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Visit Duration: 2-3 hours

Timings: Everyday 10:00am -6:00pm

Entry type: Paid

Entry Fee: 688

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Spending time away from the monotonous chores of daily life, in the presence of animals helps you relax and cleanse your mind from worldly worries. You get an opportunity to build bonds with these adorable creatures.

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Farm In The City

Highlights of Farm In The City

An outstanding feature of this attraction is that it allows you to have an actual interaction with animals. You can feed adorable little rabbits who nibble food from your hands like cute babies. One can go and pet the goats over their soft fur. Children have a lot of fun while engaging with sheep and goats. This helps in building a connection between humans and animals. It builds an emotional bond and people learn to cherish these innocent animals.

Pet village allows you to view domestic animals who play an essential role in the farming industry. You can visit hens in their coops, sitting on top of the eggs they lay providing them sufficient warmth and staying protective about them. Apart from this, you can even try your hand at milking cows. People are available who will help you do the same. Butterfly Garden takes you to another world and makes you wonder if what you're seeing is real. It has a diversity of butterfly species, ranging from the most common ones to the rarest. You'll find yourself surrounded by these beautiful creatures all around and colouring your world. Over here, you do not just get to see the butterflies but also learn about the various stages they undergo through their development and other interesting facts about them. There is a separate section which houses tortoises only. Owing to the inhabitance of tortoises in this area, it is known as the Tortoise Kingdom. You get to learn about these slow but steady creatures. There are all types of tortoises residing here and it's a nice place to get to know these animals. Mini Jungle is a section where an environment very similar to the natural habitats of certain animals is created. Mini mammals like racoons are found here. It is an enthralling experience to be able to observe wildlife from such a closer perspective

Huge koi fish can be spotted swimming elegantly in the Koi Pond. Educational programs are organised which educate visitors about wildlife, their habitats, the environment in which they survive, and why is it essential to treat them kindly and conserve them. You can also spot a versatile number of birds and their diverse species. Bright pink-coloured flamingos and elegant multicoloured plumes of peacocks are a few things that attract the attention of people easily.

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Farm In The City Overview

Spending time away from the monotonous chores of daily life, in the presence of animals helps you relax and cleanse your mind from worldly worries. You get an opportunity to build bonds with these adorable creatures.

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Points Of Interest for Farm In The City

The area near the attraction is loaded with places you can visit and enjoy yourself at. They are:

  • The Mines Resort and Gold Club: This place is a must-visit place for all the gold lovers and it is located at a short distance from the Farm in the city. The landscape surrounding the gold pitch makes it an even better experience.
  • The Mines Shopping Mall: This mall is quite a huge shopping complex and lies close to the farm. It is the kind of place which makes shopaholics go crazy. From retail stores of renowned brands to amazing food that is offered here, it surely is a great place. You can have delectable meals here or spend your time watching some movies.
  • Aeon Cheras Selatan Shopping Centre: Another shopping complex full of everything you may ever need. Feel free to fill your trolleys with as many things as you like once you're visiting the mall. When you get tired from all the shopping, you can enjoy some lip-smacking snacks available here.
  • Sri Kembangan Food Scene: Sri Kembangan is the best place to relish lip-smacking Malaysian dishes. This area is filled with food stalls that will make sure you go with your tummy full.
  • UPM Serdang Gallery of Art: This art gallery can be visited if you're an art enthusiast since it has some exceptional masterpieces on display.
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Best time to visit Farm In The City

The best months that will show you the best of Malaysia are from March to August. Though the destination can be visited throughout the year, these months ensure the lowest chances of precipitation and less humid weather.

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People Also Asked

Is it suitable for children?

Yes, Farm in the City is a family-friendly attraction and is suitable for children.

What animals can I see at Farm in the City?

The park is home to a wide variety of animals, including birds, reptiles, mammals, etc.

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