Best Time To Visit Kedarkantha

Best Time To Visit Kedarkantha

Best Time To Visit Kedarkantha

Best Time To Visit Kedarkantha Overview

Kedarkantha Best Time

Situated at an elevation of 3,850 metres, Kedarkantha is a paradise for thrillseekers all over India. It is considered one of the iconic trek destinations for trekkers. What makes this trek special is its low temperature and trails with a gradual incline, making it perfect for beginners. 

Talking about temperature, Kedarkantha’s temperature might fall to -10 degree celsius in winter. You will find a heaven-like view, with everything covered in white snow. On the contrary, during summers, Kedarkantha looks serene with flowers blooming everywhere.     

Kedarkantha trek is an all-season trek, which welcomes trekkers all across the globe, for an adventurous and beginner-friendly trek. The trek usually lasts for 6 days and it takes you on a 20 Km long trek. 20 km is divided into four parts which would be completed in 4 days. 

Best time to visit Kedarkantha 
However, Kedarkantha is a place that can be visited throughout the year, but the most prominent time to visit kedarkantha is during winter. As mentioned before, the main reason why it attracts many trekkers every year is its temperature. It can drop to -10 degrees Celsius and also it carries a generous amount of snowfall every year. And it is during this time when the mountains wear this white blanket of snow making the view look serene and enticing.

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Kedarkantha in monsoon

Kedarkantha in monsoon

Kedarkantha in July

Temperature: 17 degrees celsius
During June, the trails get sloppy during the rain. This might make your trek a little tough and challenging, but fun.    

Kedarkantha in August 

Temperature: 12 degree celsius 
During august, it rains profusely in kedarkantha. This in turn might affect your trek by making it more challenging. While trekking you might smell the euphoric scent of the fresh rainfall which might inspire you to continue the trek.  

Kedarkantha in September 

Temperature: 17 degrees during the day and 4 degrees at night
During September kedarkantha experiences less rainfall, but the weather remains cloudy and pleasant. You can take up the kedarkantha trek during September if you are not a big fan of cold weather.

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Kedarkantha in summers

Kedarkantha in summers

Kedarkantha in April

Temperature: 0-12 degrees Celsius
If you want to experience the ultimate experience of watching the Himalayas shed its white blanket, then this is the right time to go for the trek. 

Kedarkantha in May

Temperature: 17 degrees celsius 
During this month, the weather during this time becomes pleasant, as the chillness of the air becomes bearable. Make sure you go there at your own risk, as there is a possibility that you might get spellbound with its beauty.  

Kedarkantha in June 

Temperature: 17 degrees celsius
During June, the weather gets pleasant. It is at this time that you will get to see the lush greenery in kedarkantha while travelling.

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Kedarkantha in winters

Kedarkantha in winters

Kedarkantha in October    

Temperature: 3-15 degrees Celsius 
During October, Kedarkantha is adorned by crimson sunlight, which would cause many beautiful flowers to bloom. During this time the weather is pleasant and comfortable.  

Kedarkantha in November 

Temperature: 0-12 degrees celsius
During November, you will get to travel amidst Himalayan forests. During this time the weather starts to get a little chilly, but pleasant. 

Kedarkantha Trek in December

Temperature: -2 to 10 degree celsius
During December, the temperature gets significantly cold. As you climb higher and higher, you will notice a decline in the temperature. December is the best time if you love to enjoy cold weather.

Kedarkantha in January

Temperature: -8 degrees celsius 
During January, the snow starts to settle, which would make it difficult for you to complete your trek. 

Kedarkantha in February

Temperature: -8 degrees celsius
During February, there is a heavy possibility of snowfall. It is this month which offers snowy views. 

Kedarkantha in March

Temperature: -5 to 12 degrees Celsius
During March, the temperature might get pleasant. But during your descent, you might get a little chilly. It is advised that you are fully prepared to face cold

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People Also Asked About Best Time To Visit Kedarkantha

Is the Kedarkantha trek a religious trip too?

Yes, Kedarkantha Trek is a religious trip as well as adventurous. The trek is adorable and the finest trek that will give you the holy presence of gods.

At what time I could visit Kedarkantha for the best experience?

Visiting Kedarkantha for trekking in December. With a good and peaceful atmosphere, it is the best time to go trekking. 

Why would I choose the Kedarkantha trek?

The place is full of natural wonders like high mountains, nature trails, and dense forests. It is full of natural wonders. Also, the Kedarkantha Trek is a mythological attraction.

What are the possible ways I can get to the Kedarkantha trek?

You can go to Kedarkantha Trek by any mode of transport using air, road, and train. TMany different buses and taxis are going anytime, the trains are available, and boarding flights are available,

What are all things I would pack before going on the trek?

Important documents (ID Proofs, Medical certificate of Fitness, etc), Jackets, and Raincoats are some important things you must carry with you while going on the trek to Kedarkantha.

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