India Cruises

India Cruises

India Cruises

India Cruises Overview

The cruises in India have to offer the most luxurious vacation for travelers who want to experience the Indian seas with style. Many well-known Indian cruise liners offer heaven to their passengers, which meets their long list of demands for their long journey. 

You can sail through several routes, with the help of the India cruise packages. Some of the most popular India Cruise’s routes are Mumbai-High Seas-Goa-Mumbai, Chennai-Trincomalee-Chennai Mumbai-Diu-Mumbai, Mumbai-Venice, Mumbai- Athens, Mumbai-Singapore, Mumbai-Male, and Kolkata-Bangladesh. The India cruises take their passengers to these pristine locations while offering picturesque scenery and a wonderful experience of the beautiful Marine life. 

One of the Indian cruises which provide their services is Cordelia cruise liner, which is a popular Indian cruise liner among travellers. It provides all kinds of luxuries and amenities that you can imagine. Another well-known cruise in India is Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise which improves your experience by providing travellers with cultural performances and night various broadway theatre programs. 

There are a lot of amenities offered by the India cruises liners like a casino, movie theatre, spa, skydiving simulators, a vertigo water slide, water coaster, and much more! 

Best Cruises in India 

Two well-known cruise liners offer the best experience and top-notch amenities, namely Cordelia cruise liners and Angriya cruise liners. They are the best cruises in India.  

Cordelia cruises

Set out your adventure on the High seas with one of the premium cruises in India, Cordelia cruises. Providing its luxury all over the world, this cruise liner is vivaciously sailing through international waters to elevate its passenger's journey. The royal treatment begins the moment you set foot on the Empress. You are treated with highly rejuvenating, entertaining, and captivating experiences. A cruise vacation in India can be everything you wished for, and with Cordelia Cruises it could be an unforgettable vacation. Explore India with attractive Indian Cruise packages. 

Angriya cruises

One of the best domestic (Indian) cruise liners, Angriya has travelled across Mumbai to Goa, along the Konkan coast several times. It is the pride of India. You will not only get to witness the fascinating marine life, but also the regal sea forts, which will make you fall in love with the ocean. It offers various amenities like restaurants with various cuisines, Bars, Lounges, infinity pools, etc. they offer the best cruise vacation packages in India.

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India cruises: Bali

India cruises: Bali

Travel to the Bali islands with a wide range of cruises, a number of adventurous activities and various amenities offered by the cruises. Bali can be considered as the paradise for people who love beaches and exploring new cuisine. 

You don’t have to wait for a certain time to visit Bali, as it is a place that you can visit all round the year. However, you must keep an account of the weather wherever you are visiting Bali. Between November and March, Bali experiences rainfall. On the contrary, during June and August, you will find the atmosphere to be a little cooler. Several cruises from India to Bali offer you the best services with world-class amenities.

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Indian cruises: Dubai

Indian cruises: Dubai

A constantly developing multicultural city, dubai is one of the 7 seven territories which makes up the UAE. You will be able to find all the modern luxuries here, from top notch shopping complexes to architectural wonders which provide the most luxurious places to dine and and unwind. 

Witness the beautiful Marina waterways while you’re on the cruise to Dubai, along with many other Yachts. Unwind on the golden sand beaches, with a view of iconic Burj-Al-Arab. 

Explore the beautiful Souk Madinat Jumeirah Village, with the web of canals and Arabic hotels with lush gardens. Check out the Al-Fahidi historical neighbourhood with its different traditional buildings. There are several cruises in India that sail to Dubai. 

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Indian cruise: Sri Lanka

Indian cruise: Sri Lanka

From golden sand beaches to lush tropical beaches, tea plantations, and a busy metropolitan port city, Sri Lanka mixes natural beauty with cultural diversity. Enjoy the beautiful aroma of various spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, explore various ancient forts,  and visit various temples located in the middle of the Jungle.

You can also take part in whale watching excursions for learning more about these magnificent mammals, and then get a sunbath on the beaches. Book a cruise from India to Sri Lanka to get an exotic experience.

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India cruises: Europe

India cruises: Europe

Indulge in the fascinating history, cuisine, culture, and great beauty of the ancient world. There are a lot of ways to immerse in the best of the European region, it doesn't matter which part of Europe you’re visiting, be it the Mediterranean or the iconic cities in Europe. A cruise trip from India to Europe can take you through many iconic locations that you would find hard to forget.

Roam in the city of Paris for those freshly baked croissants, and then enjoy the scrumptious seafood in a restaurant on the street of La Ramba in Barcelona. Unwind in Gondola as you stroll through the beautiful waterways in Venice, the dreamland for all the hopeless romantics. And then dive into the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, with the attractions of lush gardens, incredible ocean views, and beautiful villages, which have been the inspiration of many talented artists.

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India cruises: Andaman

India cruises: Andaman

Derived from the Malay language, Andaman is directly translated to Hanuman (Hindu God). Andaman has enticing beaches with numerous palm trees and exotic Instagram-worthy locations. Other than that, they also have very diverse flora and fauna, which enhances the beauty of these islands. Travelling from India to Andaman on cruises can provide you with a luxurious experience. 

The best time for visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands is between October to May. During this time the weather remains pleasant for beach excursions, sightseeing, and water sports. The time during Monsoon i.e. July to September is not recommended due to the weather at that time. Andaman experiences high tidal waves, heavy rains, and strong winds.

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India cruises: Maldives

India cruises: Maldives

The Maldives is the perfect place for beach lovers, as there is a large span of the coastal area where you will get to witness vibrant sunrises and sunsets. There are lots and lots of water activities like kayaking, wakeboarding, surfing, jet skiing, underwater walking, scuba diving, and much more. A cruise trip from India to Maldives can provide you with unforgettable memories. 

Other than the natural beauty, Maldives is diverse in cultural aspects as well. The population in the Maldives consists of Persian, Indonesian, Arab, Malaysian, Indian, and Sri Lankans. The people there are very welcoming and hospitable, and they would try their best to make your holiday memorable. 

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India cruises: Singapore

India cruises: Singapore

Located in southeast Asia, Singapore is a beautiful country with 63 small islands, with the Main Island being almost 42 Km long. Singapore is counted in the list of the world's smallest countries. Singapore is considered the global financial centre, and along with that it also has places like the Botanic Garden which is a world heritage site. Cruises from India to Singapore offer the best scenic routes that one can ever imagine. 

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People Also Asked About India Cruises

How many luxury cruises are operating in India?

There are several cruises operating in India, but there are 6 main luxury cruises currently sailing in the Indian water. Here’s a list of luxury cruises along with their famous routes:

  1. Cordelia cruise: Mumbai to Goa, Chennai Trincomalee-Chennai, Mumbai-High Seas-Lakshadweep (Kadmat)-Goa-Mumbai, Chennai - High Seas - Chennai,  Mumbai-High Seas-Mumbai, etc. 
  2. Angriya cruises: Mumbai-Goa.
  3. Sundarbans cruises: Kolkata-Sundarban
  4. The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda cruises: Vembanad Lake-Alleppey
  5. River ganges heritage cruise: Kolkata-Murshidabad
  6. M.V. Mahabaahu cruise: Kolkata-Assam

What are the famous cruise vacations in India?

Here’s a list of famous cruise vacations in India: 

  • The Golden Triangle Cruises 
  • Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruises
  • Chilika Lake Cruises
  • Kochi Cruises
  • Goa cruises

Which of the cruise liners in India are affordable?

Here’s a list of affordable cruises: 

  • Costa Neo Classica 
  • Vivada Cruise M.V. Paramhansa 
  • Angriya cruises 
  • Sawfish luxury cruises

What kind of accommodations are available on the India cruise?

You will find various types of rooms available on the India cruises. From regular dormitories to luxurious suits, these cruises have it all.

Is food available on board?

Yes, food of all kinds of cuisines are available on board. You can dine in the various restaurants available on board

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