Mystery Rooms Chennai @ Best Price

Mystery Rooms Chennai @ Best Price

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Mystery Rooms Chennai @ Best Price Highlights

Terms & Conditions: - 

  • Vouchers should be bought at least 4 hours prior to the game. 
  • It is mandatory to call Mystery Rooms to select the preferred game and confirm your booking.
  • Vouchers cannot be clubbed with any other offers.
  • Normal waiting rules of the outlet will apply.
  • Vouchers are not valid on CONJURING, FORGOTTEN, or The Ring.
  • Weekday Vouchers are not valid on public holidays and Special Events.
  • The voucher allows entry to the game room once. Any player who quits the game cannot re-enter using the same voucher.
  • Kids (0-4 years of age) are given free entry.
  • Kids’ charges will be flat at Rs 500 for the age group of 5 to 9 years and will be paid at the branch. | Adult voucher is valid for the age group of 10 and above.
  • A valid ID card has to be shown at the branch to avail of the kids’ pricing.
  • Kids, under the age of 10 years, must be accompanied by a minimum of 2 adults throughout the game.
  • Entry into the game is subject to availability. In cases where game room capacity exceeds, management has the right to deny entry.
  • You are requested to arrive at least 15 minutes before your booked time slot.
  • Due to the nature of the game, no recordings or photography can be taken inside the game rooms and we also ask that you not reveal any spoilers or details of the game directly or indirectly to the public. • We suggest you wear comfortable clothing for the game.

Mystery Rooms Chennai @ Best Price Overview

About Mystery Rooms Chennai

Embark on an enthralling journey into the world of Mystery Rooms, Chennai, where excitement and suspense await around every corner. Nestled in the heart of the bustling city, Mystery Rooms presents an exhilarating escapade through its ingenious escape rooms, ready to put your puzzle-solving prowess to the ultimate test. Step into a realm brimming with enigma and adventure, collaborating with your team to crack codes, decipher clues, and unveil the concealed mysteries within each uniquely themed chamber.

Spanning a spectrum of captivating scenarios, including espionage missions, spine-chilling horror scenarios, and exhilarating treasure hunts, Mystery Rooms promises an unforgettable expedition for both local residents and visiting explorers. Immerse yourself in the immersive ambiance, where every second counts, and the countdown clock adds an extra layer of thrill. Are you prepared to take on the challenge? Embark on an indelible adventure at Mystery Rooms, Chennai, and let the excitement ignite!


Mystery Rooms Chennai Activities

Lockout - A Prison Break Challenge

Unjustly accused and confined within the harsh confines of a regimented prison, your resolve to break free grows stronger by the day. And now, the opportune moment for your escape has arrived. The Jailer and his associates have temporarily departed to participate in the National Day Celebrations, leaving a window of opportunity for you to put your escape plan into motion.

Assemble a team of 2 to 8 players and step into a world of strategy and daring. The odds may be stacked against you, but the absence of the Jailer and his colleagues creates a narrow yet crucial window for your scheme to succeed. The prison environment that has held you captive must now be navigated with precision and speed.

This is your chance to regain your freedom, prove your innocence, and outwit those who seek to confine you. As the clock ticks, every decision and action becomes vital in your quest for liberation. The path to freedom awaits – are you ready to seize it? Rally your team, embrace the challenge, and execute your escape plan at this critical juncture.


Cabin In The Woods - The Murder Mystery

 The unsettling saga of enigmatic killings within the cursed woods has cast a dark shadow over the village, leaving the lives of its inhabitants in jeopardy. In a bid to bring an end to the grim occurrences and rescue the villagers from their impending doom, you're compelled to venture into the eerie depths of an occult forest. The goal? To unveil the truth shrouded in mystery – is it the savage creature, an ominous witch, or perhaps something even more sinister that lies at the heart of these tragedies?

Yet, the journey ahead is fraught with peril, and the dread-infused woods have earned a notorious reputation. Whispers abound, claiming that those who venture into this dread-infested realm never return. Undeterred, you and your team of 4 to 8 intrepid explorers are ready to confront the unknown.

As you tread cautiously through the foreboding forest, your ultimate objective is to decipher the secrets concealed within its depths. Every step must be taken with care, every clue analyzed with precision, and every decision made wisely, for the fate of the villagers hangs in the balance.

It's important to note that due to the unsettling nature of the task at hand, this adventure is not recommended for children below the age of 10. With the stakes high and the challenges daunting, you must summon your courage, harness your wits, and work as a united front to unravel the enigma that holds the village in its clutches. The forest awaits your exploration, and the truth yearns to be unveiled. Will you and your team emerge triumphant, or become yet another mystery in the cursed woods? The answer lies in your hands.


A Night in Bhangarh - The Mystery of a Cursed Fort

 Imagine a group of inquisitive adventurers, driven by a desire to explore the realm of the supernatural and seek an encounter with the paranormal. In pursuit of this thrilling experience, you collectively plan an excursion to a place steeped in mystique – the very heart of the supernatural. Disregarding the cautionary signals from the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India), you boldly step into the ancient Bhangarh fort, just as the sun begins its descent below the horizon.

Yet, as you take your initial steps within the aged fort's walls, an unsettling realization dawns upon you – a mistake has been made. The atmosphere becomes charged with an eerie energy, and it becomes unmistakably clear that your journey has taken a dangerous turn. Survival is no longer a matter of choice, but a desperate imperative. Your newfound mission: to find a way out and escape the ominous grip that has enveloped the fort.


The Kon of Kohinoor - A Mission Impossible

Meet an internationally renowned thief with a penchant for the extraordinary, especially when it comes to treasures of unparalleled value. This time, the target is none other than the legendary Kohinoor diamond, ensconced within the tightly guarded confines of a London museum for a mere day. The Kohinoor, a gem of immeasurable worth, once adorned the land of India but now holds its place as a prized possession of the British monarchy.

Stepping into the shoes of this audacious individual, you must rise to the stature of a brilliant mastermind. The objective is clear – to outwit the state-of-the-art security measures and orchestrate a heist that is nothing short of legendary. This endeavor requires not only cunning and skill, but the precision of a true genius.

Assemble a team comprising 4 to 8 players, each contributing their unique talents to this audacious plan. It's imperative to note that this venture is intended for those aged 14 and above; however, younger enthusiasts are permitted when accompanied by a responsible adult.

The stakes couldn't be higher as you embark on a daring mission that demands meticulous planning, impeccable execution, and nerves of steel. With high-tech alarms and vigilant security systems standing in your way, the challenge is nothing short of formidable. Can you outmaneuver the obstacles, outsmart the technology, and make off with the prized Kohinoor diamond, leaving no trace behind? The stage is set, and the spotlight is yours – embrace your role as a modern-day maestro of intrigue and capers.


Hangover - Last Fling Before the Ring

 After an unforgettable bachelor's party the previous night, you and your friends awaken in a penthouse suite that has been utterly ravaged, with no recollection whatsoever of the events that unfolded. The aftermath leaves you bewildered – a crashed motorcycle dominates the scene, the front door lies in shambles, and to top it off, panic sets in as you realize the wedding ring is nowhere to be found.

With just one hour left before the wedding is set to commence, the urgency of the situation becomes clear. Can you piece together the wild and hazy events of the previous night? Who was behind the motorcycle chaos? What led to the destruction of the front door? And most crucially, where has the wedding ring vanished to? Your task is to reclaim control amidst the chaos and ensure that the upcoming nuptials are saved for your friend.

Pooling your collective skills, you must work as a team of 2 to 8 players to unravel the clues, trace your drunken escapades, locate the missing ring, and make it to the wedding on time. However, the path to redemption is far from straightforward, and retracing the steps taken in the throes of last night's revelry proves to be a challenging task.

As you navigate through the puzzling remnants of your exploits, the clock ticks relentlessly. The journey ahead demands sharp wit, resourcefulness, and impeccable teamwork. Can you overcome the odds, solve the enigmas, and ensure the bride's most important accessory is found before the grand event begins? The clock is ticking, and the success of the wedding hangs in the balance. Embrace the challenge, rally your crew, and embark on a frantic quest to save the day!

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Mystery Rooms Chennai @ Best Price FAQs

How many people can participate in a game at Mystery Rooms, Chennai?

The number of participants can vary depending on the room's capacity and difficulty level. Generally, teams range from 2 to 8 players. However, it's always best to check with Mystery Rooms for specific details.

How long does a game typically last?

The duration of a game at Mystery Rooms, Chennai is usually 60 minutes. Participants have one hour to solve the puzzles and escape the room. It is essential to manage time effectively to complete the challenges successfully.

Is prior experience required to play at Mystery Rooms, Chennai?

No prior experience is necessary to enjoy the escape room games at Mystery Rooms, Chennai. The games are designed for players of all skill levels, and the staff provides instructions and guidance before each game.

Are the games at Mystery Rooms, Chennai suitable for children?

Yes, Mystery Rooms offers games suitable for children, but it is advisable to check the age recommendations for each specific game. Some rooms may have age restrictions due to the complexity or themes involved.

Can corporate or large groups book at Mystery Rooms, Chennai?

Absolutely! Mystery Rooms, Chennai welcomes corporate groups, team outings, and large gatherings. They offer customized packages and can accommodate multiple teams simultaneously. It's advisable to contact Mystery Rooms in advance to make arrangements for group bookings.

Is it necessary to make a reservation in advance?

It is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance to secure your preferred time slot at Mystery Rooms, Chennai. The popularity of the venue can lead to limited availability, especially during peak hours or weekends. Online booking or contacting Mystery Rooms directly is the best way to ensure your reservation.

Is there a possibility of getting stuck inside the room?

No need to worry! The staff at Mystery Rooms, Chennai monitors the progress of each team through surveillance cameras and provides hints when necessary. Their primary goal is to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience, and they will assist if teams encounter difficulties.

Is Mystery Rooms, Chennai accessible for people with disabilities?

Mystery Rooms strives to provide an inclusive experience. While some rooms may have physical obstacles, they have options available that cater to individuals with disabilities. It is recommended to inform Mystery Rooms in advance so they can offer suitable room options and make necessary arrangements.

Can we celebrate special occasions at Mystery Rooms, Chennai?

Absolutely! Mystery Rooms, Chennai is a fantastic place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. They offer packages that include personalized experiences, decorations, and even surprise elements to make your celebration unforgettable. Contact Mystery Rooms for more information on their special event packages.

Confirmation Policy

  • Upon booking, the traveller will receive a confirmation voucher via email, within 24 hours.
  • In the special cases of slots not being available, feasible alternatives will be provided to the customer, in regards to the customer’s preference. In such cases, a new voucher would be sent via email, consisting of the new travel details.
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Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation made 20 days prior to the date of departure, would levy a 30% of total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation made within 7-20 days prior to the date of departure, would levy a 60% of total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation made within 0-7 days prior to the date of departure, would levy a 100% of total tour cost as cancellation charges.
  • Due to any restrictions such as sudden government policies or regulations, health hazards, medical emergencies, or unprecedented weather conditions, activities and tours may be nonoperational and be cancelled. In cases such as these, operators will attempt to cater to the traveller an alternate, which is feasible in nature. However, any refund would not be catered.
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Refund Policy

  • Any refund applicable will be processed within 7 business days.
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  • Hassel Free Booking
  • Best Price Guaranteed
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