Ulsoor Lake

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Visit Duration: 1-2 hours

Timings: Everyday 6:00 am to 8:00 pm Closed on Wednesdays

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Ulsoor Lake is for the people who can embrace simplicity in things. This place has a beautiful picturesque view that many photographers capture. Relaxing recreational activities freshen your mind and make you feel alive. The musical fountain show at night is a cherry on top of a cake and adds to the grace of Ulsoor Lake. 

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Ulsoor Lake

Highlights of Ulsoor Lake

Boating is very popular here. Different types of boats such as paddle boats and row boats are available here. You can rent them for a while and sail through the boat with your friends, family or maybe just by yourself. It helps soothe your mind and have a little peaceful time. These boats can be rented easily at nominal rates. They are safe for all age groups. Many types of bird species can be found here. They include ducks, graceful swans and other aquatic birds by the lake or gliding over the waters elegantly. This keeps the visitors engaged and makes the experience of bird-watching near this lake a pleasant one.

The lake is located at the heart of Bangalore. This makes it convenient for the locals as well the tourists to visit here easily. It is located closer to the corporate offices and buildings within the city itself. This is the reason why along with travellers, you find locals also admiring this place. It is no less than a muse to the photographers. Numerous people get photo shoots done with the lake as a backdrop when they visit here.

You can also spot a few fishermen by the lake on their boats. You realise that fishing is what their livelihood depends upon and the means through which they earn money for themselves. It makes you reflect on them. 

The lake is surrounded by dense greenery and well-maintained gardens. They are perfectly neat and clean and a great place to sit and enjoy the view or simply have a cute little picnic with family.

You won’t have to worry about your appetite once you’re on the premises. There is a large variety of food sold by roadside vendors and food stalls outside Ulsoor Lake. You can have delicious snacks which will further elevate your mood after an enjoyable experience at the lake.

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Ulsoor Lake Overview

Ulsoor Lake is for the people who can embrace simplicity in things. This place has a beautiful picturesque view that many photographers capture. Relaxing recreational activities freshen your mind and make you feel alive. The musical fountain show at night is a cherry on top of a cake and adds to the grace of Ulsoor Lake. 

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Points Of Interest for Ulsoor Lake

Since the Ulsoor Lake is located centrally, it has got numerous places surrounding it. The ones mentioned are a few of them:

  • Commercial Street: This lively street in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka will have everything you need. It has got beautiful attires, gorgeous jewellery, lovely handicrafts, delectable food and everything else you can think of. It is the perfect go-to place in case you want to surprise your family and friends with gifts from Bangalore.
  • MG Road: MG Road stands for Mahatma Gandhi Road and is another place worth exploring. People love to visit this place since it has got amazing places to have delicious meals over conversations. It is a vibrant neighbourhood which holds the essence of city life. It gets crowded at night time since the place lights up beautifully then.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium: This planetarium in Bangalore offers a deep dive into the wonders of astronomy. Undoubtedly, the universe and its concepts are an intriguing concept and this place attempts to enlighten the audience about numerous facts and key points. It is a great and informative place to visit along with children. Numerous interactive, creative and engaging initiatives are taken by them. Screening of science movies, sky-theatre shows and monthly star gazing are some of them. 
  • National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA): This art gallery features modern and contemporary art by Indian artists precisely. People who get excited by art and love to understand the depth behind the paintings will find themselves engrossed here. There are numerous art galleries around the world but this one in Bangalore glorifies the art created by Indian artists especially.  
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Best time to visit Ulsoor Lake

 The best time suited to visit Bangalore is during the winter season. It experiences a moderate climate and the months from October to February offer the best weather. There are rare possibilities for precipitation during this time and you can explore with ease in such pleasing weather conditions. It is important to understand weather conditions before planning your trip to a place.

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People Also Asked

Can we fish at Ulsoor Lake?

No, visitors are not allowed to do fishing. 

Is there parking available at Ulsoor Lake?

Yes, parking is there.

Is the Ulsoor Lake same as Halasuru Lake?

Yes, it is another name for the Ulsoor Lake.

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