Mumbai To Goa Cruise

Mumbai To Goa Cruise

Mumbai To Goa Cruise

Mumbai To Goa Cruise Overview

Popular Cruise Routes From Mumbai To Goa

➔ Cordelia Cruise Mumbai To Lakshadweep

➔ Angriya Cruise Mumbai To Goa


About Mumbai To Goa Cruise

Passing through the beautiful Konkan coast and providing beautiful views to their passengers with positive vibes and luxury, Mumbai to Goa Cruises has it all. The cruise takes you to the party capital, Goa, where you can make unforgettable memories. Goa is a very picturesque place with beautiful beaches, adventure activities, preppy nightlife, and exotic seafood. Goa can be considered the perfect holiday destination. 

The Mumbai to Goa trip is provided by many major cruise liners like Cordelia Cruises and Angariya Cruises. These cruises provide quality services with a variety of amenities like swimming pools for both adults and kids, deck and pool dining, bars, broadway shows, evening shows, health and spa facilities, and various activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Opt for a Mumbai to Goa cruise package offered by big cruise liners, and explore the beautiful seas full of surprises.  

Mumbai to Goa Cruise Packages 
Below are the Mumbai to Goa Cruise Packages with the Best Prices:

Package Days  Price
Cordelia cruises - Mumbai-Goa-Lakshadweep-Mumbai 5 nights / 6 days  
Cordelia Cruises - Mumbai-High Seas-Goa-Mumbai 2 nights / 3 days  
Cordelia Cruises - Kochi-Lakshadweep-Mumbai-Goa 4 nights / 4 days  
Cordelia Cruises - Mumbai-High Seas-Lakshadweep-Goa-Mumbai 5 nights / 6 days  
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Popular Cruises From Mumbai To Goa


Cordelia Cruise Mumbai to Lakshadweep Packages

Cordelia Cruise Mumbai to Lakshadweep Packages

With a priceless treasure of beautiful landscapes, scenic views, and seascape, Lakshadweep is a place that is much more than it is described. The term Lakshadweep means “one hundred thousand islands”. It is approximately 300 miles away from the coast of Kerala. 
There are a total of 36 islands in Lakshadweep, and 10 of them are inhabited and are home to the national income of water-based agriculture and tourism. The exclusive services on board and one-of-a-kind experience are what make this Mumbai to Lakshadweep cruise trip special. 

Price of Cordelia cruise Mumbai to Lakshadweep

Packages Days Price
Mumbai-Kochi-Lakshadweep-Mumbai 6 days / 5 nights  
Mumbai-Lakshadweep 5 days / 4 nights  
Mumbai-Lakshadweep-Goa-Mumbai 6 days / 5 nights  
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Angriya Cruise - Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Angriya Cruise - Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Angriya Cruise - The Mumbai to Goa Cruise liners are the most modern and luxury cruises that sail from Mumbai to Goa (and vice versa) along the shores of the Konkan coast of India. The hospitable and warm staff and world-class amenities make this Mumbai to Goa cruise luxurious and advanced. 

The cruise has a capacity of over 470 passengers, with 70 crew and staff members. The expected duration of the cruise is 17 hours, you can take part in various activities on board in the meantime. Mumbai and Goa are the most searched destinations as Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, and Goa is considered the party capital of the nation. Both of them are known for their beaches where you can find beautiful shacks and gold sands, with a view of limitless seas. 

Types of Rooms
There are three kinds of rooms available on Mumbai to Goa cruises

Interior standard rooms 
The capacity of this room is a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. 
Twin beds with ensuite washrooms 

Ocean view rooms
Capacity of the room is up to 4 people  
One double bed and two single beds with an ensuite washroom

Mini suite
Capacity of the room is up to 3 people  
This room comes with a balcony, one double bed and ensuite bathroom

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People Also Asked About Mumbai To Goa Cruises

What is the capacity of the Cordelia cruise?

The Cordelia Cruise can carry up to 2000 people. 

What is the route of the Mumbai to Goa cruise?

The cruise sets off from Mumbai in the afternoon and reaches Goa in the early morning the next day, sailing through the Konkan coastline of India. 

Can we bring pets on the cruise?

No, pets are not allowed on the cruise. 

Can I smoke on my balcony?

No, you can’t smoke on the balcony. There is a space designated for people who smoke, you can smoke there. 

How much luggage can I carry with me?

You can bring two bags with you, but make sure that one bag must weigh under 23 Kg. and make sure that your cabin bag weighs less than 10 Kg. 

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