Kheerganga Weather

Kheerganga Weather

Himachal Pradesh
Kheerganga Weather

Kheerganga Weather Overview

The Kheerganga Trek (Khir Ganga) is one of the most famous hiking locations of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of around 2950 m. Deep within the Parvati Valley, Kheerganga has several amazing experiences for walkers! It is associated with Shiva, when he was the residence of the this place. Kheerganga Trek has different temperatures throughout the seasons! The temperature in the winters can be quite cold, with the landscape covered with snow. During warm days, i.e. late May or early June, the temperature can rise to 45 degrees. The winter temperature however is adverse and snowfall frequently occurs.

Kheerganga temperature
Kheerganga temperature in the summer months, plan your trip in order to experience the ideal Kheerganga temperature. The weather is ideal, with temperatures in this time ranging from 13°C to 37°C. The nicest part of the trip during this period is the animals who take a drink along the river from their hideouts. March through June is the finest season for a trek in Kheerganga. From March to June Kheerganga temperature, the weather is good, rich foliage and beautiful blue skies can be expected. The nights with clear stellar skies are just as cool and delightful. This is also the finest time to camp on the lovely Kheerganga trip in the lush green woods owning to the Keerganag temperature. This is also the finest time to camp on the lovely Kheerganga trip in the lush green woods. July through September, in this region, monsoon is not exactly the perfect period for hiking if you don't know this kind of terrain very well. 

The Kheerganga temperature of a hiking tour ranges from 22°C to 32°C throughout this period. The temperature drops between 3°C to 10°C from October to February. The temperature plummets to below zero when the snowdrops in January. This may not have been one of the ideal weather for a hike in Kheerganga, as numerous hiking trails may be closed or unfriendly. From March through June Kheerganga temperature, most favorable weather in Kheerganga temperature is summer. There is not much dampness to the air, and the nature of wildlife that would otherwise rarely look easy to see during the summer if you drop down to the river for a drink is hot and yet comfortable, varying between 13°C to 37°C.

Kheerganga Weather
The Kheerganga weather is not ideal for Kheerganga Trek from July to September. You will certainly encounter landslides, muddy roads, and roadblocks that will completely hinder your trip. In these months Kheerganga is subjected to moderate to heavy rainfalls and although the place is a delight for nature lovers, trekkers may not.
The Kheerganga weather ranges from 22oC through 32oC during monsoons, so the hot days and nights are nice, the waterfalls appear amazing, naturally abundant and the rainfall gives a romantic atmosphere to the air. But without you planning to sit up or just wander around in a cozy hotel room in a pleasant environment, Monsoon is certainly not the appropriate Kheerganga weather or time for a walk. The off-season costs are also significantly lower, however for this reason Kheerganga cannot be visited in the monsoon because there are no other trekkers to visit there either. Being the coolest, the weather of Kheerganga Trek is not very good between October to February, Kheerganga weather is not recommended by many people. A few roads are impassable, places are unfriendly and temps freeze. Temperature ranges from 3°C to 10°C and can plunge to nearly intolerable temperatures in January when the snow begins to fall to 0°C or even -4°C. When you climb higher, the air starts to fine, and the amounts of oxygen are low. Most creatures located here also hibernate, thus it might not be possible and natural to spot fascinating wildlife.

In the summer months to experience the ideal weather for the Kheerganga hike. The weather is great, as the temperature during this period is between 13°C to 37°C. The finest thing in this season is the animals who go out of their hiding places for a drink on the river. Between March and June the finest period for the Kheerganga hike. You may expect good weather from March through June, rich greenery and beautiful blue skies. The nights with clear star-studded skies are also chilly and delightful. This is also the greatest season to camp in Kheerganga's lush, verdant wilderness. Monsoon is in this region from July to September and not exactly the perfect season to hike if you don't know that type of terrain very well. The temperatures of the Kheerganga hike range from 22°C to 32°C during this period. The temperature drops between 3°C and 10°C from October to February. The temperature dips to lower zero in January when the snowdrops. This may not be the finest weather for hiking in Kheerganga, because during this period, numerous trekking routes may be closed or unfriendly.

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Kheerganga Weather In Different Season


Summer(March to June)

Summer(March to June)

From Summer(March to June), the most favorable time for Kheerganga trekking in summer. There is still little moisture in the air, but wild animals that are rarely easily spotted during summer when they go down to the river for a drink are hot yet comfortable, ranging from 13°C to 37°C. During this season, you can notice numerous travelers from close by and far, because highways are the safest and easiest to reach in summers. Many tourist attractions are also open this season, so it's convenient to stop or visit a brief trip. The lake is peaceful and lovely and the open, sunny sky provides the perfect excuse to establish an overnight camp along the trail. As a high season, rates are usually higher this season, but the weather in Kheerganga is so pleasant between March and June that it is not possible to take the road in the summer.

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Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon (July to September)

The weather in Kheerganga from July to September or Monsoon (July to September) is not advisable. You will meet tribulations, slippery roads, and roadblocks that will completely hinder your journey. During the monsoon, the temperature ranges from 22°C to 32°C for hot days and nights are nice, the waterfalls are fantastic, the abundance of nature is characteristic and the rainfall lends a romantic feel to the air.

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Winter (October to February)

Winter (October to February)

As the coldest, Kheerganga Trek, Winter (October to February),  is not very beneficial from October to February, which is not recommended by many people. Some roads are inaccessible, there are inhospitable spots and frigid temps. The temperature ranges from 3°C to 10°C, and snow temperatures starting in January can be virtually intolerable at 0°C and even 4°C. As you get higher the air starts to diminish and the level of oxygen is low, causing a laborious climb. Most of the creatures found here also winter, thus it may not be feasible to spot astonishing animals and neither is natural.

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Best Time for Kheerganga Trekking

Best Time for Kheerganga Trekking

The weather in Kheerganga Trek is favorable most of the year, except July and September. So, the  Best Time for Kheerganga Trekking is after the monsoons when planning a Kheerganga Trek. Temperatures from October to February range from 3 to 10°C whereas temperatures range from 15 to 22°C throughout February to June. If you want to spot any species while nature enthusiasts, March to May would be a great time to visit. But if you appreciate the air and the snow that literally 'blows away,' It appears perfect for you from October until February! But this time of the year can be quite chilly and steeper pitches may become a bit tough and scaling up to new heights due to decreasing oxygen levels and strong winds. Some roads are obstructed because of heavy snowfall that could make your travel uncomfortable. Trek to Kheerganga Summer weather is fantastic, and most trekkers think that the greatest time to hike the Kheerganga Trek is between March and May. This is the time of the year, and the hamlet is calm, yet active. The hot slopes are relatively dry and the rivers tranquil, so it is easier and entertaining to travel.

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People Also Asked

How much distance is covered while trekking to kheerganga from kasol?

You will be covering almost 15 Km while trekking to kheerganga from kasol.  

How much time does it take to reach Kheerganga?

It takes 5-6 hours to reach Kheerganga from kasol.

Are there any ATMs available in kheerganga?

There are ATMs available, but most of the time they are not in working condition. So make sure that you carry enough cash with you at all times.

Do I have to exercise regularly before taking the kheerganga trek?

Yes, you have to exercise daily before taking the kheerganga trek. However, it is a short trek, but still, you need to be active to take this trek. 

What is the ideal time to visit kheerganga?

The best time to visit kheerganga is during the summer months (May-June, September). During this time the Parvati Valley blooms to its full extent, and the weather is pleasant as well. 
Make sure that you avoid going there during the monsoon season, as the path becomes slippery and can be a little bit dangerous. 

Can beginners take the kheerganga trek?

Yes, beginners can take the kheerganga trek. It is one of the most recommended treks for beginners

How can I reach Kheerganga from Delhi by road?

You have to take a bus from Delhi to Kasol. Then, from Kasol, you have to travel to barshaini. And then finally, from barshaini, you have to trek to reach kheerganga. 

What should I carry with me on the trip to kheerganga?

Here’s a list of stuff that you have to carry with you: 

  • A flashlight 
  • Sunscreen
  • Backpack 
  • Personal toiletries
  • A water bottle 
  • Extra clothes (make sure they are warm)

Is the kheerganga trek ideal for solo travellers?

Yes, Kheerganga is an ideal trek for solo travellers. 

When should I visit kheerganga?

Make sure that you visit kheerganga during the summer, as the Parvati valley becomes 100 times more beautiful this time.

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"Kudos to the Banbanjara team for their professionalism. The guides were experienced, and safety was their top priority."

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"We appreciate Banbanjara's commitment to eco-friendly trekking. 'Leave No Trace' was a mantra we all followed."

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It was my first concert. the local guide is also a nice person, and people are also in helping nature. So the area of kasol is Nice. Hotels are also neat and clean.

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Hey, guys if you are planning to visit the Kheerganga trek within budget it would cost around 2k for an overnight stay you don't need to hire any trek professional it's easy and fun to do it on your own... DM me for more details Happy traveling!

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Breathtaking Scenery:

"The Sar Pass Trek with Banbanjara was a visual feast. The landscapes, from lush forests to snowy peaks, left us speechless."

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"The campfire nights in Grahan and Biskeri Thach were the highlights. Good company, starry skies, and warm fires—unforgettable."

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"Banbanjara offered a flexible itinerary. We extended our trip to explore Malana, and they made it seamless."

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"The Banbanjara team truly cares about the trekkers. They checked on our well-being and provided medical support when needed."

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"The farewell dinner in Kasol was a lovely gesture. Banbanjara knows how to make their trekkers feel appreciated."

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