Kedarkantha Trek Distance

Kedarkantha Trek Distance

Kedarkantha Trek Distance

Kedarkantha Trek Distance Overview

Uttarakhand is a state full of natural surprises like magnificent mountain peaks, thick forests, beautiful views, and diverse flora and fauna. Kedarkantha’s trek distance is almost 20 Km. you might be able to witness several Himalayan ranges from Kedarkantha. 

Kedarkantha is also known as the land of gods or Devbhoomi. The literal translation of the name Kedarkantha is, “lord shiva’s throat”. There are many stories and myths regarding the name of this place. Kedarkantha trek might prove to be very spiritual for you, as many people have felt that they found their inner peace. The fact that this place can be visited for both religious and adventurous purposes, is what makes it popular. 

Kedarkantha trek is an all-weather trek. However, the best time to take this trek is in the winter (December to March). It is during this time that the temperature at Kedarkantha drops down below the freezing point. 

Where is Kedarkantha located? 
Kedarkantha is the name of a mountain peak situated within the Garhwal Himalayas, in the Uttarkashi district in the state of Uttarakhand. The elevation of Kedarkantha peak is 3800 meters.
Distance of Kedarkantha trek
Total kedarkantha trek distance: 20 Km  
Duration of the trek: 6 days/5 nights 

Kedarkantha trek is perfect for a beginner as there are gradual inclines and declines in the trail. Also the Kedarkantha Trek distance is short.
The route involves dense pine forests. Due to that, the entire trail will be covered with brown leaves in winter. So, make sure that you are ready to hear that crunch while trekking. 
Kedarkantha trek distance is mainly divided into 4 days.  

Kedarkantha trek distance from Mori 
Mori is a beautiful town situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is popular among travelers due to its natural beauty and religious and spiritual importance. Kedarkantha is 33 Km away from Mori. 

Distance of Kedarkantha from Delhi  
The distance of kedarkantha from Delhi is 452 Km. The trek to kedarkantha peak begins from sankri, which means that you have to reach sankri and from there you will begin your trek. 
By road
Duration: 7-8 hours 

There are a lot of options if you want to travel by road. 
You can hire a shared cab and then drive through. 
You can also take government buses, which will take you to Sankri in 9 hours. 

By train 
Duration: 7-8 hours

There are zero trains that run down from Delhi to sankri. But you can reach Rishikesh by train and then take a bus or hire a private cab to reach sankri. 

By air 
Duration: 7-8 hours 
There are no direct flights from Delhi to Sankri. So, you might have to take a flight from Delhi to Dehradun (Jolly Grant Airport). And from Dehradun, you can hire a private cab or taxi to sankri. And if you want to save some money, then you can reach there by bus.

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Start Trek

Start Trek

Kedarkantha Trek distance Covered: 4 Km
Duration to complete the trek: 5 hours
Altitude: 9,100 feet

On the first day of the trek, you will be trekking from Sankri to Juda ka Talab early in the morning.

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Kedarkantha Base

Kedarkantha Base

Kedarkantha Trek distance Covered: 4 Km
Duration to complete the trek: 3 hours 
Altitude: 11,250 feet 

On the second day of the trek, you will be trekking from Juda Ka Talab to the Kedarkantha base.

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Kedarkantha Peak

Kedarkantha Peak

Kedarkantha Trek distance Covered: 6 Km
Duration to complete the task: 4-5 hours 
Altitude: 12,500 feet

On the third day of the trek, wake up early in the morning to trek from the Kedarkantha base to the Kedarkantha peak with a descent to the Hargaon camp.

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Last Leg

Last Leg

Kedarkantha Trek distance Covered: 6 Km
Duration to complete the trek: 4-5 hours 

On the fourth day of the trek, you will be descending from Hargaon camp to Sankri.

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People Also Asked About Kedarkantha

What is the distance of the Kedarkantha trek?

The total distance covered during the Kedarkantha trek is approximately 20 to 25 kilometers (12 to 15 miles), depending on the specific route and variations in the itinerary.

What is the difficulty level of the Kedarkantha trek?

The Kedarkantha trek is considered to be of moderate difficulty. While it does involve steep ascents and descents in certain sections, it is suitable for beginners with a reasonable level of fitness. Regular exercise and basic physical preparation before the trek are recommended.

Are there accommodation facilities available during the Kedarkantha trek?

Accommodation during the Kedarkantha trek is usually in the form of camping at designated campsites. Tents and sleeping bags are provided by trek organizers. Basic toilet facilities may be available at the campsites, but it is advisable to carry personal hygiene essentials.

Is a guide necessary for the Kedarkantha trek?

While it is possible to undertake the Kedarkantha trek independently, it is recommended to hire a local guide or join a trekking group for a safer and more enjoyable experience. Local guides are familiar with the route, weather conditions, and provide valuable insights into the region's culture and environment.

Is altitude sickness a concern during the Kedarkantha trek?

While the maximum altitude reached during the Kedarkantha trek is around 3,800 meters (12,500 feet), altitude sickness can be a concern for some individuals. It is essential to acclimatize properly, stay hydrated, and pay attention to any symptoms of altitude sickness. Trek organizers typically plan the itinerary to allow for gradual acclimatization. If symptoms worsen, descending to lower altitudes is recommended.

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Wildlife Encounters

Although not a wildlife-focused trek, we were lucky to spot some Himalayan wildlife. Thanks to the guides for pointing out these rare sightings.

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Nature's Beauty Unveiled

Dayara Bugyal trek with BanBanjara was an opportunity to witness nature's beauty in its purest form. The trek offers mesmerizing landscapes, and the guides made it informative and enjoyable.

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Starlit Nights at Gui Campsite

The starlit nights at Gui campsite were a highlight of the trek. It felt like sleeping under a blanket of stars. BanBanjara's arrangements and hospitality added to the magic.

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Surprising Landscape Changes

What amazed me most was how the landscape transformed from dense forests to vast meadows. It was surprising and unforgettable. Thanks to BanBanjara for this exceptional trek.

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"Sankri to Taluka: A Scenic Drive!"

The drive from Sankri to Taluka was breathtaking, offering a glimpse of the natural beauty that awaited us. Thanks to BanBanjara for arranging smooth transportation.

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"Har Ki Dun: A Dream Come True!"

The trek from Kalkatiyadhar to Boslo via Har Ki Dun was surreal. BanBanjara took us to this remarkable destination, and the views were worth every step.

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"BanBanjara's Thoughtful Packing List!"

BanBanjara provided a detailed packing list, helping us pack efficiently for the trek. Their attention to detail was commendable.

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"Professionals in Adventure"

BanBanjara's professionalism and care for trekkers' safety made this adventure not only thrilling but also secure. I felt confident every step of the way.

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"Well-Equipped and Well-Fed"

BanBanjara provided essential gear and hearty meals, allowing us to focus on the trek. The food was simple but delicious after a day of hiking.

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"Adventure Meets Spirituality:

The Kedarnath trek was an ideal blend of adventure and spirituality. It was wonderfully curated by Banbanjara."

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