforgettable journey. From beginning to end, the trek was a delightful and enriching adventure.



"Pangarchulla's Peace"

This trek with BanBanjara was a perfect escape from the noise and chaos of city life. The tranquility and peace of Pangarchulla were rejuvenating.

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Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Dehradun FAQs

What is the best time to undertake the Pangarchulla Peak Trek?

The best time is typically from April to June and September to November when the weather is most favorable.

How difficult is the Pangarchulla Peak Trek, and what is the level of fitness required?

The trek is considered moderately challenging. Trekkers should have a good level of fitness and some prior trekking experience at high altitudes.

Are there any altitude-related concerns, and how can I acclimatize properly?

Yes, there are altitude concerns. Acclimatization days are built into the itinerary to help trekkers adjust gradually. Staying hydrated and following the guide's advice is essential.

What kind of accommodation can I expect during the trek?

Accommodation includes camping in tents at various campsites along the route. The facilities are basic but comfortable.

Is it possible to rent trekking gear at the base camp or should I bring my own?

Most trek operators provide essential trekking gear, but it's advisable to inquire about specific gear and check if you need to bring any personal equipment.

What should I pack for the Pangarchulla Peak Trek?

Packing essentials include warm clothing, trekking shoes, rain gear, a backpack, personal toiletries, and any specific items your trek operator recommends.

Is there mobile network coverage during the trek?

Mobile network coverage is limited in many parts of the trek, so it's best to inform your family and friends about your itinerary in advance.

What safety measures are in place in case of an emergency during the trek?

Trek operators usually have emergency communication devices, first-aid kits, and evacuation plans in case of unexpected situations. It's important to follow your guide's instructions in case of emergencies.

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