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Kathgodam, which is situated in the beautiful Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, provides a gateway to a bevy of magnificent natural and cultural landmarks. This fascinating location provides a ton of things for everyone to learn about, from the famous Jim Corbett National Park to the peaceful Gola River and cultural landmarks like Jama Masjid and Kalichaud Mandir.


Jim Corbett National Park:

Jim Corbett National Park, one of India's most well-known and renowned wildlife preserves, is only a short drive from Kathgodam. This park, named after the renowned hunter-turned-environmentalist Jim Corbett, is a paradise for lovers of the natural world and animals. Lots of species of flora and animals, including the famous Bengal tiger, consider its 520 square kilometers region home. You can go on thrilling safaris here where you might view tigers, leopards, elephants, and a wide variety of bird species. The park a must-destination for wildlife and photography enthusiasts because of its unique beauty, dense forests, and the Ramganga River that passes through it.


Gola River and Gola Dam:

The Gola River flows through the lovely surroundings close to Kathgodam. It is the perfect location for a quiet picnic or a leisurely stroll along its banks due to its clean waters and pleasant surroundings. The Gola Dam, which diverts water from the river for agriculture, is the real wonder of this place. The dam also generates a picturesque reservoir that is encircled by rich vegetation, making it a peaceful location for photographers and environment enthusiasts.


Nainital Lake:

The Gola River flows through the scenic surroundings close to Kathgodam. It is the perfect location for a calm picnic or a leisurely stroll along its banks due to its clean waters and peaceful surroundings. The Gola Dam, which uses water from the river to redirect it for agriculture, is the area's genuine wonder. The dam also generates a picturesque reservoir that is encircled by rich vegetation, making it a calm location for photographers and nature enthusiasts.


Bhimtal Lake:

Bhimtal is another picturesque lake attraction close to Kathgodam. It provides Nainital with a less noisy and congested substitute. The Bhimtal Lake, which is bigger than Nainital Lake and has boating opportunities, is encircled by lush green hills. An aquarium is located on a tiny island in the lake's middle, which adds to the area's appeal. Anyone searching for a peaceful escape in the centre of nature would love this place.


Jama Masjid Kathgodam:

Nearby Kathgodam, Bhimtal is another lovely lake location. It provides Nainital with a more serene and uncrowded substitute. The Bhimtal Lake is bigger than Nainital Lake and offers boating options. It is bordered by lush hills little island in the middle of the lake is home to an aquarium, which enhances the beauty of the surroundings. It’s a terrific spot for anyone searching for a peaceful getaway in the center of nature.


Kalichaud Mandir:

In close proximity to Kathgodam lies the well-known Hindu temple known as Kalichaud Mandir. Local pilgrims and Kali worshipers are drawn there. Reflection is encouraged by the temple's peaceful surroundings and spiritual ambiance.

Kathgodam and its surroundings provide evidence of the natural and cultural diversity of the Kumaon area. The region offers a broad range of activities, from the tranquil rivers, lakes, and historic temples to the thrilling wildlife safaris in Jim Corbett National Park. Whether they are nature lovers, wildlife aficionados, or cultural explorers, every traveler may discover something unique and alluring in Kathgodam and the adjacent attractions.

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People Also Asked

What is the best time to visit Kathgodam and its nearby attractions?

The best time to visit Kathgodam and its neighbouring attractions is during the spring and summer months, from March to June. This time of year is ideal for outdoor activities because of the favourable weather.It is possible to plan a trip between November and February but keep in mind that only some higher-altitude locations might not be accessible if you prefer cold winter weather and the possibility of snowfall.

How do I reach Kathgodam from major cities in India?

Kathgodam is well-connected by train and road. If you're traveling from Delhi, you can take a train to Kathgodam Railway Station, which is one of the major railheads in the region. Alternatively, you can drive from Delhi or nearby cities, taking the NH9 or NH87. If you're flying, the nearest airport is Pant Nagar Airport, approximately 70 kilometres’ away, followed by a road journey to Kathgodam.

What are the popular adventure activities near Kathgodam?

Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in activities like wildlife safaris in Jim Corbett National Park, trekking in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, and boating in Nainital and Bhimtal Lakes. A superb location for outdoor experiences, the Kumaon area also provides options for paragliding, rappelling, and camping.

Is it necessary to book safari tickets in advance for Jim Corbett National Park?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book safari permits for Jim Corbett National Park in advance, especially during the peak tourist season. The park authorities have limited the number of vehicles allowed on safaris to minimize environmental impact, so securing your permit in advance ensures you don't miss out on this incredible wildlife experience. You can book permits online or through authorized agents.

What special dishes from Kathgodam and Kumaon should you try?

When you visit Kathgodam in the Kumaon region, make sure to sample some of the local fare like Aloo Ke Gutke, Bhaang Ki Chutney, Gahat Ki Dal, and the sweet delight Bal Mithai. These dishes, are offered in local eateries and cafés.

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Manthan Valia

Wonderful Experience

The location was really very beautiful and I went there with my wife and enjoyed the whole trip in the beautiful nature, and the environment was also nice. Great recommendation.

Brahmatal Trek Package

Praveen Singh


It was an easy trek and perfect for beginners and the sightseeing was also nice, we enjoyed the whole trip a lot and the guide was also nice. Memorable trip.

Brahmatal Trek Package

Pratik Chakraborty

Awesome trip

At the top of the mountain, the view was really very beautiful and the camp was clean and large and the food was too tasty, the guide was also a nice person. Highly recommended.

Brahmatal Trek Package

Soumya Rout

Wonderful Experience

Brahmatal Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in the whole of Uttarakhand and lots of people come to visit and enjoy the beautiful and clean environment. Viewpoints are literally amazing. Awesome trip.

Brahmatal Trek Package

Divanshu Divanshu


Overall the experience was really very beautiful, the lush greenery looked amazing and the stay was wonderful. You should visit it once..............!!!!!!!!

Brahmatal Trek Package

Gireesh Bhat

Awesome trip

We enjoyed lots of activities during the trek, mostly at the campsite and the guide was a nice person, we clicked lots of beautiful pictures at the beautiful place for over memory.

Brahmatal Trek Package

Yogesh Pandey

Wonderful Experience

The way of trekking was awesome and the mountains were also nice to see and the weather was also good on that day. Highly recommended.

Brahmatal Trek Package

Abhishek Sarkar


It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and the viewpoints are also nice, we click lots of beautiful pictures on their enjoyable trip.

Brahmatal Trek Package


Good experience

The perfect place for nature lovers and the way of trekking was also nice. The stay was also nice, and we enjoyed the lots of activities in the camp site. Thank you Banbanjara for making the trip memorable.

Brahmatal Trek Package

Tezz Patel

Wonderful Place

The best time to visit Brahmatal Trek is during the rainy season because at that time lush greenery on the mountains and the valleys also looks amazing. And the destination was very beautiful to see. Highly recommended.

Brahmatal Trek Package

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